Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 23: Disciple Ye Luo, Greeting the Master

Hundreds of miles away from Heavenly Mist Mountain, there was another mountain peak named Taiyue Mountain.

After a few days’ journeys, Chu Yuan brought Zhang Han to this place.

The name of the mountain was beautiful. First, take a rest before continuing the journey.

Zhang Han did not have many suspicions, so he followed his own master to rest here.

 At this moment, Chu Yuan’s heart was incomparably complicated.

He looked in the direction of the Heavenly Mist Mountain and remained silent for a long time.

The breeze came slowly, blowing his snow-white robe into hunting noises and his long hair fluttering in the wind.

His original ethereal temperament was now mixed with a trace of melancholy.

Like an exiled immortal in the sorrow of the rise and fall of the earth.

This couldn’t be blamed on Chu Yuan’s melancholy.

His eldest disciple Ye Luo gave him a backstab, which made him change from the Nascent Soul Realm to the Golden Core Realm…

He really could not have imagined.

This disciple, whom he thought was done long ago, would actually fucking really comprehend something and backstabbed him.

It turned out that when Ye Luo previously said that he comprehended a trace of the Dao, was really he comprehended one, not a hypochondriac……

It turned out that the sword technique that Ye Luo practiced every day in the sect was not a mere illusion but an actual sword technique ……

From the beginning to the end, he actually thought that it was Ye Luo who had hypochondria.

Now it seems that it was him who has hypochondria.

Chu Yuan couldn’t help but vomit blood in his heart when he remembered the scene where his nascent soul was broken and turned into a golden core.

He suddenly remembered a phrase from a former life online article.

Those with the surname Ye were all the protagonists in life.

He received a guy with the life of the protagonist, which could not fall from the realm ……

But now, there was no use crying for spoiled milk.

No matter how regretful he was, it was useless.

This time he took note of the lesson.

The next time he down the mountain to accept disciples, no matter how waste of waste material, as long as the surname was Ye, he would not accept him!

No matter how much Chu Yuan’s heart hurts, he still had to think about how to face Ye Luo next.

Going back, directly announced that Ye Luo would be kicked out of the sect?

No way!

He had fallen into a great realm because of Ye Luo!! Just kicking Ye Luo out of the sect was not enough for he suffered a blood loss!

Didn’t Ye Luo realize that there was something wrong? Find a chance to get all these things out, and then kicked him out of the sect!

Yes, the things that Ye Luo had realized.  This could at least make up for some deficiencies.

After all, the current him was penniless and lacking everything.

Chu Yuan harbored this thought, even if it slightly soothed his depressed mood, he was just still unhappy.

However, when Chu Yuan’s eyes looked at Zhang Han, his heart was a lot more comfortable.

A person born without spiritual roots was near the body of the dao, the demonic posture, he could understand it.

But if a spiritual root were struck by lightning, what else could it be, then it wouldn’t make sense.

If the spiritual roots had been smashed, and what kind of special physique can he comprehend, then he would find a big rock on the spot and hit himself to death.

How could it be possible to realize something in a few words?

If it was really that easy, how come Chu  Yuan did not realize anything.

Ye Luo was definitely an exception, and normal people can’t be like that.

That’s why Zhang Han was in this small state.

He was about to make a decision.

 He, Chu Yuan said.

Jesus couldn’t keep him from teaching Zhang Han into a waste!

Hoo ……

Chu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief and said to Zhang Han, “Let’s go, the sect’s territory is just ahead and have a rest when you get to the sect.”

After saying that, he did not wait for Zhang Han to reply, his wide sleeves rolled up and leading Zhang Han to ride the cloud towards the Daoless Sect.


Above the Dharma Cloud, Chu Yuan manipulated the magic cloud to fly.

Zhang Han stood beside Chu Yuan, looking down on the ten thousand miles of mountains and rivers.

He looked up at Chu Yuan’s not-so-wide back, with a curious look in his eyes.

He was not stupid.

He could see that this master of his was very mysterious.

He was obviously a strong person, but when he was in Wu Chang City, he looked as curious as if he didn’t understand the immortal cultivation world at all.

When he was in the Xuantian Mountain Range, the group of people whose cultivation level was not weak at first glance, yet they were like licking dogs one by one, wishing to lick his master up to the sky, side by side with the sun.


His master’s reputation was not low among the immortal cultivation world.

The Zhang family of Wu Chang City, where he came from, also had heard a little about the strongest of the major sects in the immortal cultivation world.

But he had never heard of his master’s name.

Then there was only one possibility ……

His master belonged to the group of the strongest in the immortal cultivation world so, he could not inquire about this with his levels.

If he guessed correctly.

His master’s sect was also extremely powerful.

But these were just his guesses.

It hadn’t been confirmed.

But Zhang Han already had the answer in his heart.

“Disciple,we’re here, look, it’s just ahead.”

Chu Yuan sorted himself out and rode the Dharma Cloud, pointing ahead to a place of clouds with great vigor.

Hearing this, Zhang Han stretched his neck to look, but he could only see a cloud of fog, and could not see what kind of scenery was inside.

A thought rose up in his mind.

Could it be……


It seemed to confirm what he thought.

Zhang Han saw Chu Yuan smiled as he hit the magic power into the void, communicating with the great mountain protection formation diagram.

Suddenly, the billowing clouds in front of him seemed to be separated by a big invisible hand, revealing a path.

It was as if an ancient immortal realm was welcoming the return of the master.

Watching this scene, Chu Yuan nodded in satisfaction, then turned to look at Zhang Han. Looking at the other party’s dumbfounded expression. He felt satisfied even more.

To make this disciple stay, the first thing was to bluff the disciple. Chu Yuan knows his way around. Look at how cute this disciple was bluffed.

It was not in vain that he consumed most of his Golden Core realm magic power to communicate with the formation diagram.

This first step of bluffing was very good, the beginning was very perfect.

He believed that the follow-up would definitely be perfect as well.

However, he felt a little weak.

The Golden Core realm mana was originally not much, and his long flight, coupled with communicating the formation diagram, made his body’s mana was almost depleted.

This made Chu Yuan miss the Nascent Soul realm more and more.

If he were to be in the Nascent Soul realm at this moment, he would not have consumed even a tenth of his magic power after a set of these movements.

Although he felt sad, but he would never slacken off.

The Golden Core Realm is the Golden Core Realm!

Chu Yuan was determined that as long as he taught and abolished a few more disciples, as long as he didn’t encounter something like Ye Luo, he would surely be able to rise again.

Well, I’ll cultivate from Golden Core to invincible!!!

Chu Yuan rebuilt his confidence! There was also a calm expression on his face.

“Go, disciple, I’ll take you to meet your Eldest Brother.”

Chu Yuan said indifferently.

With that, he led Zhang Han to land at the bottom of the Heavenly Mist Mountain and walked towards the mountain.

Do not ask why walk. The answer was that he had no power and couldn’t fly.

Zhang Han didn’t ask much and walked up with Chu Yuan.

After spending half an hour.

The two finally arrived at the gate of the mountain.

Zhang Han looked at the lofty mountain gate in front of him, his heart was convinced beyond measure, his master was a top powerhouse, the sect was also a powerful sect!

Just as the two walked into the mountain gate. A voice came out of nowhere.

“Disciple Ye Luo, welcome back the master to the sect!

The voice resounded in all directions, as if it came from above the nine heavens.

Zhang Han’s eyes widened in vain.

Is this the eldest brother? This big brother is a bit strong ……

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