The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 107 – Calling Elder Jiang Feng Over

“Anyway, tomorrow is the Sword Sect Assembly, and I’m going there, so I’ll also accompany Goddess Xu.” Chen Yuyan also said.

Xu Qiaoyin smiled sweetly and said, “In that case, let’s go there now, I don’t know if the two masters still need to prepare anything.”

“No need.” Chu Xuan laughed, “For theSword Sect Assembly, a longsword is enough.” Then he waved the longsword in his hand.

After that, Chu Xuan, Chen Yuyan accompanied Xu Qiaoyin out of Chu Xuan’s residence and came towards the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

Just as Xu Qiaoyin, Chu Xuan, Chen Yuyan came towards the Returned Origin Sword Sect, the news of the three people coming to the Returned Origin Sword Sect had also spread.

“Big news! Xu Qiaoyin, the divine daughter of the Zither Painting Sect, and Chu Xuan and Chen Yuyan are coming to the Returning Origin Sword Sect together!”

 When the news came out, it immediately exploded.

The experts from all sides who came to attend the Sword Sect Assembly were talking.

The goddess Xu Qiaoyin had the appearance out of this world, and in the young generation, her zither dao was peerless.  She was the heavenly goddess of the young generation that all men’s hearts adored.

There were many young masters from many families who went to the Zither Painting Sect to see the Goddess Xu Qiaoyin but could not.

And now, knowing that Goddess Xu Qiaoyin was coming and the male disciples were all excited to have the honor to see her face.

“I also heard that Goddess Xu Qiaoyin is coming with her brother, but her brother lost a contest with someone and was injured!

“What, there is still this thing? Who is this person?”

“I don’t know who this person is, but Goddess Xu Qiaoyin, in order to save the Zither Painting Sect’face will definitely invite this person to compete again!”

The news spread and all the forces had even livelier discussions.

The news also reached the ears of Sun Hongyuan, the chief disciple of Returning Origin Sword Sect, Luo Tong and Luo Chen.

 “Goddess Xu Qiaoyin is coming!” Luo Chen was greatly surprised.

Although he had not entered the Nine Heavens for a long time, the rumors about Goddess Xu Qiaoyin were like thunder and lightning.

When Sun Hongyuan heard the news, he was also shocked, and then laughed, “If this is true, then we will be blessed to hear it.”

Luo Tong said, “did Goddess Xu Qiaoyin zither dao really entered the immortal realm?”

Sun Hongyuan nodded, “I’m afraid it has entered the immortal.” With a flash of envy, he said “Countless people seek this realm but none could reach it.” Then he said, “I just don’t know who is the person who is competing with her junior brother on the zither dao.”

Luo Chen laughed, “This person should not know the identity of her junior brother, and now I am afraid that he will regret it to death.”

At this time, a disciple of the Returning Origin Sword Sect entered in a rushed and reported, “Senior Brother, Goddess Xu, Thunder Sword Prince and Jade Sword Prince have arrived.” They were all surprised.

“So soon!” Sun Hongyuan said, “Where has Goddess Xu arrived?”

“It’s already at the foot of the mountain.” The disciple of the Returning Origin Sword Sect said, “I heard that Senior Divine Maiden Xu was seriously injured, and when she heard the news then, she rushed over from Star River City with Young Master Lei Jian and Young Master Yu Jian.”

Sun Hongyuan got up and said to Luo Tong and Luo Chen, “Let’s go out to meet the divine maiden Xu!”

Soon after they went out of the hall and came over to the foot of the mountain, and just as they arrived, they saw Thunder Sword Chu Xuan and Jade Sword Chen Yuyan with their mounts, accompanying one left and one right beside a luxurious carriage.

Inside the luxurious car, sitting in a stock skin over snow, beautiful eyes like a vast body of water, noble temperament, made people ashamed of themselves compared the supreme beauty.

It was the Zither Painting Sect Xu Qiaoyin.

