Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 21: The Nascent Soul Broken into Golden Core

Xuantian Mountain Range.

The night was like ink.

Sitting on the ground, Chu Yuan opened his eyes in vain and took a look at the people around him who were not moving.

Only then did he listen carefully to the voice in his head.

[Detecting an attack on the sect]

[Detection is complete, this is the sect disciples attack]

[Detection of the momentum of the development of the sect is not right, the early opening of the detection of the strength of the sect’s disciples, determine whether to successfully teach the abolition of disciples]

Why is it suddenly performed detection?

The sect is under attack? The sect disciples attacked? Ye Luo had nothing to do to attack the sect.

Chu Yuan couldn’t figure it out, but there was a vaguely bad feeling in his heart, but he didn’t know what happened, so he could only keep watching.

 [Start detecting the current level of sect’s disciples]

[Current official disciple of the sect: 1]

[Disciple tested: Ye Luo]

[Cultivation level: Mortal??? / God Transformation realm???]

[Battle power level: ????]

[Comprehensive evaluation: The disciple’s body is close to the path of the demonic posture, teaching this disciple to become a talent, and although the host does not have a direct relation, the host receives this disciple and carries the disciple on his back].

[The test is completed, the disciple is judged to be talented, deducting the host one big realm]

I damn ……

Chu Yuan’s eyes were wide open.

It was too late to react.

The villainous Nascent Soul in his dantian suddenly exploded ……

Just that suddenly ……

The first thing you can do is to say that I am going to blow up.

Chu Yuan’s Nascent Soul exploded and turned into a little bit of fluorescence. Under his sight, they gathered together and turned into a golden core shape.

His mana shrunk wildly …… Less than a tenth of the original.

By the time Chu Yuan reacted, he had already turned into the Golden Core Realm.

His nascent soul shattered into a golden core ……The actual nascent sould broken into a golden core?

He had heard of golden core broken into the nascent soul. But it was the first time nascent soul broken into the golden core.

Chu Yuan’s whole face was black.

What the hell.

His disciple, Ye Luo had become a talent?

How did it happen??

He did not teach this Ye Lu, right, just a few words, and then let go, this can become a talent?

It also led to early detection of the system, he was beaten down from the Nascent Soul realm to the Golden Core realm ……

This is what with what ah.

Could it be possible that he flicked a few words, Ye Luo could still realize the cultivation piece by piece?

Oh, ha ha, ha ha ha.

If he could, then he swallowed the century-old socks under his boots on the spot!

But this Ye Luo, in the end, how did he become a talent?

The Chu Yuan who had become the Golden Core Realm was puzzled. He Finally saw the comprehensive evaluation.

Ye Luo had the sword dao body, the demon’s talent.

Could it be because of this?

The body of the sword dao, the body of the sword dao ……

It can’t really be because of that fooling around of his that Ye Luo enlightened something, right?!

This really could enlighten something? Then how come he didn’t realize anything? It was not because he was stupid?

Chu Yuan naturally skipped over the matter of eating socks. At this moment, his heart was incomparably sad.

Especially looking at the darkness of the night, the sadness was even worse.

I’m sorry to be a human being…This is really so hard.

He just wanted to take a scrappy disciple with no spiritual roots, how come he took a sword dao body.

He was not a Nascent Soul powerhouse anymore …… He had become a Golden Core scum ……

I’m so fucked ah.

Chu Yuan looked up at the sky melancholy ……

On the other side.

The Grand Elder who didn’t rest at all squinted his eyes and looked at Chu Yuan carefully.

When he saw Chu Yuan looking up at the sky with a depressed look, his mood couldn’t help but sink.

He also did not know why ……It was as if he was infected.

The mood became extremely bad, and there was a melancholy mood breeding.

In theory, he was a God Transformation realm, if he intentionally controlled the situation, the mood simply could not breed.

But he was actually assimilated and became melancholic.

Alas ……

The great elder sighed and countless thoughts rose up within him, those were all the past events of his youth.

Nope! The great elder jerked. What was he doing thinking about this. He shook off his head and put the many thoughts behind him.

He continued to stare at the reclusive being.

He took a closer look.

His eyes suddenly widened.

He suddenly realized that this hidden existence’s realm had become lower.

Obviously, it was still the Nascent Soul Realm before, but now it had actually become the Golden Core realm ……

He rubbed his eyes and looked again. It was still the Golden Core Realm! Wiping his eyes again and again to see. It’s still the Golden Core Realm!

This kind of Golden Core Realm gave the Great Elder the feeling that it was not like a disguised one, but a kind of real Golden Core Realm.

This secluded sect’s patriarch’s realm had reached this level?

Start looking back at the past of cultivation.

Could it be that this was the necessary path before ascending? Walk the road of cultivation again…

Is this the realm of this person?


Terrifying as hell!

The Grand Elder took a breath and hastily continued to squint his eyes, not daring to be discovered by this being.

The Grand Elder continued to squint his eyes, and his heart inadvertently became melancholy once again.

This melancholy feeling wais almost unsuppressible. The long dark night was spent in the melancholy of the two.


The next day.

Dawn had just arrived.

Chu Yuan took Zhang Han to leave.

After some fondness and reluctance from the Grand Elder and others, Chu Yuan still left.

Shortly after Chu Yuan left.

Many disciples breathed a sigh of relief one after another and began to discuss.

“This existence has finally left, but our mission is considered completed, right? Making friends with this one should be considered done by now.”

“It’s a pity that we didn’t get this existence’s guidance ……”

“To be honest, at that time of the night, I always wanted to ask this existence for guidance, but I was not bold enough ……”

Many disciples expressed their pity.

Many of them have the idea of wanting to ask this one for guidance but didn’t have the guts to say it.

The Great Elder’s face did not change, as if he had returned to that solemn appearance.

“Well, well, since this hidden existence is gone, it’s time for us to return to the sect.”

The Grand Elder’s tone was serious, but there was a hint of satisfaction embedded in it.

This time, he had counted himself as having bridged the Qiandi Dao Sect with the Daoless Sect and built a friendship.

The most important thing was that he successfully sent a gift to this existence, which was equivalent to showing his face in front of this existence!

Moreover, he vaguely pried into one thing.

Perhaps the way for an existence in the Transmigration realm to ascend, among other things, was to walk back the path of cultivation, cultivating from top to bottom, experiencing it over and over again.

Just like the patriarch of this secluded sect. The more you cultivate, the lower you go. From the Nascent Soul realm to the Golden Core.

Maybe when this secluded sect patriarch cultivates to the Qi refining realm, or even to mortal, it would be the time for this existence to ascend.

The Grand Elder felt that he could use this information to exchange a wave of favors.

He believed that his patriarch would certainly be very interested in this piece of news, he could use it in exchange for favors or cultivation resources.

A fine light flashed in the eyes of the great elder ……

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