The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 114 – Chu Tong Rushes Back

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the tree block with tender shoots growing out, and also all unsure, “Could it be?!”

“Foundation Tree!!” Lu Yiping slowly said.

When heaven and earth first opened, the world was born with four divine trees.

First was the Wisdom Tree, the second was the Seeking Tree, third was the Auxiliary Tree, fourth was the Foundation Tree!

Foundation Tree was the most miraculous divine tree among the four divine trees.

According to the records, Foundation Tree was the bridge between heaven and earth, human and gods from all walks of life.

At the time of the Flood, the gods of heaven and earth walked through the Foundation Tree to travel to all walks of life.

But later, in ancient times, the Foundation Tree was cut off by the Heavenly Emperor, and the passage from all walks of life was cut off.

Since then, if the strongest man in the human world to ascend to the divine world, he needed to cross the divine tribulation and by the divine messenger of the divine world to guide.

And the people of the divine world could no longer go down to the human world.

“I didn’t expect this to be a piece of Foundation Tree!” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was unusually excited, “If it grows, in the future, then won’t we be able to come and go freely to all walks of life?”

Right now, all walks of life were cut off, and it was extremely difficult to go to all walks of life.

But with this Foundation Tree, they could go to the demon world if they want to, to the Buddha world if they want to, to the immortal world if they want to!

Wherever they want to go in the universe.

Lu Yiping shook his head and smiled, “I don’t know how many years it will take for the Foundation Tree to grow up. Back then, the Foundation Tree stood between heaven and earth, connecting the human and divine realms, imagine how tall it was, and now, it’s only this little!”

In front of him, a small shoot of Foundation Tree grew, only palm high.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said, “I wonder if the Star Chaos Water can make this Foundation Tree grow fast?”

Lu Yiping took out the Star Chaos Water and put a drop down.

The Foundation Tree’s light surged, and the Chaos Qi around it became a little bit thicker.

Only, other than that, there was no change.

Seeing this, Lu Yiping took out the jade bottle and poured it down, the Foundation Tree light surged and probably poured a bowl.

Finally, the Foundation Tree once again grew a tender shoot.

“Motherfucker, this thing is so expensive.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull skimmed his mouth.

A grain of star sand was a million heavenly spirit stones, and star chaos water, far more precious than star sand, one drop worth a heavenly price. Now after pouring a bowl, only such a piece of tender buds grew.

Lu Yiping was also speechless, he reluctantly poured a bowl again, this time, but not even a sprout, only the tree grew a little taller.

“Shit, even if the Heavenly Emperor is reborn, raise the power of the Sword Heaven, want to cultivate this Foundation Tree to grow again, only afraid that it is difficult.” Seeing this, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull spat out more curses words.

Lu Yiping unbelievingly poured another bowl, this time, no buds nor grow tall! Lu Yiping was bored.

Then, Lu Yiping poured some more, and still, no change appeared.

“It seems that now this Foundation Tree can only absorb two bowls of Star Chaos Water at a time, it’s useless to pour more.” Lu Yiping said.

He could only take it back inside the Universe Cauldron and decided to try again tomorrow.

Although it was extremely difficult to cultivate this Foundation Tree, as long as he poured star chaos water on it every day, Lu Yiping believed that this Foundation Tree would one day be able to recreate the might of the ancient times.

Of course, the world’s first divine tree was not just a simple connection between heaven and earth, people and gods from all walks of life. Foundation Tree’s leaves, not ordinary divine leaves, Foundation Tree’s flowers, also not ordinary divine flowers.

Foundation Tree’s leaves could be refined into all kinds of chaos divine pills and even divine pills, more so heaven-level divine pills!

And Foundation Tree’s flowers also had many wonderful uses.

Of course, the most precious was the fruit of Foundation Tree.

Legend had it that there were a thousand kinds of Foundation Tree’s fruits, some of which could give birth to various divine races, some of which grow into Chaos-level or even Hongmeng-level divine weapons, and some of which could be swallowed to cultivate the Chaos divine body.

If swallowed for a long time to cultivate, the strength of its divine body would reach an incredible point.

