The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 109: I Wonder If You Dare

“This sword qi, is it your sect’s returning sword qi?!” Wu Jinguo of the Taiqing Sword Sect was surprised, “And it has been cultivated to the realm of ten thousand swords returning to the origin, I wonder which of your sect’s experts it is!”

Qiu Yue, the old ancestor of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, laughed and said, “It’s no other than that kid Sun Hongyuan.”

“Sun Hongyuan!” Wu Jinguo was stunned, then laughed, “Congratulations, Brother Qiu Yue, the Returning Origin Sword Sect has produced such a genius disciple of the sword dao, in the future, this Sun Hongyuan will be famous in the nine heavens.”

Qiu Yue laughed and said, “Sun Hongyuan’s talent is indeed good, not only is he talented in sword dao, but also his array talent is extremely high, he was even praised by Jun Taizu.”

Jun Taizu, the Heavenly God Domain’s number one array master, was also one of the few array masters with the greatest fame in the Nine Heavens.

Wu Jinguo laughed, “Even Jun Taizu praised Sun Hongyuan’s array talent, it can be seen that this Sun Hongyuan’s array talent is high. With the sword technique and array technique both excellent, his future will be limitless, I’m afraid he could be compared to Lord Chu Tong.”

Qiu Yue laughed, “I just don’t know who provoked this kid Sun Hongyuan to strike in anger.”

He was still clear and confident in Sun Hongyuan’s strength, so he  did not take it to heart.

And in front of the courtyard, the qi of the longsword in Sun Hongyuan’s hand was still coalescing and blooming. Everyone saw the sword qi surrounding Sun Hongyuan’s body undergo a continuous change; a moment into a divine beast, a moment into the sky, a moment into a sea of fire, a moment into a world of ice.

The crowd was shocked to see this miraculous scene.

“It really is the Sword of Creation!”

“Only the sword qi of the sword of creation can create and change into all things. It can change along with the heart and the power is incomparable!” The Thunder Sword, Chu Xuan marveled.

Xu Qiaoyin’s beautiful eyes stared at the sword qi surrounding Sun Hongyuan, she said, “Young Master Sun Hongyuan’s breakthrough to the sword of creation should have happened some days, otherwise, the sword qi can not be changed at will and unimpeded.”

He Yi said, “The Sword of Creation, with thousands of changes and unpredictable power, this golden hair will not be able to stop one move of Sun Hongyuan!”

Sun Hong Yuan looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, “Let’s shoot the sword.”

As soon as his words fell, he saw the Dragon Horned Golden Bull suddenly reaching out, directly shaking away the heavy sword qi around Sun Hongyuan, and then grabbed his neck and brought him to the front.

Without saying a word, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull immediately slapped his opponent on the face.


A clear and crisp sound resounded around the courtyard.

Sun Hongyuan’s face was instantly swollen three times larger than just now! It all happened so quickly that Chu Xuan, Chen Yuyan was frozen.

Sun Hongyuan’s sword of creation was broken just like that?

Xu Qiaoyin, the Returning Origin Sword Sect disciples, and all the experts present were frozen.

Sun Hongyuan’s ears were buzzing from the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s slap and his eyes were starry as he looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull in shock and anger.

At this moment, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull slapped him again and again.


The sound was like a firecracker this time. Sun Hongyuan was slapped hard so that his brain buzzed.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull coldly said, “I just said that this is none of your business. I told you to get lost or I’ll slap you to death, it seems you did not take my words to heart.” After saying that, he slapped Sun Hongyuan again, “Let me apologize to that bitch? When did the chief disciple of the Returning Origin Sword Sect become the servant of a pussy of the Zither Painting Sect?”

Another slap!

The first slap, it was the left face, the second slap, the right face, and now the third slap, the left face again.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull slapped down slap after slap, and his anger was not yet over.

The sound of slapping was endless. The surrounding crowd was dumbfounded. No one dared to come forward to stop The Dragon Horned Golden Bull on the scene.

Even the experts at the scene of the Returning Origin Sword Sect looked at Sun Hongyuan, who had been slapped into a pig’s head, in a dumbfounded manner.

