The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 73 – Mother Gu Divorce

Grandma Gu flushed her face when she was asked by the neighbor.

Father Gu was also stunned, not knowing how to refute.

Yin Sichen in the car patted Gu Xixi’s hand and said, “Okay, the time has come, we can go on stage.”

Gu Xixi nodded and took the evidence that Yin Sichen had collected for her. They got out of the car and walked slowly towards the door of the house.

Mother Gu stood at the door of the house, watching her things being trampled in the dirt, and the clean clothes that had been washed were covered with dust.

“Since Gu Jiaqiang has found the next home, I will not stay at the Gu’s!” mother Gu forced her tears and said, “Since everyone is free today, let’s go through the divorce procedures! You always go on blind dates with me behind your back, and you are always secretive, why not be fair!”

“You…what are you talking about! When did I go on a blind date? Jian Xiao, don’t pour dirty water on me!”

“”You don’t think I can’t have children, do you want to find someone to give you a child? Okay, I will fulfill you!” Mommy Gu could no longer control her anger, and shouted at father Gu, “We are finished today. Just go for a divorce, I’m not that cheap, Jian Xiao, being kicked out of the house, I still want to stay in Gu’s house with a shameless face!”

Well said!

Gu Xixi was behind her mother, give her a thumbs up!

“Hurry up and divorce her! I have endured her for so many years, and I have endured enough! My Gu family’s blood can’t be broken on her!” Grandma Gu saw that mother Gu dared to ask for a divorce, and she was angry. Crutches severely screamed, “For so many years, she has been eating at Gu’s family without making money! Drive her out!”

Mother Gu mother felt a chill in her heart.

She knew how cruel and cold this mother-in-law was.

But mother Gu didn’t expect that after being slapped in the face by facts, she would still be arrogant like this.

I used to be so blind!

Always thought that compromise, where do you think that there was such a kind of people in this world who were not familiar with it?

Father Gu had his own mother’s backing, and he also met the woman he liked, and had long wanted to divorce his first wife.

Although he wanted to get rid of his wife in other ways, but although there was a little deviation at the moment, so what?

Anyway, this marriage was divorced!

Gu Xixi was going to reveal that the infertile man was father Gu, but suddenly, she didn’t want to say it!

She was really tired of looking after her family.

Even Dad can’t avoid vulgarity, so other people can imagine.

After Yin Sichen accompanied Gu Xixi to the door of the house, Gu Xixi said softly, “If mom and dad get divorced, I will follow mom.”

Grandma Gu wanted to say bitterly that she didn’t have this granddaughter, but she raised her eyes and saw that Yin Sichen was also following, and the words were swallowed smoothly.

Father Gu suddenly remembered that his blind date was caught by his daughter.

Now that Jian Xiao knew about this, her daughter must have said it!

For this “betrayal” of his adopted daughter, father Gu had no affection at this time.

His mind was full of wonderful fantasies. He was going to have his own children soon. Follow his ex-wife if he had adopted a daughter.

“Good!” father Gu agreed, “But your gift money goes to Gu’s family! You can’t take a penny away!”

If there was no gift money, how could he raise a woman outside?

Gu Xixi was amused by these words.

Yin Sichen also raised the corner of his mouth slightly, but this was Gu Xixi’s family affair, he did not interfere, but it did not mean that his money was so easy to take!

“Dad is talking about the 200,000 Yuan given by the Yin family before marriage, or the 10 million Yuan and the villa given by the Yin family after I gave birth?” Gu Xixi looked at the Gu family sarcastically, watching them one by one for granted. With no expression of shame at all, Gu Xixi knew that this family was truly rotten to the core.

Even the daughter’s bride price money could make them greedy, how reasonable could you expect them to be?

Grandma Gu took over the topic and said, “The 200,000 yuan was originally the money your husband’s family gave to the family!”

“What money is given to the family?” Gu Xixi could bear it herself, but bullying her mother absolutely can’t bear it!

“Your old woman said that this money is for the family. After raising you for so many years, can’t you give some interest?” grandma Gu said.

“Oh, that is to say, this two hundred thousand is the Yin family’s money to buy me?” Gu Xixi set grandma up step by step.

“Yes! Although you are not of the Gu family’s blood, you grew up eating Gu family’s food anyway. Shouldn’t you ask for some money if you give you to the Yin family?” Grandma Gu scolded others, and this sentence was so difficult. 

Gu Xixi held the phone and smiled very satisfied. She recorded the conversation just now.

“Since grandma admits that the Yin family has paid 200,000 yuan to buy me, then what right does grandma have to occupy my other property?” Gu Xixi said unceremoniously, “I have detailed information here. The above is the money my father saved privately for so many years, as well as the money my father spent on the women outside. Every penny is clearly recorded here! Since my parents are divorcing, then the property should be divided? Mom and Dad are not divorced yet. This is the common property of husband and wife. Grandma, do you have any opinion?”

