The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 75 – The New Neighbor

Gu Xixi and Jian Xiao looked back at the same time, and saw a middle-aged man dragging a suitcase looking at them with a smile, holding a note in his hand, as if looking for an address.

This man seemed to be in his early forties, with a refined atmosphere, which makes people feel good.

Gu Xixi could tell at a glance that although this man dressed plainly, his wrist watch was not something ordinary people could afford.

In this small town, not many people could wear a Rolex.

“Just across the street.” Jian Xiao actively replied, “We are neighbors!”

When the man saw the direction of Jian Xiao’s finger, he suddenly realized, and thanked her very politely, “Thank you, thank you! The first time I came here, I was really a little unfamiliar. “

Gu Xixi nodded and smiled at the same time as Jian Xiao.

Going back to her house, Gu Xixi let the others go down to rest, and took her mother to sit on the sofa, and looked at her worriedly, “Mom, what are your plans now? You have worked for the Gu family for so many years.  But it turned out…”

“I don’t know, let’s take a few days off for now.” Jian Xiao smiled lonely, “Suddenly freed from the heavy housework, I don’t know what to do.”

“Well, then take a few days off, no matter what you do, I will support it!” Gu Xixi held her mother’s hand and comforted her.

Gu Xixi knew that her mother must be uncomfortable now.

Although when she divorced my father, she was a little impulsive.

After all, he is a man who has spent more than 20 years living with her, and suddenly became the bridegroom of another woman. No one will feel good in her heart, right?

Gu Xixi asked her mother to rest, and then left the room

Seeing Xiao Ah standing outside, it seemed that he had something to say to her.

Gu Xixi gently walked over: “Is there something?”

“Young lady, it has been investigated. The house where Mr. Gu lives is with a down payment of 200,000 from the chairman, but the name is Under Gu Zhenzhen’s name.” Xiao Ah whispered, “The woman who married Mr. Gu actually met Mr. Gu as early as three years ago. Most of the money Mr. Gu has made over the years was spent on her.”

Gu Xixi sighed.

She suddenly didn’t know what to say about this situation.

Wasn’t all this too dramatic?

Gu Xixi was a little bit suspicious of her eyes. How blind she was, and never noticed her father’s strange behavior?

But think about it, too. I have been boarding since high school. When I was in college, I was at school except for winter and summer vacations.

I don’t know anything about the situation at home, but after so long, I never doubted my father.

No wonder my father never protects her and her mother, it turned out to be because of this!

At this moment, Gu Xixi’s heart was unspeakably lost.

Although she was disappointed in her father a long time ago, it was really hard to see that everything she once knew was overturned.

Seeing Xiao Ah still standing there, Gu Xixi couldn’t help asking, “Anything else?”

“Young lady, the president will probably be back the day after tomorrow!” Xiao Ah whispered, “Young lady, don’t always make the president angry.”

“I made him angry?” Gu Xixi looked at Xiao Ah in astonishment, where did all this come from? How dare he!

However, this guy really hasn’t been insane these days.

He has been quite normal since she came back from the hospital.

When he left, Gu Xixi didn’t see how angry he was.

The point is, I didn’t say anything to make him angry.

Xiao Ah interpreted this sentence in his hometown as anger, so he continued, “The president actually had to leave at 6 o’clock that morning. He was going to negotiate a very important contract with Saudi Arabia, but for the sake of the young lady, the president postponed it until the afternoon.” 、

Gu Xixi’s eyes were in a trance.

He was always hesitant to say something that day, is he trying to tell her this matter?

Really, just say if you have something to say, why bother with it, he’s not a kid anymore.

Gu Xixi didn’t dare to say this, so she nodded and replied, “I see.”

After saying this, Gu Xixi turned and left.

Xiao Ah looked at Gu Xixi’s back with worry, why did he feel that the young lady didn’t know anything at all?

When the noise in the next building was over, she heard a group of people ringing the doorbell from house to house, probably distributing wedding candy everywhere.

She thought it was in the village?

Still delivering candy from door to door?

The corner of Gu Xixi’s mouth couldn’t help but a sarcastic smile appeared.

From the moment she knew the true color of Gu Jiaqiang, Gu Xixi could no longer regard him as her father

Gu Xixi even thought, fortunately he was not her biological father, otherwise she would feel ashamed!

After a while, the doorbell of his house rang.

The maid looked at the video intercom, and said to Gu Xixi, “Young lady, the neighbor next door sent the wedding candy.”

“Don’t.” Gu Xixi replied coldly.

It was really brazen!

Wasn’t it too bullying?

The maid accepted Gu Xixi’s instructions and did not open the door.

But the other party still didn’t give up, and left after placing the wedding candy at the door.