The elder, Jiang Feng, who had just barged in and angrily denounced Huang Jiu for not killing him, also had his eyes straightened.

After slapping for a while, the fire subsided, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull then threw Sun Hongyuan with his hand, and he was thrown into the distant mountain peak wall, smashing through the mountain wall and sending debris flying.

A group of experts from the Returning Origin Sword Sect was scrambling to dig out Sun Hongyuan, who was buried by the debris.

Qiu Yue and Wu Jinguo suddenly felt Sun Hongyuan’s creation sword qi disappear and were wondering when they saw a Returning Origin Sword Sect elder running in a panic.

“Elder Qiu Yue, something has happened to Vice Hall Master Sun Hongyuan!” As soon as that Returning Origin Sword Sect elder came in, he gasped and reported.

Sun Hongyuan was not only the Chief Disciple but also the Vice Hall Master of the Returning Origin Sword Sect’s Law Enforcement Hall.

“What’s wrong! Get to the point!” Qiu Yue rebuked.

“Vice Hall Master Sun Hongyuan has been slapped!” The Returning Origin Sword Sect elder said in a tight voice.

“Slapped?” Qiu Yue and Wu Jinguo looked at each other in dismay.

“What happened, tell me quickly!” Qiu Yue got up, and the aura of a Heavenly God powerhouse permeated.

The elder hurriedly told the matter briefly.

Qiu Yue and Wu Jinguo were stunned when they heard that a golden-haired man had directly shaken away the Sword of Creation around Sun Hongyuan and wildly slapped Sun Hongyuan.

The two men looked at each other, both of them were surprised.

Directly shaking away Sun Hongyuan’s creation of the sword, they could also do that, but the two were the Returning Yuan Sword Sect and Tai Qing Sword Sect’s ancestors, and also the middle Heavenly God experts.

Could it be that this person was a middle Heavenly God expert too?

“You take us there now!” Qiu Yue’s face sank as he spoke, “I want to see who dares to be reckless at my Returning Origin Sword Sect’s mountain gate!”

With that, Qiu Yue and Wu Jinguo led a group of experts from the two sects to fly out from the main hall and come over to where Lu Yiping, Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and the others were.

The experts of all parties who came to the Sword Sect Assembly also got the news one after another.

“Sun Hongyuan, the chief disciple of the Returning Yuan Sword Sect, was slapped so hard that his face became a pig’s head!”

“I heard that the other party came to register for the Sword Sect Assembly.”

As soon as the news spread out, the experts from all sides shook.

“Now, Lord Qiu Yue, the old ancestor of the Returning Yuan Sword Sect, has already led the experts to rush over!”

Immediately, countless experts surged towards Lu Yiping and the other was.

In front of the courtyard, Xu Qiaoyin, Chu Xuan, Chen Yuyan, and the others were all looking at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull in astonishment.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull did not look at Sun Hongyuan, who was thrown away, but turned his head over to look at He Yi and smiled, “Little fellow, this chick is your senior sister? These people, are you the one who brought them?” He pointed to the experts who followed behind him.

The experts who followed behind were shocked for a moment and backed away.

He Yi’s mouth was dry and he leaned towards Xu Qiaoyin, “Senior sister.”

Xu Qiaoyin walked out from the crowd and stepped gently, her posture was graceful her beautiful eyes looking at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, open her mouth and smiled, “You have good strength! But you are so strong, yet you are subordinate to a nameless boy, don’t you feel condescending?”

Meaning Lu Yiping.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull heard Xu Qiaoyin say that he was a subordinate to Lu Yiping, he couldn’t help but laugh, laughing so loudly that the surrounding mountain peaks and rocks rolled down.

When Xu Qiaoyin saw this, her willow eyebrows knitted. Her hands were fairer than a snow-white zither, she looked at Lu Yiping, “the Young Master will not always hide behind and let your men for you to fight, right? I heard my junior brother say that your zither is extremely high, Xu Qiaoyin would like to learn your zither, I wonder if you dare?”

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