I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 162 – Acting As an Examiner

His Majesty was disappointed?

Shiqi understood Ye Lijun’s meaning after a bit of thought.

The Emperor of the Southern Cloud Kingdom should be a very dignified person.

It was no secret that the royal family and the family sect were not getting along with each other.

For a moment, Shiqi was a bit embarrassed.

However, he still cared a little more about Lord Sword Spirit than serving the current Emperor.

“Great General, I still don’t plan to get on the stage!”

Ye Lijun smiled, surprisingly he was not angry. This made Shiqi somewhat surprised.

“Indeed, what kind of master there is, what kind of disciple there is!” Ye Lijun shook his head helplessly, then he suddenly asked again, “I heard that you have a secret art that can gather killing energy and often make the enemy’s nerves break and flee on the battlefield?”

“Yes, Great General!”

This was not supposed to be a secret, and the aberration of the Devil Fury Aura could not be concealed at all.

It was also impossible to exterminate all the people who saw the skill, and it was impossible to keep a low profile even if he wanted to.

“How strong is it?”

Shiqi remembered the recent growth of the Devil Fury Aura and said in a rather serious tone, “Very strong!”

“Cast it and try it, let me see!”

Shiqi was a bit puzzled but still did not push back. It was just a show of strength.

He took a deep breath, and the Devil Fury Aura instantly opened to perfection, and the Great General’s tent was instantly reduced to a blood-red hell on earth.

The Devil Fury aura seemed to form a ghostly blood-red world.

Then he only heard Ye Lijun say, “Put it away!”


Even if the Great General didn’t say so, he still had to put it away. Opening the Devil Fury Aura was too much of a burden on him.

Ye Lijun seriously looked at Shiqi and sighed, “You are the strongest soldier I have ever seen, ever! Killing aura, even your master, I’m afraid he can’t compare to you!”

“Great General is overpraising. It’s just my luck is better, I got a secret art by chance!”

“You are too modest!” Ye Lijun waved his hand, obviously did not believe Shiqi, “If there is no willpower beyond ordinary people, one simply can not harness this killing aura …… ordinary innate experts simply can not condense the killing aura to this extent. Long exposure to such killing aura, any martial artist would have gone crazy. I heard that you comprehended the killing Intent, which requires even more of your willpower!”

Shiqi did not speak.

“Your appearance, but for me to solve a problem!” Ye Lijun pondered for a moment and laughed, “I thought of a good idea, you don’t have to disobey your master’s orders, but you can also make a splash and help me solve a headache, I wonder if you are willing?”

“Great General, please say!”

“Here’s the thing, the Southern Cloud Kingdom Talents Competition, the nominal host is the current His Majesty, but the actual person who is responsible for the tournament is me, but the from the first Southern Cloud Kingdom Talents Competition held, it has been held hundreds of times, the process has been completely fixed, it can be said that there is nothing new. The contestants all know what test they will face, to be honest, it’s a little boring! ” Ye Lijun said, “Each session to participate in the martial arts tournament martial artists extremely large, even if our officials only gave each city, each sect, each powerful family very few places, but the participants are up to several thousand people! The initial elimination tournament is very tedious and consumes a lot of time, but also requires us to put a large number of experts …… it is also the most nervous time for our security forces, not only we’re afraid that there are ill-intentioned martial artists into the cloud capital, but also to deal with such martial artists bring trouble … …all these make me a headache! But your appearance has made me come up with a good solution!”

“What solution?”

“Are you interested in becoming an examiner?”

Shiqi was stunned at once!

Entering the palace to see the saint was delayed, and the emperor did not want to see it.

Ye Lijun directly told Shiqi that to see His Majesty, I’m afraid he would have to wait until after the Martial Competition.

The Southern Cloud Kingdom Talents Competition was an event for martial artists of the entire Southern Cloud Kingdom, and the whole Cloud Capital was flooded with a vast number of young experts for a while. There were also many other martial artists who came to see the fun.

Shiqi sensed there were more martial artists with weapons than civilians on the streets and alleys.

There were more martial artists, inevitably, there were mixed fish and dragons among them, which would create big and small troubles.

Shiqi could understand the pressure that Ye Lijun was talking about.

He did not refuse Ye Lijun’s proposal just now. Things have been said to this point, if he really refused the other party’s good intentions, it would be a bit unjustified.

All along the way, Shiqi could hear passersby talking about the topic. They were all about the Talent Competition in ten days.

Among them, the most talked-about was Chen Pengfei, followed by Duan Xujie, Qin Ningshan, Yun Weixin, the three eighteen-year-old innate experts.

Shiqi’s strength was recognized as the strongest of all!

Everyone was clear, the martial artists sent by the military generally were ruthless stubble. In the same realm, the final victory was typically military martial artists. Those who could cross the level of combat martial artists, military martial artists also occupy a very part!

Moreover, Shiqi had an actual brilliant battle record! His battle record was too bright, brilliant to make anyone doubt whether it was fake ……

And the other three who had just breakthrough the innate experts, their battle record was there, but it was pale in comparison compared with Shiqi!

There was no reason why Shiqi became the hottest contender for the championship in the Talent Competition.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know that Shiqi didn’t care about the so-called competition and didn’t even intend to report his name.

Back to the camp, Shiqi met with the Yundu city guard commander Yi Renhao in the afternoon. The city guard commander of Yundu was not like the commander of the city guards in general, and his strength was at least at the late Innate Realm, so Shiqi did not dare to be slack and always acted respectfully.

But Yi Renhao spoke to Shiqi in a very kind and cordial tone …… those who do not know would think that Shiqi was his nephew!

Shiqi knew that it might be because the two great gods behind him had supported him.

After being pleased that Shiqi did not intend to sign up for the tournament, Yi Renhao was very surprised, but after hearing that Great General Ye had other arrangements, he stopped asking.

“There are still ten days left before the Talent Martial Competition begins, It’s General Chen’s first time in Yundu. Let Xiao Si take you for a stroll!” Noticing that Shiqi had some hesitation, Yi Renhao said with a smile, “Yundu is the most prosperous city in the Southern Cloud Kingdom. When the tournament is over, if you want to come back to Yundu, I do not know how long you have to wait. It’s easy to survive on the battlefield, it, you are still young, do not be so old-fashioned, always thinking about cultivation, Xiao Si is my family’s oldest son, he really worships you the most! “

“Let Xiao Si in!”

Soon, a young man dressed as a city guard walked in.

He was quite handsome, fair-skinned, just stood in front of Yi Renhao, not even daring to raise his head, quivering, like a quail.

“Xiao Si, this is General Chen Pengfei Chen. Haven’t you been talking about him lately? You take General Chen for a stroll around Yundu, and remember to do your best as a host!”

Xiao Si listened to his father’s words and looked at Shiqi with surprise and excitement, and said, “I understand, I will take General Chen around the city, and I will make General Chen satisfied!”

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