The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 80 – Return

Of course, Xiao Ah knew that Gu Xixi would ask this question, so he respectfully replied, “The second child of the family, who was the real owner, lost some money outside and he lost the house. Now, when the other party came to take the house, Gu Jiaqiang refused to give it, so now he was in trouble with the other party. Later, the property was identified and the contract was true, this house did not belong to Gu Jiaqiang anymore.”

Hearing what Xiao Ah said, Gu Xixi felt a bit surprised.

“Did Yin Sichen tell you to do this?” Gu Xixi asked.

Xiao Ah was embarrassed and didn’t know how to answer this question.

“Well done!” Gu Xixi said bitterly. “For so many years, my family were just like vampire leeches and drained my mother and me to death. People have their own day!”

Jian Xiao reminded Gu Xixi, “That’s your uncle!”

“Mom! When did they ever treat me as a niece?” Gu Xixi frowned and said, “Since I grew up, I’ve had to help with my family’s work whenever I had time. My expenses for going to high school and college were all earned by my own work. When did this family ever give me a tuition fee? In those days, I knelt down to my aunt for my college tuition, but did you forget what she said? You may have forgotten, but I didn’t!”

Gu Xixi said angrily, “My uncle and aunt refused to settle one year’s wages for you, Mom, so I almost couldn’t pay my tuition! In order to pay for my college tuition, you had to finish the work in the field, and you had to go to a nearby factory to take some paper boxes home. Mom! When did this family regard us as part of their family?”

Xiao Ah never thought that Gu Xixi’s past was so miserable, so he secretly wrote down this matter.

He only found out that Gu Xixi was born in a poor family, but he never thought that she had experienced so many twists and turns.

Jian Xiao was in a daze, she didn’t know what to say.

Gu Jiaqiang, for her, was already a nightmare.

She didn’t have the strength anymore to take care of his family.

“Then? What happened afterwards?” Gu Xixi continued to ask Xiao Ah.

Xiao Ah smiled and said, “Gu Jiaqiang’s family didn’t move away, but signed a rental contract with the new homeowner on the spot, which is regarded as continuing to live there. However, he has changed from a homeowner to a tenant!”

Hearing this result, Gu Xixi felt really happy!

Her mood was lifted! She felt comfortable!

Gu Xixi returned to the room and couldn’t help telling Yin Sichen the good news.

Subconsciously, when it came to family, she just wanted to share it with him.

After sending out the information, Gu Xixi realized that at this moment, it was still the middle of the night there.

After Gu Xixi sent the message, she immediately added, “Forget the time difference over there, take a good rest and we’ll talk about it when you wake up.”

Yin Sichen’s fingers were holding the phone, he couldn’t help but smile. At that moment, he was very anxious to fly back to her side at once.

For the first time in his life, he learned what it meant to be away from his loved one.

You have a conscience, Honey. My concern for you is not in vain.

In fact, before Gu Xixi told Yin Sichen, Xiao Ah had already reported everything in detail.

But seeing Gu Xixi sharing it with him for the first time, Yin Sichen was very happy.

That night, Gu Xixi ate a bowl of rice. Her mood was great!

It was said that people were refreshed on happy occasions!

Seeing that the enemy who hated her had been beaten was also a great source of mood to her!

After dinner, Gu Xixi took the lead in playing red envelopes in the group.

As soon as Yin Sichen saw Gu Xixi was online, he would appear immediately, snatching and giving out red envelopes silently.

When the assistants saw that the president and his wife were so powerful, they couldn’t just stand still!

So, that night, all kinds of red envelopes flew!

The next morning, the maid put breakfast on the table. Gu Xixi had just left the room when she heard someone ringing the doorbell outside.

She was stunned, who would knock at the door so early?

The maid quickly turned on the visual intercom so that Gu Xixi could see who had come.

How did she find this place?

“I don’t want to see her,” Gu Xixi answered lazily.

After my mother and I finally managed to break away from this Gu family, a fool would continue to be involved in other things with my family!

At first, Gu Zhenzhen only rang the doorbell.

But before long, Gu Zhenzhen began to smash the door crazily, “Gu Xixi, come out! Gu Xixi, you little coward! Get out!”

The voice was seriously noisy outside, it immediately attracted many neighbors to come out and watch.

Jian Xiao also came out of the room. When she heard the voice at the door, she couldn’t help looking at Gu Xixi and said, “It’s a problem that she is so noisy at the door. It’s better to hear what she wants to do here.”

Gu Xixi nodded.

She knew that it was absolutely nothing good to live so close to the family.

The maid opened the door and as soon as the door was opened, Gu Zhenzhen rushed in with a suitcase. She had just rushed in for two steps when Xiao Ah stopped her at once.

She simply threw the suitcase to the floor, sat down, and said, “It’s all your fault. I will live here from today!” 

