The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 113 – Sprouting of a Nameless Tree Block

When Chu Tong looked at the letter talisman, his whole body was frozen as if struck by lightning.

Lu Yiping!

Holding the exact same token!


Is that you, old man?

You’ve finally come out of the Sacred Forest!

Chu Tong held the token, so excited that he couldn’t restrain himself, and he didn’t even realize that the Ancestor of Sumeru Buddha Sect had called him several times.

The Sumeru Buddha sect ancestor saw Chu Tong holding the talisman, so excited that his whole soul was not even in the body. He could not help but feel curious about the contents of the talisman and what made Chu Tong such a party master even lose his temper like this!

As a dominant master, what kind of wind and waves had not gone through Chu Tong? How could he be so excited?

When Chu Tong returned to his senses, the ancestor of the Sumeru Buddha Sect, Wu Fei, couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Chu Tong, are you alright? Who sent the message?”

Chu Tong suppressed the excitement in his heart and smiled, “Yes, the messenger was sent by Feng Wen.” Then he got up and said, “Master Wu Fei, I have something to do, I need to go back to the sect, so I will leave now.” Then he clasped his fist, couldn’t wait to leave the hall and break into the air to leave.


Chu Tong impatiently rushed to leave, and Wu Fei was even more puzzled.

He was a close friend of Chu Tong and had known him for many years, but he had never seen Chu Tong lose his temper like that before.

Thinking of this, he called his disciple, “Check if something big has happened to the Returning Origin Sword Sect.”

His disciple was dismayed, “He returned to the Returning Origin Sword Sect to hold the sword sect meeting, other than that, no big event happened.”

Wu Fei shook his head, “Go and check again to see if anything else happened in the Returning Origin Sword Sect other than the Sword Sect Conference.”

His disciple led the order and went away.

At this time, in the Returning Origin Sword Sect, Feng Wen did not take long to send out a messenger before he received a reply from Chu Tong’s messenger.

When he saw Chu Tong’s reply, Feng Wen was dumbfounded.

“Quickly welcome and invite the other party into the ancestral land!”

“The other party’s order is my order. Remember, obey whatever the other party asks!”

“I am rushing back now!”

Feng Wen didn’t react for a long time after seeing the contents of the messenger.

Li Xinbin and other ancestors of the Returning Returning Origin Sword Sect saw Feng Wen’s reaction and were all struck by a sense of wonder.

Feng Wen walked forward with a strange face and said to Lu Yiping, “We didn’t know the relationship between the Young Master and the ancestor earlier, so we were the ones who were negligent. Please do not blame the grandson.”

“Now, please also follow me into the ancestral land with the grandson and several people!”

“The ancestral master has now rushed back.”

Li Xinbin and the ancestors of the Returning Returning Origin Sword Sect froze.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Lu Yiping.

“It’s fine,” Lu Yiping murmured.

When Feng Wen saw Lu Yiping agreed, he was relieved in turn.

So, under the welcome of Feng Wen and the ancestors of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, Lu Yiping, Dragon Horned Golden Bull, Phoenix Nine, Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng entered the ancestral land of the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

When entering the ancestral land of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng were a bit overwhelmed. Although the Fan family was previously one of the most significant forces in the Heavenly God domain’s Wind and Lightning Mansion, even the smallest witch could not be counted as a giant compared to the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

The two of them had never seen the ancestral land of a super sect like the Returned Returning Origin Sword Sect. After, entering the ancestral land and seeing the beautiful scenery inside it, they were all amazed, like village women entering the city.

Qiu Yue, Xu Qiaoyin, Sun Hongyuan, and others waited for Feng Wen and the others to return to the ancestral land before they dared to get up slowly.

“This Lu Yiping and Lord Chu Tong are surprisingly acquaintance! And it looks like the relationship is not shallow!”

“I wonder what is the relationship with Lord Chu Tong?”

There were murmurs in the crowd.

Elder Jiang Feng had a complicated face.

