The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 76 – The Heartless Little Thing

Yin Sichen sighed softly in his heart.

Was it that if he didn’t call her to send a message, she would never know to call him and send a message?

What a heartless little thing.


Yin Sichen was suddenly startled by the thought in his mind.

Why did he suddenly call her that?

Was it because he came to Saudi Arabia for three days and changed with local number?

“President, is your phone broken? Do you need to change it?” Xiao Bi asked cautiously.

Yin Sichen raised the corner of his eye and snorted coldly.

Xiao Bi touched his nose, not knowing what was wrong.

Xiao Bi cried in his heart. He was just sent out by the president to stay for a few weeks. Why was the president’s mood wrong after he returned?

What happened during the time Xiao Ah was following the president?

Yin Sichen replied sullenly, “No, if someone calls this phone or sends a message, notify me immediately.”

After saying this, Yin Sichen stood up and walked outside.

Just two steps away, Yin Sichen heard the ding of his mobile phone. Before Xiao Bi spoke to remind him, Yin Sichen rushed over and quickly turned on the phone. It was not a message from Gu Xixi at all. Just an insignificant report message.

Yin Sichen gritted his teeth for a while.

After three days, did she really not care what he was doing abroad?

Maybe Yin Sichen forgot their original intention of getting married?

He could only blame what he got along with some time ago, it was so beautiful.

Xiao Bi blinked, he felt that there was a problem with his eyes.

The president, who has always been unchanging in the past, has really changed his mood today.

Xiao Bi couldn’t help it anymore. Taking advantage of the time for Yin Sichen to get coffee, he quickly sent a message to Xiao Ah, “What’s wrong with the president? Why is he staring at the phone every day? I just asked the president if the phone was broken, his face became very ugly.”

Xiao Ah’s message responded quickly, “Stupid! Don’t ask anything! The president is waiting for a few phone calls!”

Xiao Bi was depressed.

Several people know the inside story of the president’s marriage.

At first, the president’s attitude towards him was quite cold, and it was only a few days before …

However, Xiao Bi thought Xiao Ah’s suggestion was right, or didn’t ask anything.

On the other hand, Xiao Ah finally found an opportunity to remind Gu Xi, “Young lady, the president is now in Saudi Arabia, and it is very close to Dubai. If you want something, you can tell the president.”

Gu Xixi shook her head and said, “I don’t need anything.”

Xiao Ah racked his brains to find various reasons, “Jewelry, bags, luxury goods, etc., the goods in Dubai are still different from those outside.”

Gu Xixi turned to look at her mother and Myron, and the two seemed to really have a good meeting.

Hum, why can my father marry again three days after divorce, and my mother will be widowed in vain?

This Myron seems to be pretty good, a few years younger than her mother, but when her mother was young, she was a standard beauty. With no childbirth and year-round labor, she had always maintained a good figure. Except for her old face, the years left no traces on her.

Yes, let Yin Sichen buy something for her mother!

Gu Xixi suddenly realized that Xiao Ah was reminding her to buy things for her mother, and immediately patted Xiao Ah on the shoulder and said, “You reminded me that I want to bring a good set of skin care products for my mother! Are there any skin care products for middle-aged and old people in our Yin consortium? Hey, the gold jewelry in Dubai is good, just bring some gold jewelry to my mother. “

Xiao Ah’s heart burst into tears.

President, I am sorry for you!

I didn’t lead the young lady into the right way!

Gu Xixi picked up his mobile phone and sent a message to Yin Sichen, “Sichen, can I ask you one thing? Can you go to Dubai to help my mother choose a set of gold jewelry at your convenience? Well, also, I want to choose a set of skin care products for middle-aged and elderly people for my mother, but I don’t know much about this.”

Gu Xixi thought for a while, it seemed very impolite to ask the other party to help carry things so straightforwardly, and then she added it later. One sentence: “By the way, how are you in Saudi Arabia?”

The next second after the message was sent, before Xiao Bi reminded Yin Sichen, Yin Sichen had already rushed past, and the moment he picked up the phone, he was always unsmiling. The corner of Yin Sichen’s mouth couldn’t help but raise slightly.

Xiao Bi rubbed his eyes severely, yes, he was really right!

The president was really laughing!

After waiting for three days, he had waited for such a message.

But Yin Sichen was still very satisfied.

Yin Sichen immediately ordered Xiao Bi, “Go and see if the company’s new skin care products are aimed at middle-aged women over forty years old. Then prepare a series of accessories suitable for this age group, such as clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. Oh, also, send someone to Dubai to sweep a bunch of gold jewelries, no matter what style, come one. “

Xiao Bi almost fell to the ground.

Women over forty years old …

Who is this for, president?

Yin Sichen flew over his fingers and quickly replied to Gu Xi’s message. However, after typing a long list of words, he thought about it and deleted them one by one, only replying to one word: “OK.”

