Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 22: Back to Basics

The Grand Elder led the disciples to return to the Empyrean Dao Sect without stopping.

A day later, they entered the sect’s territory.

The entire Empyrean Dao Sect was boisterous before the group even returned to the sect.

The senior members of the sect gathered in the main hall early, waiting for the Grand Elder to return so they could hear about the secluded sect.

Left and right, they waited, but they did not hear the news about the GrandElder’sr return.

This made them so anxious that they almost didn’t have the patient and wanted to look for it themselves.

Well, under a thousand expectations, the eldest finally came back.


Empyrean Dao Sect Sect, the main hall.

“Hahahahaha, are all of you waiting for the old man?”

Before the Grand Elder even walked into the main hall, a burst of laughter came in.

The many elders who were still angry froze when they heard the laughter of the Grand Elder.

They had rarely heard the Grand Elder laugh so happily.

In their impression, the Grand Elders were always expressionless, full of solemn majesty, not to mention licking; he even rarely laughed.

But now, he actually laughed for the first time.

What a miracle.

It seemed that the matter of intermingling with the secluded sect had been handled well.

In the sight of many elders.

The Grand Elder walked in with a clear head and nodded towards the many elders as a greeting.

And then he walked straight to the top seat. He arched his hand toward the Patriarch sitting up there.

“Greetings, Patriarch!”

The Grand Elder bowed respectfully.

Patriarch Qian Yuan waved his hand and said, “Don’t be silly, Grand Elder, quickly tell us, what did the Daoless Sect side say?”

A smile appeared on the Grand Elder’s old face, and he said lightly, “Patriarch, don’t worry! My sect and the Daoless sect is considered to have established the first step of the foundation of the relationship, and listen to the old man slowly speaking…”

He slowly told everything that had happened in the Xuantian Mountain Range.

Of course, among them, about his gift and disciples to send garbage gifts from the Golden Core Realm and the fact that the sudden fall of the realm of existence was related to the ascension was all concealed.

Only some insignificant things were mentioned.

When the many elders heard that this patriarch of the Daoless Sect was also considered to express goodwill, they couldn’t help but sigh with relief one by one.

As for how to express goodwill ……

Let Chu Yuan come over by himself, and they probably did not know when they have expressed goodwill.

Anyway, the black and white were all spoken by the Grand Elder.

Many elders could only choose to believe in the Grand Elder. They feel that such a serious Grand Elder was undoubtedly not a liar licking dog or something.

After some conversation.

The Grand Elder then prepared to let all the many elders disperse under the pretext of going back to rest.

The many elders did not have an opinion either and nodded their heads. They had come just to determine the DaolessSect’s attitude towards the Empyrean Dao Sect.

Since the problem was now resolved, there was nothing for them to do even if they stayed in the Great Hall.

“Good, good, Grand Elder is tired from running around for so long, so go and rest ……”

“Not bad, not bad, Grand Elder had worked hard.”

“Grand Elder, I have some nourishing tea there. It’s beneficial for fatigue, why don’t I get some for you? Don’t worry, and I’m just asking, politely, not really to give you, you don’t have to answer ……”

Many elders left the hall with a smile.

Soon, only the Grand Elder and Patriarch Qian Yuan were left in the hall.

Patriarch Qian Yuan looked at the Grand Elder below and frowned slightly, saying, “Grand Elder aren’t you going to rest? Why are you still standing here?”

The Grand Elder did not change his face and said, “Patriarch, I have a secret message here that is related to ascension, this message comes from the Daoless Patriarch, it is absolutely reliable, in order to avoid a lot of people, this is why I let all the elders leave and meet with the Patriarch alone.”

No way, no way.

Did you really get a chance?

And also related to ascension?

Is he dreaming!

Patriarch Qian Yuan’s face showed joy and said in a loud voice, “Come, quickly say ……”

He paused after thinking about it and then reached out with a wave of his hand, laid a layer of boundaries, shielding the outside so that no one eavesdropping.

After doing this, Patriarch Qian Yuan then said, “Okay, now you can speak.”

The Grand Elder coughed twice and rubbed his fingers together, not opening his mouth.

The meaning could not be more obvious.

It can be said for nothing.

Patriarch Qian Yuan was generous and said directly, “Say it, then you go to our sect’s treasure vault, you can take any three treasures.”

“Patriarch, that book, the Myriad Laws 18 chapters, this old man quite want to see it……”

“No problem, I’ll say the word, you can just go directly there later.”

“Patriarch, do you still have that spirit gathering liquid in your cave?”

“Here you go.”

“Patriarch, I heard that there is a treasure in your cave ……”

“Here you go.”

“Patriarch, your Daoist companion ……”


“Ahem, Patriarch, I didn’t mean that I meant to say that I heard that the bead on your Daoist companion’s neck possesses a meditating effect, and my Daoist companion has recently made mistakes in cultivation ……”

“Here you go.”

Under Patriarch Qian Yuan gave him some ‘cut meat.’

The Grand Elder was finally satisfied that his old face was full of smiles, and he was obviously delighted.

“Grand Elder, now you can say it.” Patriarch Qian Yuan was so excited.

Nowadays, he was already a peak of the God Transformation Realm existence and was only one step away from the Crossing Calamity Realm.

In the future, he would definitely be a Crossing Calamity Realm existence. He was baffled about the path after the Crossing Calamity Realm.

Could one really ascend after the Crossing Calamity Realm? This made him puzzled. After all, it has been ten thousand years since anyone had ever ascended.

Now it was actually said that there was news related to ascension. If someone else had said it, then of course, he wouldn’t believe it.

But it was said by a secluded existence of the Crossing Calamity Realm realm, or it originated from a secluded sect, one with at least ten thousand years of inheritance.

Then this kind of news was worthy of speculation.

The Grand Elder smiled, no longer hesitated, and told some of his brainstormings.

Ascension would likely require retracing the path of cultivation and from top to bottom!

When Patriarch Qian Yuan finished listening, he fell into deep thought and twisted his head to look at the Grand Elder.

“Are you sure, this is what that being said?”

Patriarch Qian Yuan still had a hint of doubt.

The Grand Elder gritted his teeth and nodded his head, “I’m pretty sure!”

Could he say that all these were made up by his brain? If he had said that Patriarch Qian Yuan would definitely not have given him those cultivation resources.

He could only grit his teeth and admit that this was what that being had said.

Anyway, what he made up in his head was definitely correct.

Patriarch Qian Yuan heard this ‘sure’ said by the Grand Elder, and he instantly dispelled the slightest hint of doubt in his heart.

So that’s how it is.

If the Crossing Calamity Realm wanted to ascend, he needed to retrace the path of cultivation and from top to bottom.

Well, it seemed to make sense. I deeply understand the meaning of returning to the basics ……

It really was worthy of the message from that existence.

Patriarch Qian Yuan waved his hand to let the Grand Elder leave and then prepared to close the door, to comprehend something.

This is a matter of ascension, and I can not be slacking ……

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