The maid glanced at Gu Xixi hesitantly, and Gu Xixi said without looking up, “Take it out and throw it away in the trash!”

In a few minutes, the doorbell rang again outside the door.

Gu Xixi suddenly became irritable. Without waiting for the maid to see, Gu Xixi went straight to open the door and said, “I said no, why do you have to send it… Ah sorry… I thought it was… …”

Gu Xixi said, scratching her hair very embarrassedly.

Standing in front of Gu Xixi was not the person who gave the wedding candy just now, but the middle-aged man who had just asked for directions.

“Ah, sorry, did I take the liberty to interrupt?” The neighbor next door said unnaturally, “I’m really sorry! I just moved here, and some things are not clear, so I just wanted to ask.”

Gu Xixi was rather embarrassed.

At this time, Jian Xiao walked out of the room, “Xixi, who’s there?”

Gu Xixi was relieved when she heard her mother’s voice. She turned to her mother and replied, “Mom, it’s a neighbor! The neighbors who just came this morning! “

At this time, Jian Xiao had already walked over. Seeing that the two of them looked a little embarrassed, she immediately greeted them and said: “I’m sorry, my daughter has a bad temper. Please don’t mind if there is a collision!”

Jian Xiao has always been kind to others for so many years. When she had a disagreement with neighbors, she was always the first to apologize.

It was precisely because of this that Jian Xiao’s reputation in the neighborhood had always been very good.

The other party smiled brilliantly and handed a can of freshly polished coffee beans to Jian Xiao, “Sorry, I took the liberty! This is the coffee I brought back from the United States. If you don’t mind, please accept it !”

“Ah, how embarrassed then? Please come in please come in!” Jian Xiao suddenly felt embarrassed. She had been working in the country for so many years. When she suddenly came into contact with a strange man, she was suddenly at a loss.

Gu Xixi stepped away and let the other party into the house.

Looking at this man, Gu Xixi’s evaluation of him is fairly good.

Jian Xiao hurriedly invited the other person to sit down on the sofa, glanced down at the coffee in her hand, and smiled lightly, “It turns out that it is Maxwell. This brand of coffee is still very good.”

Gu Xixi glanced at it. The jar, with all English on it, did mom recognize it?

Could it be said that mother’s English is actually very good?

Why haven’t I found it before?

“Well, when I go to the United States on business, this taste is what I like the most.” The other party smiled and replied: “Ah, look at my manner. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Myron. Please don’t get me wrong. This is a foreign name. My name is Mai Minglun, an authentic Chinese. My profession is a construction engineer.”

Jian Xiao was embarrassed when he heard the other person introducing himself like this.

How can she introduce herself? Said she was a rural woman who was just divorced and abandoned by her husband’s family?

She didn’t know why, Jian Xiao faced this gentle spring breeze and suddenly didn’t want to tell him all this.

Just when Jian Xiao hesitated, Gu Xixi smiled and said, “My mother’s name is Jian Xiao. Is it easy to remember her simple smile? My mother originally had her own job, but to take care of me. Her daughter and her future grandson, my mother turned away everything and focused on taking care of me and the child.”

Myron suddenly realized and looked at Gu Xixi: “Congratulations!”

“Thank you.” Gu Xixi answered with a smile.

Jian Xiao saw her daughter help her out, and her heart was warm, and her heart that was torn by Gu Gujiang slowly calmed down.

“I just bought the house here and there are still a lot of things to do, so there is no electricity or gas at home. And I don’t know the phone number of the developer, so I want to ask if you know the phone number of the developer.” This explains his purpose.

Gu Xixi immediately turned to the maid and said, “Bring me a business card from the developer.”

“Since you don’t have gas or electricity, it seems that you can’t eat lunch. If Mr. Mai doesn’t mind, eat here!” Jian Xiao said with a smile.

Gu Xixi looked at her mother in surprise. Didn’t she never talk to any opposite sex before?

Immediately, Gu Xixi reacted quickly. It was not that her mother would not speak to others, but she was afraid to speak!

As long as her mother speaks a word to other men in the village, she would be greeted by her grandma’s endless abuse and endless housework.

Suddenly, Gu Xixi really felt sorry for her mother.

Now that there was no taboo at that level, her mother could finally be herself.

Yin Sichen, who was far away in Saudi Arabia, stared at the phone.

For three days, she didn’t send a single message!

Yin Sichen almost thought that his mobile phone was broken. Otherwise, for three days, how could there not be a message or a phone call?

Following Yin Sichen was another assistant, Xiao Bi.

Xiao Bi looked blank. The president had been in Saudi Arabia for three days. As long as he was idle, he would stare at the phone for a long time.

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