The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 111 Don’t Blame Me for Killing You

There were ten levels of zither immortals!There was the zither Emperor and the zither Ancestor above the Zither Immortal.The crowd was stunned when they heard this.”Nonsense!” That He Yi looked at Lu Yiping angrily, “There is no such thing as a zither emperor or zither ancestor realm in this world, and you are simply fawning over it!”At this moment, the Black Dragon Zither gave another booming sound. He Yi was blown away as if struck by lightning.Lu Yiping said in a cold voice, “Just because you don’t know doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, there are too many unknowns in the world, and how can you, a little True God, know about them.” He took the Snow-filled Universe zither in front of him with one hand.Lu Yiping’s hand wiped the Snow-filled Universe and then completely erased Xu Qiaoyin’s divine sense brand in it.Xu Qiaoyin spilled blood from her mouth again, and she was shocked and angry.The gaze of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull suddenly fell on the two siblings Luo Tong and Luo Chen in the crowd.Both of them were full of fear when they saw the Dragon Horned Golden Bull looking over in their direction.”Little girl, we meet again.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull smiled at Luo Tong.”You are Senior Golden Bull?” Luo Tong backed away in fear.The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “I heard that you brought the bodies of Lin Yi, Origin Yihua back to the Tai Qing Sword Sect and had to ask the experts of the Tai Qing Sword Sect to kill us.”Luo Tong and Luo Chen obviously felt the killing intent in the words of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and they could not help but hide behind the experts of the Returning Origin Sword Sect.At this moment, Sun Hongyuan had been dug out from the pile of rubble by the disciples of the Returning Origin Sword Sect.Luo Tong fled towards Sun Hongyuan in panic, “Brother Sun Hong Origin, save me!”She had just fled to Sun Hongyuan when the Dragon Horned Golden Bull slapped down a palm and made Luo Tong being slapped into the ground, and the ground trembled.Sun Hongyuan and the Returning Origin Sword Sect experts were frozen in place.Luo Tong was the personal disciple of the old ancestor of the Tai Qing Sword Sect, Wu Jinguo.”You killed her?” Sun Hongyuan’s eyes spewed fire as he stared deadly at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, “Do you know who she is? She is the personal disciple of Senior Wu Jinguo, the ancestor of the Tai Qing Sword Sect!”Hearing that, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull held a grip in the void and crushed Luo Chen in the next moment.”So they are now the personal disciples of the Tai Qing Sword Sect’s Elder. I really didn’t know if you didn’t say so.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at Sun Hongyuan, “But so what if I know.”Sun Hongyuan’s face was ugly.Wu Jinguo, who was rushing over with Qiu Yue, saw from afar that Luo Tong and Luo Chen were killed, and he was absolutely furious.”Sword of Wind and Thunder!”When he saw his sword cut out, endless hurricanes swept out, and the lightning in the sky turned into a heavy sea of thunder.The hurricane, the sea of thunder mingled as it was blotting out the sky. With the power to destroy the sky and earth, it arrived before Lu Yiping with the apparent intention to kill him.Penetrating power of the appalling sword qi were seen among the wind and thunder.”It’s the Tai Qing Sword Sect’s old man Wu Jinguo!””Tai Qing Sword Sect’s Thunder Wind Sword Technique, the realm of thunder and wind blending!”Thunder sword Chu Xuan was astonished. Everyone did not panic and then retreated, afraid of being affected by the Thunder Wind Sword Technique.Lu Yiping looked at the wind and thunder sword qi and the violent hurricane before him, then he blandly said: “the sword of origin.”At once, the black dragon zither boomed, the heaven and earth shook, and tens of millions of sword lights broke out of the zither. These sword lights were without the power of creation. However, they were beyond creation.Everyone seemed to see the power of the origin of the beginning of heaven and earth.It was as if they saw the beginning of all the power in the world.These swords of origin instantly