Gu Xixi held the phone and saw Yin Sichen’s reply in one word. After thinking about it, he only replied in one word, which should mean busy? Then don’t disturb him! He is also very busy going abroad!

Therefore, Gu Xixi threw the phone aside happily.

Yin Sichen waited and waited here, and his cell phone battery was almost dead, but the second message still didn’t come.

Yin sichen’s face became more and more ugly, he was obviously in a state of outbreak.

As soon as Xiao Bi saw it was no good, he quickly sent a message to Xiao Ah: The president has been staring at the phone for a long time, and he is probably going to be in a state of outbreak.

After receiving the information, Xiao Ah can only ask Gu Xixi anxiously, “Young lady, the president is giving someone something for the first time. Maybe he doesn’t know the style very well…”

Gu Xixi suddenly realized, yeah, how do you forget this thing?

Fortunately, Xiao Ah reminded that she had to tell Yin Sichen not to buy too fancy things, otherwise her mother would definitely not accept it.

Xiao Ah really deserved to be Yin Sichen’s most capable assistant. No wonder Yin Sichen kept Xiao Ah by his side. He considered issues carefully.

Gu Xixi turned around and picked up the phone again, and continued to send a message to Yin Sichen, “Well, I forgot to remind you just now, don’t choose too fancy styles, or mother will not be used to it. By the way, have you eaten yet? It’s already evening, and I don’t know what time it is on your side.”

Yin Sichen had waited until he was irritated, and his patience had reached its limit.

Just when he broke his patience and raised his phone to throw it, the long-lost text message ding-dong came.

Yin Sichen pushed aside the dark clouds in the next second to see the sunlight, quickly retracted the phone, and clicked on the message.

The previous words were automatically filtered, and the following sentence pleased him instantly!

Hum, heartless little mole, you still have a conscience by asking me if I have eaten!

This time Yin Sichen didn’t dare to pretend to be cold and only replied one word, and he replied with a sentence, “I haven’t eaten yet. I am not used to the food here. There is no good Chinese restaurant.”

Gu Xixi sitting on the swing in the yard swinging around, leisurely replying to the message, “Ha! Then you have no good luck, mom made the elbow tonight, have I told you that the elbow made by my mother is delicious?”

Seeing Gu Xixi’s conspicuous words, Yin Sichen’s eyebrows were full of smiles.

“Well, then I’ll go back and eat.” Yin Sichen tapped his finger quickly and sent it over. He seemed to be able to guess the narrow smile Gu Xixi had when he said that.

At this time, Xiao Bi leaned over and asked in a low voice, “President, you haven’t slept all night, what do you want to have for breakfast?”

“Elbow.” Yin Sichen replied casually, “Remember to stew.”

Xiao Bi almost somersaulting fell again, “President, it’s breakfast now… and this is Saudi Arabia, here is Islam… … and you’re going to see the sheik later …”

Yin Sichen reacted.

He gently pressed the narrow corner of his eye, gently covering the billowing on his eyes.

He was infected by the little mole, and almost forgot the big event today.

Today, he signed the final contract with the sheikh, and the Saudi affairs were completely settled.

“Forget it, just get something to eat.” Yin sichen waved his hand and let Xiao Bi go down.

This little mole … 

Gu Xixi received Yin Sichen’s message and smiled gently. She replied to the message and said, “Is it morning over there? Remember to eat breakfast! “

Until this message, Yin Sichen’s rage disappeared instantly.

Yin Sichen’s smile lines were getting deeper and deeper, and they couldn’t be pressed. The speed of typing with slender fingers was much faster: “I will go back soon, and I will be fine at home.”

Gu Xixi looked at this line on the phone, it felt strange.

This kind of intimate tone, isn’t it just between lovers?

How can Yin Sichen …

The next second, Yin Sichen’s second message was sent again: “Don’t abuse my son.”

Gu Xixi let out a long sigh of relief, but then she felt a sense of loss.

He was kind to her and kept her in a good mood, just for the child in her belly?

Yes, if I were unhappy, your child would be unhappy.

He was good to her, but he was only good for the child.

As a human being, you couldn’t expect too much!

Gu Xixi’s eyes darkened, and she rubbed her finger on the phone screen, and never replied.

“Xixi!” A familiar voice sounded from outside the door.

As soon as Gu Xixi looked up, she saw Gu Jiaqiang staring at herself and the house behind her.

“Dad? Today is a big day for you. Why don’t you stay with the bride at home and come to my door when you have time?” Gu Xixi couldn’t help feeling nauseous when she saw Gu Jiaqiang in a brand-new suit, and spoke naturally, a bit sour.

Gu Jiaqiang did not take into account the bitterness of Gu Xixi’s words, and went straight to the subject, “Why do you live here? Isn’t your mother reconciled and wants to live next door to me in this way? You tell your mother, I have divorced her, and I have nothing to do with her anymore! Let her break the idea! Never show up in front of my eyes again!”

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