The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 79 – Into the Family

Uncle Gu looked at each other’s cards and turned green!

At this time, the bald headed guy squinted at him and said, “I said, brother, you are really unlucky today! Do you want to forget it? You see, others are still waiting to play! “

Uncle Gu had lost everything, he was unwilling to leave!

“No, I must turn over the original book today! I lost all the money I saved for my daughter’s dowry. If I go back like this, I will be scolded by my wife! You wait for me, I will withdraw money!” Uncle Gu suddenly jumped and said, “I will be able to turn over my roots today! See the ghost! I don’t believe it!”

The bald headed guy with three other people gave a wink. The bald headed guy pretended to be helpless and said; “Well, then, we also just have a rest. Hurry up! We will wait for you for half an hour. If you can’t come back, we won’t wait for you!”

Uncle Gu was willing to wait for him when he listened to the other party. He was so happy that he patted his ass and went out.

As soon as Uncle Gu left, a younger brother next to him bowed his head and asked the bald headed guy, “Big Brother, how much do you want him to owe today?”

The bald headed guy took a deep look at the younger brother, and his eyes showed a little bit of fear. The cigarette in his mouth almost fell to the ground.

The bald headed guy grabbed the top of his head hard and forced himself to calm down. Only then did he say to others, “Let him be miserable today! It’s a merciful end to offend Mr. Yin! Ok, everybody cut the crap! Look at my eyes for a while! This matter, you are rotten in my stomach one by one, no one is allowed to tell anyone about this!”

Several younger brothers were instantly silenced.

In a few minutes, Uncle Gu came with a bulging bag.

The bald headed guy looked at Uncle Gu: “I say, Brother, where did you get so much money? Where did you get rich?”

Uncle Gu’s old face turned red, and he replied falteringly: “I used to lend a sum of money, and this was just recovered!”

Uncle Gu poured the money in his bag on the table and gnashed his teeth and said, “I must turn over the books today!”

“Good! Have ambition!” The bald headed guy looked at the younger brother, who immediately made a remark, the others immediately flattered Uncle Gu with all kinds of flattery, coaxing Uncle Gu to make a call. As if he had become a gambler, he swept a piece!

In order to stabilize him, the bald headed guy gave the younger brother a look, and the younger brother shot immediately, making Uncle Gu win a handful.

Uncle Gu instantly found his confidence again.

But on the second one and the third one, he was not so lucky, and lost more every time.

The bald headed guy beat him from time to time: “I say, Brother, what’s the matter with you? You had good luck just now, why did you suddenly lose your luck again?”

Uncle Gu oozed sweat from his forehead and said unbelievably, “Who knows what happened? It’s a ghost! I don’t believe it! I put all this on!”

The bald headed guy looked at Uncle Gu and threw a card quietly. Others immediately cooperated with his movements, they brushed and won again!

The bald headed guy collected all the money on the table and calmly said to Uncle Gu, “Come on, bro, stop playing! Hurry up, let go of the place, let other brothers play!”

People around them kept yelling: “That is right, make room quickly!”

Uncle Gu looked straight at the contract he placed to cover his loss on the table!

“I don’t believe it today! I don’t believe that I can’t gain back all my money!” Uncle Gu’s eyes were bloodshot, and his whole body looked ferocious.

The bald headed guy’s eyes glanced at the contract on the table!

Finally, wait!

The replacement over there was to force him to lose the purchase contract!

Taking the benefits there,  the bald headed guy did his best.

“Since Brother is so confident, I can’t stop you from getting rich! However, this thing can’t be used as a bet casually. Have you thought about it?” The bald headed guy squinted at Uncle Gu and said, “If you think about it, just write a statement. Don’t back off when the time comes!”

The bald headed guy looked at the younger brother, and the younger brother immediately took out a statement and handed it to Uncle Gu.

Uncle Gu would have lost his head, he never thought about why the other party would prepare a statement in advance, and pressed the handprint quickly on it.

After he got the statement, the bald headed guy finally gave a calm laugh.

Uncle Gu put all his eggs in one basket, just waiting for this to turn over all his money back.

However, how could a good trick let him escape?

When Uncle Gu lost to the bald headed guy again, people were completely dumbfounded!

He grabbed the contract on the table and tried to back off!

The bald headed guy sitting opposite him said leisurely: “Brother, I am willing to gamble! You have lost this house.”

Uncle Gu suddenly burst into a scream and knelt down in front of the bald headed guy.

He used to bully Jian Xiao and Gu Xixi but it was not clear where his guts went.

“Eldest brother, please spare me! I will pay you back the money I owe you! This is my daughter’s house! I can’t lose it!” Uncle Gu kept kowtowing to the bald headed guy for mercy.

“Oh … I bought it for my niece!” The bald headed guy replied with a look of indifference: “Show him the statement just now. It clearly says that if you regret not having a house, then your daughter will have to give me a free job for ten years.”

