The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 74 – Good arrogant family

“Dad…” Gu Xixi turned to look at her adoptive father.

Yes, now he could only be an adoptive father.

He had publicly drawn a clear line with her just now, and he had cut off justice!

“Don’t call me that, I can’t afford it.” Father Gu snorted coldly and said, “Well, now I’m divorced, and if there is nothing wrong, I will leave first! All your things have been thrown out for you. You don’t go back either!”

Hearing father Gu’s cold words, Gu Xixi and her mother, a cloud of sadness flashed through the eyes of the two.

Sure enough, they crossed the river and demolished the bridge…

Father Gu turned around and left without looking at a few more people. At most, he just smiled at Yin Sichen.

“Mom, don’t be afraid! Sichen has bought you a house! We have a place to go. ” Gu Xixi was afraid of her mother’s sadness, and said quickly, “Si Chen has cleaned everything out today, and we can move in today.”

Jian Xiao turned, and when she looked up at Yin Sichen, her eyes were filled with gratitude.

Supposedly, the son-in-law was an outsider.

Especially Yin Sichen, who was also the president of the Yin Financial Group, so he could completely ignore such trivial matters.

He could do it himself, for the sake of Xixi!

Seeing that her son-in-law cared about her daughter so much, Jian Xiao’s sadness faded in half.

“Come on, let’s see how the house is cleaned.” Yin Sichen took the initiative to open her mouth and said, “Anyway, there is not much furniture. Xiao Ah packed all them and brought them back. Look at what is missing, just buy it, don’t care about money. “

Regardless of whether Yin Sichen’s words were true or false, Gu Xixi felt warm in his heart.

It was easy to accumulate goodwill at this time.

Yin Sichen drove Gu Xixi and Jian Xiao to the newly-purchased four-bedroom, two-living room house with a yard, and Gu Zhenzhen finally took the car back home.

As soon as she got home, she was shocked by the news of her uncle and aunt’s divorce.

Aunt Gu ate melon seeds and said to Gu Zhenzhen with a gossip on her face,: “Oh, you didn’t have time to come back and watch the excitement! Your uncle can have skill. I didn’t think he was so weak on the surface. In fact, he had a lover secretly in the county town, and he also dated a lot of people! If it weren’t for your aunt’s luck, I wouldn’t know when to hide it! And your grandmother is also very refined. She didn’t give you a penny. Let her go out! Tsk tsk tsk, it’s true, your grandma must have money in her hands, you have to go around with your grandma more these days, let her quickly buy you the house…”

Gu Zhenzhen couldn’t help but interrupt her mother’s words: “What about Gu Xixi?” What did she say? “

“What else can she say? She followed her mother and made a clean break with her family! ” Aunt Gu said with a look of regret, “It’s a pity that I didn’t ask for more money! By the way, what about your father? Why didn’t you see your father today?”

Gu Zhenzhen was not in the mood to care about where her father went?

She just knew it was over, everything was over!

If Gu Xixii and her family make a clean break, then she would never look back at her home village again! How could Yin Sichen come if she didn’t come?

It’s over, she shouldn’t have followed the county seat last night!

If she were at home, she might be able to stop her.

Good this time, it was totally over!

You said it was a coincidence.

The house Yin Sichen asked Xiao Ah to buy was actually two adjacent to the house bought by Grandma Gu.

One was Block A and the other was Block B.

When Gu Xixi and Jian Xiao got out of the car, they heard crackling firecrackers moving into their new home.

Gu Xixi and her mother turned their heads curiously. It didn’t matter if they looked like this, the bodies of several people instantly froze

It turned out that it was not someone else who moved, but it was Gu Jiaqiang!

They had just separated from the Civil Affairs Bureau, but we didn’t expect to meet here again.

Yin Sichen’s brow just wrinkled, and Xiao Ah immediately said, “President, I made a mistake! What about I buy another one! “

You couldn’t ask anyone who had bought a house in this community.

Jian Xiao smiled and said loudly, “No need to change! We are upright, why do we want to hide? Hiding is for people who have done bad things! We haven’t done bad things, why do we hide?”

Gu Xi Xi nodded and said, “Yes, Mom is right! No matter if we live so close, let us keep our eyes open and see who will have the last laugh!”

Yin Sichen’s brows stretched slightly after hearing Gu Xixi’s words.

Xiao Ah secretly wiped a cold sweat.

If it weren’t for the young lady’s words, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make a difference today.

Now that she had divorced, mother Gu finally came to her senses.

The Gu family couldn’t wait to move here, but they didn’t move because they didn’t get divorced.

What a family!

Everyone didn’t care about Gu Jiaqiang’s affairs, and a group of people slowly stepped into the house.

This house belonged to a person who had gone abroad. This person had good taste and was exquisitely decorated.

It only needed to be cleaned up a little and you could move in.

Xiao Ah took a fancy to this and chose this house.

