The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 77 – Red Envelope Activities

Gu Xixi almost laughed at Gu Jiaqiang’s strange remarks.

He was really confident.

For so many years, my mother really bears the burden of humiliation for this family. The main reason was that my mother loved my father very much.

But as the saying goes, the more you loved to the extreme, the more often you couldn’t tolerate the betrayal of love.

If my mother married him for money, status or other things, she wouldn’t be so determined when she was betrayed.

Only those who had truly been in love would understand that the more true a person loves, the more decisive he/she would go in pain.

Gu Jiaqiang didn’t understand love.

It was a pity that her mother had followed him for so many years.

“Don’t worry, you will live your life well! Mom will never appear in your life. ” Gu Xixi has been too lazy to talk nonsense with him, and turned around to leave.

Gu Jiaqiang said angrily, “Is this your attitude towards me? I am your adoptive father after all!”

“Well, adoptive father, I remember that on the day you divorced mother, you admitted to buying out my child support with 200 thousand.” Gu Xixi gently turned her head and said, “Besides, you signed a contract, so you can’t bother us again. Have you forgotten? If there is no one to wait on when you are old, I will hire someone to take care of you! “

Listening to Gu Xixi speaking in an extremely distant and polite tone, Gu Jiaqiang’s heart suddenly became bored and could not say anything.

“Hmph, no need! I will have my own children and grandchildren to take care of, and I don’t need you to be an adopted daughter to take care of me!” Gu Jiaqiang snorted, feeling so triggered by Gu Xixi, his face was a bit unrestrained, “Don’t appear in front of my future wife! Otherwise, don’t blame me for not being polite!”

After Gu Jiaqiang said this, he turned around and left.

Gu Xixi looked at his back, speechless for a while.

After dinner, Gu Xixi and Jian Xiao slept on the sofa and watched TV.

Because there was no one else at home, there was only one chef, one maid and three outsiders, so Gu Xixi didn’t let them restrain, and they all sat together watching TV and chatting.

Gu Xixi saw Xiao Ah holding his mobile phone and playing constantly, and couldn’t help asking, “What are you doing?”

Xiao Ah immediately replied respectfully, “We have a group of assistants who play with each other in red envelopes!”

Grabbing a red envelope? I like this thing!

“Add me, add me, and I’ll grab it too!” Gu Xixi happily took out her phone and wanted to add their group.

The president’s wife wanted to join the group, who dared not to pass it?

Xiao Ah was the owner of the group, so he let Gu Xixi in.

When more than a dozen assistants in the group saw the boss coming, they greeted each other, “The team leader is here!”

Well, they still remember that Gu Xixi’s position in the company was the assistant president and team leader!

“Hello everyone, let me grab the red envelope with everyone!” Gu Xixi greeted the group with a smile and said, “It’s my first time here. I’ll start first! How big are you guys? I don’t have much money, so don’t abandon it! “

The following group of people did not dare to answer in various ways.

After thinking about it, Gu Xixi sent a red envelope of 100 yuan, and the group of people grabbed it.

Gu Xixi also joined the camp and grabbed ten yuan from the red envelope she sent back!

“The team leader is very lucky!”

“Team leader, you are too great! A total of a dozen copies, you grabbed ten dollars!”

“Team leader, we give out red packets regardless of size, everyone is just to make fun .”

“Yes and yes, we are all having fun.”

Who dares to dislike the president’s wife?

Xiao Ah sent out red envelopes in the second relay, and Gu Xixi held the phone to grab the first one!

“Oh, my goodness, there are only five copies! Ah, ah, the one who was snatched by Xiao Bi the most, he is the king of luck!” The group immediately exploded!

Yin Sichen looked at his assistant smiling like an idiot, and smiled silly with his mobile phone all day long.

Xiao Bi was not as calm as Xiao Ah, and he couldn’t help shouting out while grabbing red envelopes, “Hey, how much money did you guys grab? The young lady grabbed the most! “

Yin Sichen ears pricked up!

Young lady?

Can Xiao Bi called less and there were others?

Other assistants also shouted, “Ah, ah, it was taken away by the young lady again! Her hands are too fast! “

“Nonsense, we who dare to grab with her! He didn’t dare to start until she finished! “

Several assistants chatted together and kept talking.

Gu Xixi sent a red envelope of passwords and copied all kinds of passwords in the group.

Yin Sichen held back for a long time, but finally couldn’t hold it anymore.

This conscienceless little mole didn’t send messages to himself, so she played with them!

Although she has the title of assistant team leader and their boss, he was also her boss!

Yin Sichen pretended to casually pick up a napkin and wipe his mouth, indicating that he was full.

Xiao Bi and the others saw that Yin Sichen had finished lunch, and immediately stood up and waited for Yin Sichen’s instructions.

“You sit down and have a rest. The contract has been signed, and there is no big deal. You can go back after attending the dinner at night.” Yin Sichen said slowly and pretending to be uninterested, “What did you play just now? Did you have such a good time?”

Xiao Bi immediately stood up straight and replied, “Well … we are playing with red envelopes.”

The president won’t be angry about their desertion, will he?

