The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 78 – The Way to Go

Gu Xixi immediately said to her mother, “Mom, it’s late, let’s go take a rest.”

Jian Xiao was startled at this time. Seeing that it was indeed late, she nodded silently. Seeing the two people return to the room, the others breathed a sigh of relief. 

Gu Xixi went to the same room with Jian Xiao sullenly.

“Mom, you have been looking bad today, is it because Dad remarried?” Gu Xixi finally couldn’t help but ask.

Jian Xiao’s face really became very ugly. Even if she didn’t say anything, Gu Xixi understood everything.

Gu Xixi was also brokenhearted, what did she not understand? But she didn’t expect that she and her mother would experience the same heartbreak.

“Mom…” Gu Xixi took the initiative to hug her mother. She wanted to comfort her mother, but when the words came to her lips, she suddenly didn’t know what to say.

“I’m okay, I just can’t move on yet, Xixi. Hey, when Zhao Zegang broke up with you … you probably felt a lot of pain in your heart?” Jian Xiao looked at Gu Xixi with a guilty expression, “At that time, I could not feel the same, and you were wronged.”

Her sentence successfully prompted Gu Xixi’s tears. Gu Xixi didn’t speak, and the tears just fell.

Yes, how bitter my heart was at that time, but no one can understand. Fortunately, though, that was all in the past.

I’ve made it through.

No matter how painful it is, it has passed.

It’s not about how heartless I am, it’s about how much I cared and how much courage I have buried in my heart now.

Because I am not alone, I have to think for the child in my stomach.

It’s just a lot of things. The wound seems to be healed. But if you scratch the scar, it will still hurt.

Jian Xiao wiped away Gu Xixi’s tears, and said, “My daughter can be so strong, how can I keep pitying myself? It is better to see the face of Gu’s family a day earlier than the gray hair dragged by them.”

“Mom, if you can think so, I’m relieved.” Gu Xixi said solemnly, “Mom, don’t worry. Take a good rest during this period, and wait until you make up for the rest of these years, and then we’ll talk about the next step.”

“I know.” Jian Xiao patted Gu Xixi on the back of her hand and said, “Are you going to have a checkup?”

Gu Xixi’s hand stroked her belly and said, “Yes, tomorrow I will go for the check-up . But I won’t go to the family doctor this time. I thought I would be able to go back in two days. But… it doesn’t matter, I’ll go to the local hospital for a check up. By the way, my pregnancy is more than three months old now. I still can’t tell!”

Jian Xiao smiled lightly, stroking Gu Xixi’s belly enviously and said, “I have never had a child, and I don’t know what happened. But I remember it is said in the book that in four months you’ll see it later! It’s still early for you.”

Gu Xixi breathed a sigh of relief, “I thought he was not growing up because I was abused recently.”

“Nonsense.” Jian Xiao nodded. Gu Xixi said, “Stop thinking about it. Tomorrow you will accompany me to the hospital for a check-up, so go to bed early.”

With Gu Xixi’s company, Jian Xiao’s mood really improved a lot.

The two of them laid on the bed, talking about Gu Xixi’s childhood, unknowingly letting go of their worries, and slowly fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Gu Xixi opened her eyes and saw that her mother was not around.

Where did Mom go so early?

Gu Xixi was surprised when the door opened, and Jian Xiao walked in from outside.

Gu Xixi’s gaze fell over, and when she saw her mother had dressed up today, her eyes suddenly brightened!

“Mom, you are so beautiful!” Gu Xixi sincerely said.

Although Jian Xiao was over forty years old, she had a slender  and curvy figure. This self-tailored black-and-red dress, set off her natural and graceful demeanor.

Jian Xiao’s smiling face suddenly turned red, and she was very happy when she was praised by her daughter.

The mother and daughter ate breakfast, then afterwards Xiao Ah drove the two of them, and the three happily went to the hospital for a check-up.

Once in the gynecology department, there were already many people.

Xiao Ah went to call Gu Xixi, and said apologetically: “Young lady, I’m really very sorry, this time we are in a hurry. We’re not going to meet our own doctor, so I am guilty that you have had to come here for a checkup.”

Gu Xixi smiled and replied, “How can I blame you for this? I picked the wrong day.”

Jian Xiao stretched out her hand and held Gu Xixi’s hand, and said, “It’s just a routine check. It should be nothing! When you go back, you will do another check carefully.”

The three people then sat in line, talking and laughing, and attracted the attention of many people.

Especially when they saw these three people, they were always misunderstood to be the mother-in-law and son, and the daughter-in-law came to do the check-up.

When Gu Xixi heard the fourth person’s question, she couldn’t help but laughed. This kind of thing was really easy to misunderstand!

Gu Xixi had no time to explain when she heard a voice behind her: “Xixi? Why are you here!”

Before Gu Xixi could turn around, she heard the other party continue to say, “Didn’t I say that they shouldn’t appear in front of me again? I won’t change my mind!”