The house here was in the center of the county, with shopping malls, supermarkets and bus stop signs at the entrance, hospitals and large bazaars not far away, making life extremely convenient.

Moreover, this house was on the first floor, with a small yard of 80 square meters. In your spare time, you could plant some vegetables and fruits in the yard and enjoy the sunshine. It was really a good place to provide for the aged.

Gu Xixi was very satisfied with this house.

Jian Xiao smiled at her and said, “Why did you buy me such a nice house?” I could sleep alone in any place. “

“Mom!” Gu Xixi took her mother’s hand and said, “I have to tell you something in advance. In order to prevent the family from being shameless and competing with you for the ownership of this house, this house is currently in my name.”

“Silly girl, why do you care about whose name this house is with your mother?” Jian Xiao laughed suddenly, “Mother feels at ease when she lives in her daughter’s house!”

Hearing Jian Xiao said so, Gu Xixi smiled.

At this time, Xiao Ah whispered a word in Yin Sichen’s ear, and Yin Sichen nodded to indicate that he knew.

After the family of three had lunch and found time for two people to be alone, Yin Sichen said elegantly, “Xixi, you should spend more time with your mother here. I still have something to do. I will leave for a few days. I’ll pick you up in a few days. I’ll leave Xiao Ah by your side, and I’ll leave you a cook and a servant. If you need anything else, just tell Xiao Ah. “

Gu Xixi nodded her head.

Looking at Gu Xixi’s face, Yin Sichen suddenly hated business trips.

Before, all his energy was devoted to his work, and it was common for him to travel on business.

But at this moment, he quietly looked at Gu Xixi, but he wished not to travel again.

Gu Xixi was unnaturally seen by Yin Sichen, and quickly lowered her head to avoid Yin Sichen’s gaze.

She always felt that Yin Sichen’s eyes were strange, as if there was an emotion she couldn’t understand.

Gu Xixi kept reminding himself in his heart: Gu Xixi, you should calm down! You need to wake up! Never be fooled by Yin Sichen’s beauty! You and he are just contractual husband and wife, so he only helps you so, just for the smooth progress of the contract! You must not be affectionate!

With this mental construction, Gu Xixi finally calmed down.

Gu Xixi eased her mood and replied, “OK, go early and come back early.”

Without receiving any other response from Gu Xixi, a look of disappointment flashed through Yin Sichen’s eyes.

He originally thought that Gu Xixi would be reluctant to let him go …

It seemed that he really thought too much.

Yin Sichen’s eyes darkened slightly, and his tone instantly became stiff, “It’s okay, don’t run around, your body can’t stand the twists and turns. What if you hurt your child?””

Gu Xixi had always kept her head down. Naturally, he didn’t see Yin Sichen’s eyes change. When his words became stiff, Gu Xi Xi’s heart was dimming.

Sure enough, he was good to her, just for the child …

“I know.” Gu Xixi obediently answered.

This was one of the contents of the contract, and she had nothing to refuse.

Seeing that Gu Xixi was still so indifferent, Yin Sichen, who had wanted to say a few more words with Gu Xixi, had cold eyes, turned and left the house.

Xiao Ah looked at Yin Sichen, who was angry and gloomy, strode out of the room, and was a little confused.

Wasn’t it good just now? How soon…

Well, it was only the young lady who could affect the president’s mood and made him lose his cool.

Maybe the young lady said something that made the president angry?

God knows that in order to get along with the young lady, the president forcibly postponed the 6 am flight to 2 pm.

Hey, the president didn’t say anything, how could the young lady know?

Xiao Ah stayed in the county town to take care of everything Gu Xixi had in accordance with Yin Sichen’s instructions.

They didn’t know how Gu Jiaqiang knew that Gu Xixi and Jian Xiao also arrived in the county seat and lived next door.

Three days later, Gu Jiaqiang held an extremely grand wedding in the community.

The other side of the wedding was not the elder sister who had been cleaned up by Yin Sichen, nor the woman who had dated him that day, but an unfamiliar woman.

In order to show off their remarriage, the Gu family insisted that the convoy circled around the community, and even honked the horn in front of Gu Xixi’s door and drove past.

Gu Xixi looked back at her mother, and sure enough, her mother’s body suddenly stiffened!

“I’m fine.” Although Jian Xiao was pale, she comforted Gu Xixi in turn, “He probably can’t wait to wait for this day. Let him be arrogant for a few days.”

Gu Xixi suddenly remembered that her father’ s inability to have children seems to have not been broken…

Suddenly she was also a little looking forward to the future development.

“I have such a caring daughter, I am not at a loss.” Jian Xiao stretched out her hand and stroked Gu Xixi’s hair, and said, “The sun is poisoned outside, let’s enter the house.”

Gu Xixi nodded and prepared to be with her mother. Go back to the house.

At this moment, a nice voice rang from behind the two people, “Excuse me, excuse me. Where is Room 102, Block B, 15th?”

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