cut through the heavy hurricane and through the sea of thunder that covered the sky.Heaven and earth trembled.All the spirit beasts in the entire Heaven and Earth space of the Returning Origin Sword Sect prostrated to the ground.The sun, moon, and stars seemed to have stopped rotating.The crowd was horrified when they saw millions of origin swords instantly cut through the body of Wu Jinguo, the ancestor of the Tai Qing Sword Sect.Then, Wu Jinguo’s entire body split into countless pieces. Even his Godhead and the God’s soul were not excluded.Everyone was frozen.They watched as the Tai Qing Sword Sect Ancestor Wu Zhinguo was split into pieces and spilled down from the sky.Qiu Yue, who was standing next to Wu Jinguo, looked dumbfounded at the pieces that fell next to him, and he felt his face was wet.Originally he heard that Sun Hongyuan was wildly slapped and rushed over, but he found that his legs could not move forward.The other elders and elders of the Tai Qing Sword Sect who were following behind Wu Jinguo only felt a chill all over their bodies.Xu Qiaoyin’s beautiful eyes were also full of fear.Time and space seemed to have come to a standstill.Silence.”Sword of Origin? In this world, is there a sword of origin?” For a long time, a sword dao expert murmured.Sun Hongyuan had broken through the Sword Dao’s Sword of Creation, but above the Sword of Creation, it was not the Sword of Origin!Instead, it was the Sword of the Laws.Above the Sword of Law, it wasn’t the Sword of Origin either.Everyone has never heard of the Sword of Origin.Not only was this Sword Dao expert puzzled, but even Xu Qiaoyin, Chu Xuan, Chen Yuyan, and the others were also astonished.At that moment, a voice, from the ancestral land of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, came out, “Your Excellency defeated the first disciple of my Returning Origin Sword Sect, and killed one after another at the mountain gate of my Returning Origin Sword Sect, and killed my precious guests of the Returning Origin Sword Sect!”“Your Excellency is too ignorant of my Returning Origin Sword Sect!””Do you really think that since Ancestor Chu Tong is not here, there is no one left in the Returning Origin Sword Sect?”The voice was like thunder, a vast might that surpassed that of the Heavenly Gods burst forth, and the void sky resounded.When Qiu Yue heard this voice, he was surprised and knelt down, “Please ask Old Ancestor Li Xinbin to do justice to the Returning Origin Sword Sect and kill this fang!”Hearing Qiu Yue’s words, all the experts on the scene were surprised, and many of them knelt down.”Old Ancestor Li Xinbin!” Chu Xuan also said excitedly, “Old Ancestor Li Xinbin has not appeared in the world for many years. I never thought that this matter has alarmed Old Ancestor Li Xinbin!””Surprisingly, it’s Lord Li Xinbin of the Returning Origin Sword Sect!” He Yi said to Xu Qiaoyin, “Eldest Sister if Lord Li Xinbin strikes, he will be able to suppress and kill this person.”Xu Qiaoyin nodded her head.As a giant of the Nine Heavens, the Returning Origin Sword Sect naturally had more than one plane lord realm expert beside Chu Tong. Li Xinbin was a powerful ancestor of the Returning Origin Sword Sect and had been a plane lord many years ago.Li Xinbin’s voice rang out again, “Does your Excellency have anything to say?”Lu Yiping said indifferently, “Not to mention that your Returning Origin Sword Sect’s ancestor is not here, even if your ancestor Chu Tong is here, the people I want to kill, I will still kill!””Lu Yiping!” All the experts of the Tai Qing Sword Sect were shocked at the words.”Unbridled!” Within the ancestral land, Li Xinbin’s voice full of majesty resounded with hidden anger, everyone saw thunder and lightning high in the sky, and with Li Xinbin’s anger, heaven and earth changed color.“I gave you the opportunity to defend since you do not cherish it, then do not blame me for killing you!” Li Xinbin’s voice was cold.Qiu Yue, Sun Hongyuan, He Yi, and others were not happy.Then there was space shook, and a terrifying force was continuously drawn out from the depths of space.It was the power of the realm!The moment the handprint was formed, the space seemed to sink, and everyone felt a hundred million pounds of pressure on their bodies, even Qiu Yue couldn’t straighten up.

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