The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 110 – What is Your Zither Dao Realm

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull sneered, “Not daring to compete with you on the zither? Little bitch, do you really think that because your zither dao has entered the immortal realm, you are invincible in the zither dao?”

Xu Qiaoyin was stunned and laughed, “Qiaoyin does not dare to say she is invincible in the zither dao.” Then she looked at Lu Yiping, “What, you don’t dare?”

And then said, “I heard my junior brother say that you got an ancient famous zither at the small store, even my junior brother couldn’t pluck it, but you can easily play a wonderful zither rhythm, Qiaoyin also wants to see it.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was about to speak when Lu Yiping stepped forward. He looked at the snow-white zither in Xu Qiaoyin’s hand and said, “Snow-filled Universe.”

The zither in Xu Qiaoyin’s hand was the famous ancient zither, the Snow-filled Universe.

Back then, it was the zither of the Palace Master of the Zither Saint Palace.

In the ancient times, the Zither Saint Palace and the Northern Star Divine Palace were equally famous.

Xu Qiaoyin smiled when she heard this, “I didn’t expect you to recognize the zither in my hand, not bad, the zither in my hand is the Snow-filled Universe, the zither of the ancient Zither Saint Palace master.”

“I got this Snow-filled Universe by chance.”

Some of the arriving old ancestor-level figures heard that the zither in Xu Qiaoyin’s hand was the zither of the ancient Zither Saint Palace Master were all in an uproar.

In the ancient times, the Palace Master of the Northern Star Divine Palace was known as the first in array dao, and the Palace Master of the ancient Zither Saint Palace was known as the first in zither dao!

Lu Yiping said blandly, “So, did you also obtain the zither dao left behind by the Palace Master of the Zither Saint Palace?”

Xu Qiaoyin smiled and said, “Not bad, Qiaoyin is fortunate enough to have learned the zither dao of the Palace Master of the Zither Saint Palace.”

There was another commotion from the crowd at the scene.

“No wonder Goddess Xu’s zither dao has entered the immortal realm, it turns out that she has obtained the ancient Zither Saint Palace master’s inheritance!”

“I see that with the current zither dao of the Goddess Xu, she is already comparable to the Palace Master of the Zither Saint Palace!”

Many people talked, but the Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed coldly at those words.

A little girl who has just entered the realm of the zither immortal, also presumptuous enough, dare to compare herself with the Palace Master of the Zither saint Palace?

At this time, a light flashed in front of Lu Yiping, and the Black Dragon Zither was suspended in front of him.

Xu Qiaoyin looked at the Black Dragon Zither with its charred body in front of Lu Yiping and said uncertainly, “This is the Black Dragon Zither?”

“Not bad, this zither is the Black Dragon Zither.” Lu Yiping said blandly, “How do you want to compare?”

Xu Qiaoyin smiled sweetly, “I didn’t expect it was really the Black Dragon Zither!” She laughed, “It’s very simple, later, if you can break my Snow-filled Universe then I will admit that I’m lost! “

“If I lose, this Snow-filled Universe will be yours!”

“If you lose, the Black Dragon Zither will be mine, how about that?”

“Of course, you can also play a song, and I will break your song.”

Xu Qiaoyin said slowly.

Lu Yiping said indifferently, “If I make a move, once the zither string moves, you will lose and will not be able to make any move.”

When the surrounding people heard this, they all had angry faces.

“Arrogant!” He Yi also all looked at Lu Yi Ping angrily, “It’s true that my zither dao is inferior to yours, but do you think this point of your zither dao is really superior? Your zither dao is a joke in front of my senior sister! My senior sister has entered the realm of the zither immortal, even if she doesn’t use the zither, a casual play from her can also play your soul to scatter!

Xu Qiaoyin stared at Lu Yiping, her face no longer smiling, “Since you are so confident, then Xu Qiaoyin will not hide her clumsiness.” Speaking of this, in front of her, there was another Red Flame Zither.

This Red Flame Zither, similar in shape to the Snow-filled Universe, only the color was different, it should be Xu Qiaoyin imitation of the Snow-filled Universe and it was built with fire divine wood.

