The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 112: I Wonder If the Ancestor Knows This Person

“If you can receive this hand seal of mine, I can let you go!” Li Xinbin said coldly.

“Exterminating Hand Seal!”

“Suppress and kill!”

Li Xinbin’s cold voice resounded high into the sky.

As Li Xinbin’s voice resounded, only the heaven-shattering hand seal, which was condensed from the power of the realm, came down with a bang.

When the handprint fell, the crowd felt as if their whole bodies would be crushed into nothingness, and they felt a sense of doom.

Before the handprint fell, the earth was trembling, as if it could not withstand the terrifying power of the handprint to collapse.

Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng’s eyes were full of fear.

In the face of this great handprint of extinction, they could not help but despair.

The handprint instantly came above the heads of Lu Yiping’s party.

The sky and earth darkened.

Everything around Lu Yiping’s party seemed to fall into a terrifying dark abyss.

Just when everyone thought the hand seal was going to blast Lu Yiping down to the ground, suddenly, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull reached out, as if reaching out to catch a falling drop of water, to catch the Exterminating Hand Seal that came down with a ‘bang.’

The hand of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull was tiny, and it was like a grain of dust in front of this heavenly-blinding hand seal.

However, this grain of dust held the Exterminating Hand Seal!

Then, the Exterminating Hand Seal began to shrink at an astonishing speed, and soon, it was only half the size of a palm and was held by the Dragon Horned Golden Bull on top of its palm.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Qiu Yue, Xu Qiaoyin, Sun Hongyuan, and others all had their eyes wide open.

That Exterminating Hand Seal was actually being held and shrunk! Within the ancestral land, Li Xinbin was all silent as well, and nobody knew if he was stunned.

In the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s palm, the only half the size of the palm hand seal radiated light.

In the Dragon Horn Golden Bull handgrip, the Exterminating Hand Seal like a small balloon burst open, splashed a little sparkle light, like a small fireworks burst.

Everyone’s heart convulsed watching the Dragon Horn Golden Bull squeeze the Exterminating Hand Seal like a balloon.

The Exterminating Hand Seal, which has the power to destroy the heavens and earth, was just crushed?

“Exterminating Hand Seal? How dare you call this thing a world-destroying handprint?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed coldly.

Inside the ancestral land, Li Xinbin’s face looked ugly.

At this moment, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull fiercely blasted out with a fist in the void.

The fist print directly blasted through the heavy void and blasted towards the ancestral land of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, with the blue color reflecting heaven and earth.

When the Ancestral Land Formation of the Returning Origin Sword Sect surged with light, the fist print directly shattered the power of the formation. It blasted at Li Xinbin, who was hiding in the Ancestral Land, with the momentum of directly attacking the yellow dragon.

A loud booming sound, accompanied by a harsh shout, came from within the ancestral land. The loud booming sound echoed for a long time, and for a long time, it stopped.

Outside, everyone looked at each other.

Since they could not see the situation inside the ancestral land of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, they did not know the current situation of the Returning Origin Ancestral Land.

After the Dragon Horned Golden Bull blasted out a fist, he did not strike again and took care of the golden hair on his fist.

For a long time, within the Ancestral Land, the voice rang out, “BiLu Divine Fist, how does your Excellency know our Ancestor’s Blue Drop Divine Fist?”

The voice was not Li Xinbin’s.

However, when he heard this voice, Qiu Yue, who was kneeling on the ground, prostrated himself even more, not daring to raise his head.

This was an existence that was even more powerful than Li Xinbin just now.

Other people were in an uproar.

“Blue Drop Divine Fist, what he just performed was actually Blue Drop Divine Fist?” Sun Hongyuan and the other disciples of the Returning Origin Sword Sect were shocked.

The Blue Drop Divine Fist was the secret of their Chu Tong Ancestor of the Returning Origin Sword Sect. Only Ancestor Chu Tong knew it. How can this golden-haired strong man also know it?

What is his relationship with Ancestor Chu Tong?

The Blue Drop Divine Fist was passed on to him by their ancestor?

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull grinned, “Why do I know your Ancestor’s Blue Drop Divine Fist? Just ask your Ancestor.”

Lu Yiping flicked his finger, and a jade token flew into the ancestral land of the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

In the ancestral land, Feng Wen received the token flying high in the sky in confusion. When he looked at the token, his face changed, and the other ancestors of the Returning Origin Sword Sect and Li Xinbin looked at the token and were equally astonished.

“This token, the ancestor always wears in his body, how this blue-shirted young man also has it?” An old ancestor questioned.

Feng Wen mused, “The ancestor once told me that he the token he actually has, there are two of them, one is on him, but the other one, on who, he didn’t say.”

Now, this blue-shirted young man was holding the other one!

Feng Wen said, “They know the Blue Drop Divine Fist, and now they hold another token of the ancestor. It seems that they have a great relationship with the ancestor!”

“You guys come out with me and ask what is going on.” Saying this, he stepped out in the air first.

Other old ancestors also followed out.

Li Xinbin wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and followed behind with his injuries.

The crowd outside was apprehensive when they suddenly saw a group of figures flying out one after another from the Returning Origin Ancestral Land.

When Qiu Yue saw the white-haired old man at the head, he hurriedly prostrated himself on the ground and excitedly shouted, “Qiu Yue pays his respects to Old Ancestor Feng Wen and all the old ancestors.”

When the crowd heard this, they were startled.

Feng Wen? The second strongest person in the Returning Origin Sword Sect and was only below Lord Chu Tong!

Everyone knelt down on the ground. Even the divine daughter of the Zither and Painting Sect, Xu Qiaoyin, did not dare to stand.

Feng Wen ignored the crowd and walked straight over the crowd and arrived in front of Lu Yiping, who looked at the calm. He looked at the blue-shirted young man in front of him with astonishment and suspicion.

“Who is your Excellency? This token, how did you get it?” Feng Wen opened his mouth and asked.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said, “How did you get it? This is originally my master’s property. Do you think this token can be picked up on the road?”

“Your Excellency, speak politely!” An old ancestor of the Returned Origin Sword Sect heard the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s mocking tone and frowned.

Feng Wen shook his hand and signaled that old ancestor to back off. He handed the token back to Lu Yiping and said, “This token, our ancestor also has one. Are you here to see our ancestor?”

In the distance, Elder Jiang Feng only felt his legs go a little soft.

He was aware that Lu Yiping had come here to see their ancestor, and earlier, he had said that they could not see their ancestor, but now this Lu Yiping seemed to be acquainted with their ancestor?

Lu Yiping retrieved the token and gave a hmph.

“However, our ancestor is not here, and our ancestor has gone to the Great Void Domain.” Feng Wen said.

“I know.” Lu Yiping said.

“The ancestor originally wanted to wait until the end of the Sword Sect Conference to return so that I will report to the ancestor now, but I don’t know if the ancestor will come back earlier.” As Feng Wen said this, he took out a letter talisman and contacted Chu Tong, who was in the Great Void Domain.

At this time, in the Great Void Domain, Chu Tong was in the Sumeru Buddha Sect, talking about things with the Ancestor of the Sumeru Buddha Sect, when suddenly the letter talisman shook and found that it was from Feng Wen, he couldn’t help but wonder.

He rarely interfered in the sect’s affairs. Usually, it was managed by the ancestors under the sect to deal with, Feng Wen rarely sent a letter to him.

He took out the letter and took a look. He saw the message and read it.

“Ancestor, there is a blue-shirted young man, Lu Yiping, who holds the same token as yours and is now in the Returning Origin Sword Sect, saying that he wants to see you.”

“I wonder if the ancestor master knows this person?”

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