Sun Hongyuan, Xu Qiaoyin, He Yi, and all the Tai Qing Sword School experts had unpleasant faces.

In particular, the Tai Qing Sword Sect experts’ faces looked even worse.

A Taiqing Sword Sect senior elder came to Qiu Yue with a low voice and said angrily, “Lord Qiu Yue, that Lu Yiping killed Wu Jinguo, the ancestor from the Taiqing Sword Sect’s. Not only did you not suppress and kill him while returning to the Returning Origin Sword Sect, but instead you welcomed and invited him into the ancestral land!”

“What do you mean by this?”

Qiu Yue was at a loss and didn’t know how to answer.

No one had expected things to turn out this way.

That Lu Yiping actually knew their Ancestral Master!

“I hope that your Returning Origin Sword Sect will give us a satisfactory answer from the Taiqing Sword Sect, otherwise, the relationship between our two sects will end here!” Tai Qing Sword Sect’s supreme elder said in a cold voice.

After that, he took the corpses of Luo Tong, Luo Continuity, Wu Jinguo and the rest of the Taiqing Sword Sect experts and left.

In fact, Wu Jinguo was no longer considered a corpse.

Qiu Yue looked at the departing experts of Taiqing Sword Sect and opened his mouth, but finally did not speak.

He Yi of the Qin Painting Sect sneered at Sun Hongyuan and said, “Is this the style of your sect? It’s really disappointing.”

Xu Qiaoyin said to Sun Hongyuan, “Sir Sun Hongyuan, farewell.” Then she took her junior brother, He Yi, and left in the air.

Sun Hongyuan looked at the departing Xu Qiaoyin and He Yi and then thought of Luo Tong, who was killed by the Dragon Horned Golden Bull. He felt uneasy.

Qiu Yue sighed, “These matters are not something you and I can influence.”

After Lu Yiping was welcomed and invited into the ancestral land by Feng Wen and the others, Feng Wen personally arranged a place for Lu Yiping and the others to stay.

Feng Wen said to Lu Yiping, “The ancestor said, Young Master’s order is his order, if Young Master has anything to do, just give him an order.”

“You guys help me find someone.” Lu Yiping said.

He had come over to the Returning Origin Sword Sect to meet Chu Tong, and secondly, he wanted the Returning Origin Sword Sect to help him inquire and find the whereabouts of Hao Bi of the Heavenly Demon Race.

The Jade Disc of Creation was of vital importance to him.

Therefore, he could not let go of any clues about the whereabouts of other Jade Discs of Creation.

Hearing Lu Yiping say that he wanted their help in finding someone, Feng Wen was surprised and then asked, “I wonder who are you looking for?”

“Hao Bi of the Heavenly Demon Race.” Lu Yiping said, “More than four thousand years ago, he entered the Nine Heavens, and I want to know his current whereabouts.” Then he told Feng Wen everything he knew about Hao Bi.

“Then I will order down now and use all the power of the Returning Returning Origin Sword Sect to search for him.” Feng Wen said, “Don’t worry, Master Lu, as long as this Hao Bi is still in the Nine Heavens, he should be able to be found.”

Although the strength of the Returning Returning Origin Sword Sect was mainly in the Heavenly God Domain, there were also forces in other domains.

Feng Wen left after a while.

Suddenly, life was surging in a particular piece of Nine Heavens Resting Soil within the Qiankun Cauldron.

Lu Yiping was stunned and took that piece of Nine Heavens Resting Soil out and found that the unknown tree block he had planted on it earlier had grown shoots.

Although it was only a tender shoot, the chaotic aura was overflowing, and a little golden light was flowing around it.

Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull next to him were both amazed.

Lu Yiping previously obtained this tree block at the Phantom Demon King’s cave. Before, he could only tell that it was the species before the famine, but he could not tell what it was.

But now, after planting on the Nine Heavenly Soil and growing young buds, Lu Yiping thought of an object.

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