The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 115 Master is Watering the Tree

On the podium, Qiu Yue, the old ancestor of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, who was originally presiding over the Sword Sect Assembly also hurriedly went forward to salute when he saw that it was Chu Tong, “Greetings to the ancestor!”

“Greetings to Lord Chu Tong!” Many families Patriarchs, ancestors, and disciples also hurriedly bowed.

There was one wave of sound after another.

Chu Tong looked at the crowd in front of him and said, “Get up, the Sword Sect Assemblycontinues.” He did not stay after saying that, he broke the air and left, heading back to the ancestral land.

Only after Chu Tong’s figure disappeared, Qiu Yue and the crowd straightened up.

The crowd at the scene whispered at each other.

“I wonder what the relationship between Lord Chu Tong and the man named Lu is? It’s not his disciple he took in, right?”

“Lord Chu Tong has never taken a personal disciple, it is really possible!”

Watching Chu Tong returned, the crowd could not help but once again speculate on Chu Tong and Lu Yiping’s relationship.

In fact, from yesterday to now, all parties had been speculating about the relationship between Chu Tong and Lu Yiping, tehre were all kinds of speculation.

After Sun Hongyuan got up, he came behind Qiu Yue and said, “Lord Qiu Yue, Lord Wu Jinguo was killed, and our Returning Origin Sword Sect sheltered Lu Yiping instead, and now all factions and families are accusing our Returning Origin Sword Sect.”

“I also heard that the Sword Lords of the Tai Qing Sword Sect are furious, and even the old ancestor Zheng Shangqing of the Tai Qing Sword Sect has come out for this!”

“It’s totally not worth it for us to do this for a Lu Yiping.” Qiu Yue glanced at Sun Hongyuan.

Yesterday, Sun Hongyuan had been slapped into a pig’s head by the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and after recovering yesterday, his face was no longer swollen, but he knew that Sun Hongyuan was harboring a grudge.

He spoke, “I understand what you mean, in fact, I also think that for a Lu Yiping and offend the Tai Qing Sword School, Zither and Painting Sect is not worth it, but you and I are weak, it will not help at all.”

Sun Hongyuan mused, “You and Senior Kong Yifan are familiar, how about, you persuade Senior Kong Yifan, and then let him come to old ancestor Feng Wenl.”

“If Old Ancestor Feng Wen agrees and speaks explicitly to the ancestor, the ancestor should be able to argue which is more important.”

Qiu Yue pondered, he thought about it and said, “Tonight, I will discuss it with Kong Yifan and the others.”

And at that moment, Chu Tong entered the ancestral land.

Feng Wen and the ancestors of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, who had heard the news, hurriedly came out to greet Chu Tong.

“Where are they?” Chu Tong asked Feng Wen, his voice uncontrollably trembling a little.

Feng Wen and the others were dismayed to see Chu Tong so excited. “He is now in the Sacred Hall.” Feng Wen hurriedly replied.

The Sacred Hall was the largest and best palace in the Ancestral Land.

After Chu Tong had it built, Feng Wen and others had suggested other names, but Chu Tong insisted on naming it, Sacred Hall.

Hearing Feng Wen said Lu Yiping in the Sacred Hall, Chu Tong was excited, he flew swiftly to the Sacred Hall.

Feng Wen and the ancestors of the Returning Origin Sword Sect followed behind.

In a short while, Chu Tong and the others arrived at the Sacred Hall.

After he arrived at the Sacred Hall, Chu Tong took a deep breath, tried his best to suppress the excitement in his heart, and then walked in.

When Feng Wen and the others wanted to follow them in, Chu Tong stopped Feng Wen and the others and said, “Only Feng Wen will follow me in, you all wait outside.”

Then, he led Feng Wen inside.

When the other ancestors of the Returning Origin Sword Sect saw Chu Tong’s strange behavior, they couldn’t help but look at each other.

After entering the Sacred Hall, Chu Tong lightened his footsteps, as if he was afraid of disturbing the people inside.

Feng Wen, who was following Chu Tong, was even more stunned when he saw this.

The Sacred Hall had three levels. After passing through the first two courtyards, when he came to the last one, he saw a golden-haired strong man guarding outside the courtyard gate, it was the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

When Chu Tong saw that it was the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, his hands were trembling, then he came in front of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and bowed and said respectfully, “Junior Chu Tong, meet Lord Xiao Jin!”

Feng Wen was caught off guard. He froze for a long time looking at the bowing, excited and respectful abnormal Chu Tong,.

Junior Chu Tong?

Lord Xiao Jin?

His mind could not but spun around for a moment.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the respectful and excited Chu Tong in front of him, and grinned, “Chu Tong boy, I haven’t seen you for some years, you’re doing well now.”

Chu Tong smiled at his words. Feng Wen had never seen their ancestor smile so happy.

“It’s all because of Lord Xiao Jin’s guidance back then.” Chu Tong laughed.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull patted Chu Tong’s shoulder and laughed: “Over the years, your flesh has been trained quite sturdy, it’s not bad, however, this strength of yours is still a bit weak.”

Back then, when he patted Chu Tong’s shoulder, Chu Tong couldn’t even stand it for a moment and was directly slapped into the ground.

When he was in the Sacred Forest, Chu Tong was “abused” by the Dragon Horned Golden Bull. But in retrospect, the more abusive it was, the better. Those days made him nostalgic.

Over the years, he had wanted to go back many times and get some more ‘abuse’ from the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

Hearing the Dragon Horned Golden Bull say that Chu Tong’s strength was a bit weak, Feng Wen swallowed his saliva.

If their ancestor’s strength was still a bit weak, then what was he? Weak chicken? Then Lin Xinbin and the others outside were they not weak as chickens!

Chu Tong smiled at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, “Junior Chu Tong has not forgotten the teachings of Lord Xiao Jin all these years and has been training his physical body hard.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “Go in, the master is inside watering the trees.”

Watering trees?

Chu Tong and Feng Wen were puzzled. Lu Yiping was indeed watering the trees inside the courtyard.

He was using the Star Chaos Water to water the World’s First Divine Tree, the Foundation Tree on the Nine Heavens Soil.

Just like yesterday, after he watered a bowl of Star Chaos Water, the tree finally grew a leaf of shoots again, small but extremely lovely.

Together with the one from yesterday, there were three little shoots in total.

Around the tree, the chaos energy was even more dazzling. Dotted with golden light that even in the daytime, they were extremely beautiful.

Chu Tong and Feng Wen both walked in just in time to see Lu Yiping pouring the second bowl of Star Chaos Water on the Foundation Tree.

Drop by drop, the Star Chaos Water dripped down from within the jade bottle, reflecting charming and dreamy starlight under the sunlight.

As soon as Feng Wen came in, he saw the dreamy glowing Star Chaos Water, and his eyes widened with a shocked expression, “This is Star Chaos Water?

“Is it Star Chaos Water?!”

He couldn’t believe that he had come in to see the Star Chaos Water that had been fought over to the skies by the major superpowers of the Nine Heavens!

Moreover, that Star Chaos Water that had been fought over to the point of collapse was now being used by Lu Yiping to water the trees!

And not just drop by drop!

The tree!

His gaze fell on the Foundation Tree, seeing the dazzling Chaos Qi around it, seeing the dots of golden light around it.

What kind of tree is this?

If this tree continues to grow, you could imagine how amazing the Chaos Qi would be, when he absorbed the Chaos Qi under this tree, his strength would be like a spaceship whooshing upwards.

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