Gu Xixi and Jian Xiao turned around at the same time. It didn’t matter if they turned around, the atmosphere of the scene suddenly froze!

They saw Gu Jiaqiang slowly walking towards them with a woman holding her belly. He had a proud face, and the woman he was holding had a proud face.

Jian Xiao’s face turned pale. Gu Xixi looked at her adoptive father dumbfounded. He unexpectedly…

Xiao Ah immediately stood up and said to Gu Xixi, “Madam, I’ll help you in for the examination. Don’t be bothered by him, this kind of person is completely trivial.”

Gu Xixi nodded silently.

Xiao Ah was indeed right. No matter how she explained it, her adoptive father would not believe her whatsoever.

Even though Jian Xiao’s face was pale, she straightened her back instantly.

The woman Gu Jiaqiang was supporting was probably his newly married wife, right?

Gu Xixi stretched out her hand to pull Jian Xiao and smiled. There were some things that were just tacit, there was no need to say them out loud.

Jian Xiao understood what Gu Xixi meant, and didn’t pay attention to Gu Jiaqiang. She took the position of Xiao Ah, and helped Gu Xixi go in for a checkup.

Although Gu Jiaqiang knew that Xiao Ah was Yin Sichen’s assistant, he was now proud of it!

Being a bridegroom and a father, and with Yin Sichen’s absence, made Gu Jiaqiang feel embarrassed.

“Why hasn’t Xixi gone back? What’s the matter with married girls who always live in their mother’s family?” Gu Jiaqiang still regarded himself as a father, and said with a grimace, “It’s okay, don’t just go around here. It’s a loss of face for the Gu family.”

Xiao Ah looked at Gu Jiaqiang with contempt.

Although Xiao Ah was always smiling and courteous in front of Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi, it didn’t mean Xiao Ah was a person without any aura.

In fact, how could a person without aura become Yin Sichen’s assistant and the closest assistant?

Xiao Ah didn’t say a word. He just stood there and stared at Gu Jiaqiang. Exuding his aura a little bit, Gu Jiaqiang’s forehead soon oozes sweat.

“Husband, what’s wrong with him! Let’s go!” Gu Jiaqiang’s newly married wife also felt that Xiao Ah didn’t seem to be so bully on the surface. She stretched out her hand and pulled Gu Jiaqiang’s hand and turned into another examination room.

After Gu Jiaqiang went in with the woman, a cold smile appeared on Xiao Ah’s mouth.

The reason why he stayed here by Yin Sichen was not just to take care of Gu Xixi. He still had many important things to do.

Xiao Ah turned to the corridor and dialed a phone number and said, “How is it going?”

“Don’t worry, everything is under control. The second child of the Gu family has already taken the bait! What other orders does Mr. Yin have?”

“Be smart.” Xiao Ah said without saltiness and lightness, “I don’t want any mistakes.”

“Don’t worry, please rest assured, Mr. Yin! We all can be counted for these kinds of things.” There was a flattering guarantee, “We will do exactly what Mr. Yin said!”

“Very good.” Xiao Ah hung up the phone and checked the time. The president should be back tomorrow.

It seemed that it was time to close the net today.

Gu Xixi checked quickly. She had a record from her private hospital. The local hospital knew at a glance how advanced the other hospital was. So he didn’t dare to neglect his attitude at all, and she gave Gu Xixi a very meticulous check up. After getting the pulse, he said to Gu Xixi: “This child is developing well and has been resting well recently. The child is growing up very quickly. You will see it a little in about half a month. Remember to wear loose clothes. You can move around properly with soft-soled shoes, but don’t be too tired. When a couple is in the same room, move lightly.”

At first, Gu Xixi listened very carefully, but when the doctor said the last sentence, Gu Xixi’s face was flushed.

What a shame!

Jian Xiao smiled suddenly when she heard that the child was developing well.

While Gu Xixi was being checked, there was a cramped room in another quiet corner of the county seat.

There was already a group of people in the room. Four people sat in the middle of the group, and a large stack of banknotes was stacked in front of each of them.

“I don’t believe it today!” Gu Zhenzhen’s father’s eyes were red after losing. He had been playing mahjong here for three days and nights.

On the first day, he was very lucky, and he won more than one million net. If he stopped in time, he would forget it. But he always held the mind of winning a little more and bet again. It didn’t matter, he lost all the one million he won.

The luck of the day was so good, and if he finally won, he would lose everything soon. How could he be willing to stop? So, under the instigation of others, he just thought of turning over the book.

The loss was two days and two nights.

The loss didn’t only all the money he had brought with him, but also the check that Aunt Gu had asked him to save!

By this point, Uncle Gu was completely penniless.

“Sorry, brother, I won again!” A bald headed guy sitting opposite Uncle Gu snapped away the cards in his hand, “All in one suit! Give and take!”

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