Uncle Gu looked up and saw a piece of white paper clearly written by the bald headed guy which stated that sentence.

Uncle Gu knew what the bald headed guy did, and when he heard the bald headed guy said so, his whole body shivered!

“Eldest brother, I can’t! My daughter is too young to do that kind of thing!” Uncle Gu cried out in tears, trying to rush over and embrace the bald headed guy’s thighs, but he was stopped by the younger brother.

“You can’t do that. Look at our friendship in the past, I also reminded you, who do you have to blame?” The bald headed guy said smugly: “I heard that your daughter looks good! It should be quite profitable to send her to that place!”

Uncle Gu’s face was so pale that his whole body was shaking like a pendulum.

Even if he died, he could never let his daughter live in the dust!

“Brother Gu, shall we? Have you thought clearly?” Scratching his head, the bald headed guy said impatiently, “My patience is limited! Don’t keep me waiting too long!”

Uncle Gu was still hesitating.

The bald headed guy nodded at the younger brother, and the younger brother turned to grasp the contract.

Uncle Gu was scared and hugged the younger brother, while shouting, “Mine, mine! This house is mine!”

The bald headed guy grinned with satisfaction: “Right! Wouldn’t it be nice to be like this earlier!”

Baldheaded with a group of people going away instantly, uncle Gu suddenly sat down on the ground, and he didn’t slow lead spirit for a long time.

It was over, it was over, everything was over.

He not only lost all the two million that Yin Sichen gave him, but also lost his own savings.

Now he lost the house.

He really had nothing left.

At three o’clock in the afternoon.

Gu Xixi came back from shopping at the supermarket, talking and laughing with Jian Xiao, while Xiao Ah opened the trunk and moved out all the purchased ingredients.

Before the three people could enter the house, they heard the noise next door, and a group of neighbors came out to watch the scene of bustle.

“What happened?” Jian Xiao asked.

Gu Xixi was also a little curious. If she hadn’t been pregnant now, she would have wanted to go and see what happened.

Xiao Ah smiled without a word.

Of course he knew what happened.

But he couldn’t say it now.

At this time, a sharp woman’s voice came out from the corridor: “Get out, get out! This is my house! You can’t take away my house! Honey, come and tell them that this house is ours! Not someone else’s!”

Gu Gujiang was dragged out of the house in a mess.

Gu Jiaqiang also looked angry: “Who are you? Why do you say this house is yours? Are you kidding me! This is clearly my house! It’s the house my mother bought for me!”

Gu Xixi and Jian Xiao looked at each other at the same time, they didn’t think that this lively quarrel turned out to belong to Gu Gujiang.

Yesterday, the family just got married. It was still too late to answer the door. It was only finding trouble.

Xiao Ah lowered his eyes and said to Gu Xixi: “I’ll go and see what happened. The young lady should go home. It’s not good to deal with this matter.”

When Jian Xiao laughed at the truth, she also said to Gu Xixi, “Forget it, let’s leave the family alone. We have nothing to do with the family. Let’s go, there are so many people, it is not good to quarrel with a child in the stomach.”

Gu Xixi nodded, and then just followed Jian Xiao into the house.

Xiao Ah turned and approached the crowd. When the bald headed guy saw Xiao Ah, his spirit was shaken and he was just about to come and say hello.

Xiao Ah shook his head slightly, and the bald headed guy immediately understood what Xiao Ah meant.

The boss had come to supervise the work. How dare the bald headed guy not try his best?

The bald headed guy directly took out the purchase contract and said to Gu Jiaqiang: “Look clearly, this contract is already in my hands! I am the owner of this house! I have the right to decide whether or not to let you live here!”

Gu Gujiang didn’t believe it. He took the contract, he was going to immediately tore it.

The bald headed guy was quick, he snatched it back, and said to the neighbors around him, “You can see clearly, we are not bullying! We have the contract and seals in black and white! This house is not his family’s, but his brother’s! Now his brother owes me money and uses this house to settle the account! What’s wrong with me taking back my house?”

The neighbors were pointing their fingers.

When Gu Jiaqiang’s newly married wife heard this sentence, she immediately went crazy towards Gu Jiaqiang: “Gu Jiaqiang, you bastard! Didn’t you say this house is yours? How can you lie to me?”

After she finished her sentence, she stretched out her hand and scratched Gu Jiaqiang’s face.

This new wife was not as gentle and virtuous as Jian Xiao.

Let Gu Jiaqiang’s face blossom in one fell swoop.

Gu Jiaqiang wanted to resist, but when he saw his wife with a big belly, he was afraid of hurting his son. Gu Jiaqiang could only keep dodging, and never dared to answer back.

Gu Xixi went into the house with Jian Xiao, and the noise outside was cut off from the outside.

In a few minutes, Xiao Ah came back from the outside.

“How is it going?” Gu Xixi spoke for her mother. Although her mother didn’t say it, she must have thought about it in her heart, so she asked for her.

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