Two zither, one on the left and one on the right suspended in front of Xu Qiaoyin.

Xu Qiaoyin’s left hand was placed on the Red Flame Zither, while her right hand was placed on top of the Snow-filled Universe.

“This is a double zither played by Goddess Xu!”

“Double zither and double songs, I’ve never heard of anyone playing double zither and double songs at the same time!”

“Goddess Xu has entered the realm of the zither immortal, double zither and double songs, wouldn’t that be the same as two zither immortals playing?”

All the people on the scene were shaken. Huang Jiu, Fan Yulan, and Fan Sheng were also surprised. Two zither and two songs? However Lu Yiping’s face was as usual.

“I’m going to make a fool of myself.” Xu Qiaoyin spoke, and suddenly, her hands placed on the twin zither moved. At once, the sound of zither filled the sky and earth.

The right hand Snow-filled Universe Zither’s sound was clear and crisp, a snow-white light flew out from it, and these snow-white lights danced all over the sky and turned into a snowflake.

It was real snow, not an illusion.

And the zither in her left hand, with a loud sound, crimson lights flew out of it, and these crimson lights turned into flame lotusses subsequently.

These flame lotusses, and snow full of snowflakes drifting in the high sky, the interplay, two kinds of lights; one was white and one was a fire, reflecting the sky brightly, as if the heaven and earth into the world of water and fire.

Then, the crowd saw the surrounding world of grass, wood, covered by these flame lotus and snowflakes. One by one turned into fire lotus, snowflakes!

Some people thought they were mistaken and couldn’t help but rub their eyes.

“With sound materialization!”

“Everything in heaven and earth is its zither sound!”

“This is the realm of the zither immortal!”

Some zither dao experts were so excited that they could hardly contain their excitement.

Those flame lotuses and snowflakes suddenly smashed down like wild waves towards Lu Yi Ping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

Looking at the overwhelming fire lotusses and snowflakes, Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng’s faces changed.

Just now those trees and grass were covered by these fire lotuses and snowflakes, then turned into these fire lotuses and snowflakes. If they were covered by these fire lotuses and snowflakes, they would also be turned into these fire lotuses and snowflakes!

Seeing these fire lotuses and snowflakes fall, suddenly, the Black Dragon zither suspended in front of Lu Yiping sounded.

Only one sound. The sound was like a thunderstorm.


Heaven and earth gave a stutter.

Terror waves of light swept over like a huge wave.

The light wave seemed to have a magical power, wherever it passed, those fire lotus and snowflakes all dissipated. These light waves instantly flooded in front of Xu Qiaoyin.

The crowd was stunned.

Lu Yiping obviously did not play any song, He was merely standing there but the Black Dragon Zither actually sounded on its own?

And what kind of technique was this?

“What’s going on?!”

There was no shortage of zither experts in the scene, but no one knew what was going on.

Looking at the inundating waves of light, Xu Qiaoyin’s pretty face changed, her hands shone illusively, her hands squeezed the lotus flowers which turned into a residual shadow and constantly plucking the twin zither.

“Lotus Hand!”

Someone recognized Xu Qiaoyin’s technique.

Xu Qiaoyin’s lotus hand was obviously much more sophisticated than He Yi’s previous lotus hand.  The double zither light roared out as soon as the illusionary hands moved.

But it was useless, it couldn’t block the Black Dragon’s light wave.

The light waves overwhelmingly bombarded Xu Qiaoyin’s body. She only heard an explosion as her whole person was blown away and the Snow-filled Universe double zither song was left as the remnants eventually fluttered out.

By then, Xu Qiaoyin’s zither sound suddenly disappeared, and heaven and earth quieted down.

Xu Qiaoyin smashed to the ground after a long time. After climbing up, her body was covered in dust and her pretty face could not believe what was just happening “What is that technique you used? I have already entered the zither immortal realm, double zither double song, comparable to the two zither immortals, how can I still lose to you! What is the realm of your zither dao!”

Lu Yiping said indifferently, “The world knows the realm of the zither immortal, but they don’t know that there are ten levels of the zither immortal realm, and they don’t know that above the zither immortal, there is the realm of the zither emperor and the realm of the zither ancestor!”

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