Behind Chu Xuan, Chen Yuyan and Xu Qiaoyin’s caravan, there was a flock of people. When they learned that Xu Qiaoyin had come, disciples of all parties flocked to the carriage and followed Xu Qiaoyin’s carriage.

Luo Tong and Luo Chen were shocked when they saw the crowd behind the carriage, and only then did they feel the terrifying influence of Xu Qiaoyin.

“Senior Brother Sun Hongyuan.” Chu Xuan and Chen Yuyan didn’t dare be arrogant when they saw Sun Hongyuan arriving, they got off from their mounts, and greet Sun Hongyuan.

Xu Qiaoyin also stepped down from inside the luxurious carriage.

“Sun Hong Yuan of the Returned Origin Sword Sect meets Goddess Xu.” Sun Hongyuan hurriedly stepped forward and addressed first, although he was the chief disciple of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, he was still quite inferior to Xu Qiaoyin, the divine maiden of the Zither Painting Sect.

Xu Qiaoyin smiled and said, “So it is the Returning Origin Sword Sect, Young Master Sun Hongyuan, your noble and handsome demeanor Xu Qiaoyin has heard of, after taking a look today, it was more than rumors.”

Sun Hongyuan politely smiled.

At this time, they saw someone passed through the crowd and walked over.

The person who came was none other than He Yi of the Zither Painting Sect.

“Senior sister!” He Yi came over and greeted him.

“Little junior brother, how are your injuries?” Xu Qiaoyin asked.

He Yi shook his head, “I swallowed Master’s Heaven Tonic Pill and have gotten much better.”

Only then did Sun Hongyuan, Chu Xuan, Chen Yuyan and the others realize that this young man in colored clothes was Xu Qiaoyin’s little junior brother.

After that, Xu Qiaoyin introduced He Yi to Sun Hongyuan, Chu Xuan, Chen Yuyan and others.

After the introduction, He Yi said, “Senior sister, that person, I have inquired, he is accompanying some people to register for the Sword Sect Assembly, they are now staying in the courtyard arranged for the guests by the Returned Origin Sword Sect.”

He looked at Sun Hongyuan, “As far as I know, their residence was arranged by Elder Jiang Feng of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, and it was your sect’s Elder Jiang Feng who led them to register directly.”

Sun Hong Yuan and the others were stunned.

“Go and call Elder Jiang Feng over.” Sun Hong Yuan’s face sank as he said to a disciple of the Returned Origin Sword Sect next to him.

That disciple respectfully replied, turned and left, and in a short while, he brought Elder Jiang Feng over.

Jiang Feng was apprehensive all the way to Sun Hong Yuan, not knowing why Sun Hongyuan had called for him.

Although Sun Hongyuan was the chief disciple of the Returned Origin Sword Sect, his status and power were extremely high, comparable to many supreme elders.

“Elder Jiang Feng, you have led it people to register directly today?” Sun Hongyuan questioned.

Jiang Feng was stunned, although bringing other people to register directly was not in line with the rules of the sect, the queue registration was only a small matter, how come Sun Hongyuan also care about such a small matter.

Sun Hongyuan introduced Jiang Feng to Xu Qiaoyin and said, “This is the Zither Painting sect Xu Qiaoyin divine maiden, today, you led the registration of some people and they hurt Divine Maiden Zu junior brother!”

“I heard that you also arranged for those people to live in the sect’s courtyard.”

Jiang Feng’s legs trembled and his face changed in fear as he shook his hand, “Misunderstanding! I don’t have any friendship with them, and I don’t know about them hurting Young Master He Yi, if I knew, I would never dare to arrange for them to live in the sect’s courtyard!”

Xu Qiaoyin spoke to Sun Hongyuan and said, “Young Master Sun Hongyuan, this matter cannot be blamed on this elder.” Then she said to Jiang Feng, “You take us there now, I want to see them.”

Jiang Feng hurriedly answered yes.

Thus, under Jiang Feng’s leadership, Xu Qiaoyin, Sun Hongyuan, Chu Xuan, Chen Yuyan, Luo Tong, Luo Chen, and others came over to Lu Yiping’s courtyard in great numbers.

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