And the Zither and Painting sect Xu Qiaoyin, after He Yi left the Returning Origin Sword Sect, Xu Qiaoyin said in a deep voice, “I did not expect Lu Yiping zither dao so high!”

“It was just me watching the sky from the bottom of the well before.”

He Yi grunted, “I think it’s Lu’s faking it, the world knows that the zitherin immortal is the extreme of the zither dao, there is no zither emperor, zither ancestor, it’s ridiculous.”

“The black dragon zither sounded itself, maybe it was played by the black dragon soul inside the black dragon zither, not by Lu Yiping at all, you didn’t lose to Lu Yiping at all! The more I think about it, the more furious I am that Lu Yiping had the audacity to rob you of the Snow-filled Universe!”

Xu Qiaoyin murmured, “Snow-filled Universe, we naturally have to get it back!”

If it were any other zither, it would have been left lost, but the Snow-filled Universe was the zither of the Palace Master of the Zither Saint Palace back then, and it was of great significance.

“What does Senior Sister mean?” He Yi asked.

“I will report this matter to the master later, so that the master can ask the old ancestor of the zither god to come out!” Xu Qiaoyin said, “If the Old Ancestor of the Zither God comes, Chu Tong will not dare to shelter him.”

“By then, the surnamed Lu will hand over the Snow-filled Universe!”

Xu Qiaoyin’s voice was a bit cold as she thought of being shaken by the Black Dragon Zither sound earlier and losing face in front of everyone.

He Yi laughed joyfully, “It would be great if the old ancestor of the Zither god came out!”

“When the old ancestor of the qin god comes, not only should we make him return the snow-filled Universe back to you, but also make him kowtow to you to accompany you!”

The Zither God!

He was the oldest existence in the Nine Heavens, and its generation was even higher than Chu Tong, the same era with the Saint Demon. In the era of the Saint Demon, his zither dao had been the first person in the Nine Heavens and was touted as the Zither God.

So many years had passed, anyone could imagine the height of his zither dao now.

When Xu Qiaoyin finished speaking, she took out a letter talisman. She reported the Snow-filled Universe matter to her master, namely Cheng Bai, the patriarch of the Zither and Painting Sect.

Cheng Bai hesitated for a moment, then entered the ancestral land, and finally came to the depths of the ancestral land, before the Zither God’s hidden palace.

“Cheng Bai has something to do to come and kowtow to Old Ancestor Zither God.” Cheng Bai knelt down and bowed respectfully.

“What is the matter to disturb me?” A hoarse voice resounded from within the palace, the voice was vague and ethereal, permeated with the endless vicissitudes of the ages.

Cheng Bai also did not hide it and said, “If it was something else, Cheng Bai did not dare to come to disturb the old ancestor, but the Snow-filled Universe was snatched away by others, Cheng Bai had no choice but to come to report.”

“What? The Snow-filled Universe has been snatched away by others!” The voice had a fit of hidden anger. No one saw that the palace door opened. In front of Cheng Bai appeared a green-haired old man, his face was red with an eagle nose and cold eyes.

The old man was none other than Fu Zhuo, who was known as the Zither God!

“Who is it?” Fu Zhuo’s face was cold.

“His name is Lu Yiping.” Cheng Bai said, “This person is now in the ancestral land of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, and he is someone who is acquainted with the ancestor of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, Chu Tong.”

Fu Zhuo coldly laughed, “A small Returning Origin Sword Sect, the dog has the guts to dare to snatch my Zither and Painting Sect’s Snow-filled Universe!” After saying that, he transformed into a timbre and disappeared in the same place, “I am now going to go to the Returning Origin Sword Sect and will be back soon!”

A day passed.

The next day.

The Sword Sect Conference was held as scheduled. On the peak of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, the crowd was surging, and the strongest people from all sides gathered.

Just as the Sword Sect Conference was about to begin, a human figure came from the sky at great speed and soon came to the sky above the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

The disciples present at the Returning Origin Sword Sect were all startled when they took a look and hurriedly bowed to the ground.

The person who came was the one who rushed back to the return from the Great Void domain, Old Ancestor, Chu Tong!

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