Although it was lunch break at noon, strictly speaking, their working hours were twenty-four hours…

Just when Xiao Bi was anxiously waiting for the anger of the President, Yin Sichen said lightly, “Grab the red envelope? Ah, let me take part in it too.”

Xiao Bi thought he had auditory hallucinations in his ears.

Several other assistants also looked at each other with a face.

The president is interested in this kind of thing?

Yin Sichen saw that Xiao Bi didn’t say anything, and the corner of his eye pressed, “No?”

“Yes…Yes…Of course you can!” Xiao Bi’s back was almost in a cold sweat, and he hurriedly added Yin Sichen into the group.

The system prompts everyone in the group to see it!

Other people’s screen names were all well-behaved Xiao abc, and Yin Sichen directly and blatantly came in with his own name.

Gu Xixi was happy to grab a red envelope. When she looked up, she saw Yin Sichen’s name appear in the group.

He didn’t come to reprimand others for playing mobile phones during working hours, did he?

Gu Xi Xi pondered for a moment. Do you want to put in a good word for them?

Sure enough, Xiao Ah sitting next to her immediately said, “Ah, why did the president join the group?”

Gu Xixi and Xiao Ah looked at each other at the same time, and they all saw a little guilt in each other’s eyes.

“Everyone is so happy to play, I’ll join in the fun too.” Yin Sichen said in the group.

The assistants below were full of tears in their hearts!

The president sends out a red envelope, can you grab it?

Did the president really come into play, or did he deliberately beat everyone?

Sure enough, Yin Sichen sent a red envelope to the group. Others did not dare to grab it. Gu Xixi dare!

Gu Xixi played until she was up, and didn’t pay attention to who sent it. With a little finger, she got the red envelope!

“Ahahahahaha, whoever sent the red envelope, I got it! Wow! Two thousand yuan!” Gu Xixi didn’t find anyone who issued the red envelope at all, so she typed it out.

Xiao Ah, who was sitting opposite her, shook his body.

Fortunately, I didn’t grab the two thousand red envelopes!

After Gu Xixi snatched the red envelope and sent a message, she later realized that she had snatched Yin Sichen’s red envelope!

When Yin Sichen saw Gu Xixi snatching his red envelope, his eyebrows couldn’t hide.

What a strange feeling.

The first time she begged for money, he was very happy to see that the other party took his own money?

Gu Xixi suddenly grabbed such a big red envelope, and suddenly felt a little embarrassed. She pretended to know nothing in the group and said, “I was the king of luck just now, now it’s my turn to send it! I’ll send a big one this time! A thousand! “

She was really unwilling to make her send two thousand yuan in red envelopes at once!

As soon as Gu Xixi’s red envelope was sent out, a few assistants looked at me, and I will look at you. The president is here. Can you grab it?

Yin Sichen pointed his finger and grabbed the first one. Xiao Ah was the one who understood Yin Sichen’s thoughts best. Seeing that the president hadn’t been mad at this time, it seems that he really grabbed the red envelope.

So Xiao Ah received the second red envelope.

With the lead of Xiao Ah, other people began to grab red envelopes.

After passing the first hurdle smoothly, everyone finally recovered.

The male god who had always been cold, suddenly so close to the people, everyone was a little unaccustomed!

At this time, Gu Xixi sent another red envelope with a password: “Congratulations to my mother for a new home!”

“Congratulations to my mother for having a new home!”

“Congratulations to my mother for having a new home!”


The following a large string of all follow the password.

Yin Sichen was a little curious and entered the password, and got dozens of pieces in an instant.

It turned out to be like this!

Yin Sichen moved his finger and sent a red envelope with a password: “Gu Xixi is a little mole!”

Poof …

What the hell was this!

Although Gu Xixi didn’t want to admit it, she couldn’t hold the red envelope!

Still entered the password against her will and received a thousand yuan red envelope.

Xiao Ah almost burst into laughter on the spot.

He dare not slander the president’s wife so much!

The other assistants were also stunned, no one dared to grab it!

Yin Sichen saw Gu Xixi grabbing the red envelope with a black thread, and his mood was a joy!

However, Gu Xixi was not to be outdone, and directly sent a red envelope: “Yin Sichen is a big iceberg!”

Well, no one dared to grab this red envelope!

Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen grabbed this red envelope at the same time!

As a result, this group became a place where the president and the president’s wife made fun and teased each other.

They did not dare to grab these red envelopes!

After playing for almost an hour, Gu Xixi said that she was going to rest, and Yin Sichen stopped giving red envelopes.

Yin Sichen looked at these chat records, and there was a sweet taste in his heart.

Gu Xixi opened her red envelope record and almost bounced off the sofa in fright!

There were more than 500,000 red envelopes sent to her by Yin Sichen alone!

Not to mention grabbing other people’s red envelopes!

Lots of money …

Xiao Ah had been holding back with Gu Xixi for a long time, and finally couldn’t hold it back, “My young lady, it’s getting late, you can rest early!”

Gu Xixi, who grabbed so many red envelopes, was in a good mood.

When Gu Xixi turned her head and saw her mother’s eyes were hollow and unfocused, she knew that her mother had been wandering all night.

What’s mom thinking? Do you miss daddy?

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