Gu Xixi didn’t say anything to her, and sat quietly on the table.

The maid stood by and waited on Gu Xixi to finish her breakfast.

Gu Zhenzhen watched Gu Xixi eat breakfast she had never eaten before, drank the fine scented tea she had never tasted, and some people around her ate in front of her.

This was the life she had always envied!

She thought about how hard she had tried to get Yin Sichen, but Gu Xixi was at her fingertips, and anger grew in her heart.

“Gu Xixi, after you have done so many bad things, how can you still eat?” Gu Zhenzhen saw that Gu Xixi and Jian Xiao ignored her and suddenly she wanted to approach Gu Xixi, but because Xiao Ah was standing in front of her, she could only stand there.

After eating breakfast and drinking milk under the maid’s service, Gu Xixi answered slowly, “Do you have any evidence that I have done something wrong?”

“Do you still need evidence? If it wasn’t for you, how could my house somehow become someone else’s? Isn’t it because you are angry that grandma bought me a house with your money? So you colluded with others to induce my father to go through this!” Gu Zhenzhen gushed angrily at Gu Xixi.

“So, you just have no evidence?” Regardless of what Gu Zhenzhen really said, Gu Xixi said, “Since there is no evidence, what are you spraying in front of me? Go to court and sue me! If you don’t have the courage, just hold your tail and be a man!”

Gu Zhenzen was stunned, she never thought that Gu Xixi, whom she hadn’t seen for a few days, would say that. She seemed to be a different person.

Wasn’t she used to be easy to bully?

She would just point at Gu Xixi’s nose and scold her, she couldn’t do anything else.

“Xiao Ah, call the police directly! Tell them that someone has illegally invaded this house.” Gu Xixi wiped her mouth gracefully and said, “I am the owner of this house. I have the right to decide who can come and who can’t!”

“Yes, Madam.” Xiao Ah had a faint smile floating around his mouth. Since she married the president, she had become more and more powerful.

Only such a young lady could be worthy of the president.

When Gu Zhenzhen saw that Gu Xixi was going to drive her away, she immediately panicked and shouted loudly, “Gu Xixi, how can you drive me away!”

After saying this, Gu Zhenzhen suddenly covered her face and cried, “I have nowhere to go! Where should I go now? I can’t go anywhere!”

“Your home is in Gujia Village,” Gu Xixi responded indifferently.

“No! Gujia Village isn’t my home!” Gu Zhenzhen continued to cry, “My father lost all the houses in Gujia Village! My mother is going back to her mother’s home now, and she wants to divorce my father, who doesn’t know where she has gone. I have nowhere else to go! Boo hoo… “


Gu Xixi suddenly stood up, “Say it again! What about Grandma? Where did she go?”

Gu Zhenzhen said with a sad face, “Grandma went to live with uncle! Uncle’s house has only three rooms and one living room. When Grandma goes there, there is no more place for me! I can’t go anywhere! Boo-hoo, my father has lost all the family money. Now I don’t even have the money to stay in a hotel! Gu Xixi, no, elder sister, just take me for the sake of our surname Gu! I really know that I am wrong!”

Gu Xixi was in a daze.

Jian Xiao also froze.

It had only been a few days, and the family had become like this?

Gu Xixi immediately looked back at Jian Xiao, who was speechless. She shook her head, sighed, and turned back to the room.

Gu Xixi took out a few bills from her wallet and handed them to Gu Zhenzhen, “My house is not affluent either. Just go and live with the money! I have nothing to do with this family, and I can’t handle your problems.”

Gu Zhenzhen just cried out. At this time, suddenly the doorbell rang again outside.

Gu Xixi looked up, and Xiao Ah immediately opened the door.

The next second, a figure rushed in quickly from outside.

Gu Xixi hadn’t had time to react yet, her waist was gripped, and her whole body was crushed by a solid body!

“I’m back…,” a familiar voice sounded from above.

Gu Xixi was stunned.

Yin Sichen? Why did he come back so early?

Didn’t he say that he would arrive this afternoon?

Yin Sichen saw the figure that kept him awake at night as soon as he entered the door, and almost subconsciously grabbed her into his arms.

Although the network was convenient, he was a little dissatisfied with the interaction of grabbing red envelopes on the network.

He wanted something more…

Gu Xixi didn’t wait for Yin Sichen to say the second sentence, and immediately struggled to break free from Yin Sichen’s arms, “You…”

Gu Xixi wanted to ask what he was going to do, but when her eyes were on those bloodshot eyes, she couldn’t say a word.

Yin Sichen, how long have you been awake?

Yin Sichen’s eyes were full of light, and despite his tired face and his dusty body, he couldn’t hide his elegance.

“Have you eaten yet?” Gu Xixi could only ask this.

The next second, Yin Sichen smiled gently.

When his smile bloomed, a hundred flowers faded.

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