Gu Xixi directly threw the documents in her hand to father Gu, “There is also information on Dad’s recent blind date, including yesterday. I have already talked to them alone for the two people who have been on a blind date!”

The blood on father Gu’s face suddenly faded!

“Gu Xixi, how can you…” father Gu suddenly became anxious, and was about to slap Gu Xixi!

Yin Sichen stretched out his long legs and pulled Gu Xixi behind him, without saying a word, just looking down at the Gu family with a gloomy look.

When father Gu saw Yin Sichen blocking Gu Xixi’s front, he didn’t dare to fight.

“Two hundred thousand buyouts makes this feeling worth it!” Gu Xixi continued, “Now that things have come to this point, my mother and I have nothing to say! Go directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau to sign a divorce! “

Grandma Gu was followed by the eldest daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Today, Jian Xiao and Gu Xixi threatened to divorce, and suddenly felt that an old face could no longer come.

What’s more, there were so many people guarding the neighbors.

Grandma Gu couldn’t help it any longer, and cried out, “Divorce, divorce! Must divorce! I don’t want this kind of hen that doesn’t lay eggs! My family doesn’t have such a granddaughter! You can’t take a penny from your family’s money! “

“Family money, I do not want it!”Mother Gu felt distressed when she saw Grandma Gu scolding her daughter, and said cruelly from the bottom of her heart: “I have hands and feet to take care of myself! This family, I have enough. !”

Hearing that mother Gu didn’t need money, she was willing to be divorce. Grandma Gu and father Gu seemed to be relieved!

Gu Xixi immediately understood that the big trouble this morning was only to force her mother to let go of the money from the family.

Gu Xixi’s heart became even sadder.

Maybe even if you and your mother didn’t find your father’s tricks outside, your father and grandma would find a reason to divorce your mother, right?

Poor mother was still planning for the Gu family wholeheartedly yesterday.

How did she know that the Gu family had abandoned her long ago?

People on both sides reached a consensus, Yin Sichen drove Gu Xixi and his parents straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Since it was necessary to solve it, let it be solved neatly.

When they arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau, when writing the divorce agreement, father Gu really bit the two people without common property.

Mother Gu was also desperate at this time, and didn’t care what Gu’s father said.

To this man, she devoted half of her life to her feelings, but in the end, she got the other side’s feelings of disagreement with her personality.

Could it be that so many years of taking care of the family had become a cloud in his eyes?

Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen stood at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, and Gu Xixi had mixed feelings.

Yin Sichen had always been calm, and he was still.

“If you are unwilling, I can let your mother get the greatest benefit.” Yin sichen said gently.

Damn it, when he saw Gu Xixi’s worried eyes, he felt a burst of love, and he couldn’t wait to reach out and heal all her unhappiness.

Gu Xixi shook her head gently and said, “For my mother, these are not really important. If my mother is a money worshiper, she will not marry my father, and she will not keep this poor home for more than 20 years. Mother is a sentimental person. She has been suffering for too long for her father. That little money is nothing compared with my mother’s freedom! As long as mother can get rid of the family and get rid of this bitter sea, it is the greatest benefit. “

Yin Sichen’s mouth raised slightly, and he looked at Gu Xixi so surely.

“I actually had this idea a long time ago. My mother was living too hard in Gu’s family, and you have also seen what virtues in Gu’s family are. My mother worked alone and did not complain, but in the end she would have to linger on her back. If father can cherish it. Mom, no matter how hard it is, no matter how tired it is, it is worthwhile for mom. But Dad…he disappointed me too much.” The cold in Gu Xixi’s eyes hurt Yin Sichen’s heart.

Yin Sichen couldn’t help but hold Gu Xixi’s finger and gently said, “Everything will be fine.”

Yin Sichen didn’t say a word.

I will do anything as long as you are happy.

Father Gu and Mother Gu quickly completed the procedures and walked downstairs.

There was a hint of joy in father Gu’s eyes, obviously he couldn’t wait to marry the new girl.

Mother Gu’s eyes were gloomy, and she couldn’t tell what she was feeling.

Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen stood at the door, waiting quietly.

Mother Gu’s eyes fell on the hands that Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen shook together for the first time, and there was a trace of comfort in her heart.

“Mom…” Gu Xixi said worriedly, and subconsciously pulled her hand away from Yin Sichen.

Yin Sichen’s heart was suddenly lost.

“I’m fine.” Mother Gu smiled reluctantly, and she couldn’t let her pregnant daughter be distracted and sorry for her.

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