The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 106 – I Also Want to Meet This Person

“I am not proficient in the Zither Dao, however, my senior sister is also in the Zither Painting Sect, so she will ask your Excellency for advice on the Zither Dao when the time comes.” He Yi asked in a deep voice.

“Your senior sister is?” The boss couldn’t help but ask.

“Xu Qiaoyin.” He Yi said a name.

The boss, and Fan Yulan, and Fan Sheng were all surprised, “Goddess Xu Qiaoyin!”

In the Nine Heavens, in the super sects, the disciple who was designated as the next sect master or the successor of the sect master was called the divine son, and if she was a woman, she was called the divine daughter.

The divine daughter, Xu Qiaoyin, was the next successor to the head of the Zither Painting Sect.

Xu Qiaoyin could be designated as the next patriarch heir of the Zither Painting Sect meant that her strength was unquestionable, and her zither dao was also known as the first in the younger generation.

Among the many superpowers in the Nine Heavens, some divine daughters were designated as heirs, and divine daughter Xu Qiaoyi was definitely the most dazzling among the many divine daughters!

And also the most famous!

That’s why the boss and Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng was so surprised.

Huang Jiu has left the Nine Heavens for some years, so she had not heard of the name of this divine daughter Xu Qiaoyin, but the boss, Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng was was so surprised like being hit by a thunderclap.

“Not bad, my sister is exactly Xu Qiaoyin, I am the youngest disciple of the sect master of Zither Painting, Xu Qiaoyin is my elder sister.” He Yi spoke, “However, I was separated from my senior sister in the morning, my senior sister is not in the Zithergyun Plain, when she comes over, she will come to ask your Excellency to compare notes on the zither dao.”

 After saying that, he left the small store with the help of his escort.

“I didn’t expect him to be Goddess Xu Qiaoyin’s junior brother.” The owner of the small store looked at He Yi’s departing figure and marveled.

This Goddess Xu Qiaoyin, her zither dao is very high?” Huang Jiu asked curiously.

The shopkeeper had a grave face and nodded, “Yes, she is the first person in the nine heavens zither dao! Legend has it that this goddess Xu Qiaoyin, born with a jade zither heart.”

“Jade zither heart!” Huang Jiu was surprised.

At this time, Fan Yulan said, “There are too many legends about the Goddess Xu Qiaoyin, some say that she can read any zither score at the age of three, at the age of five she was already at the seventh level of the zither dao master realm, at the age of eleven she was already at the eighth level of the zither dao, and at the age of seventeen she was already at the ninth level of the zither dao, the zither saint!”

“Seventeen years old, a zither saint!” Huang Jiu was greatly shaken.

The shopkeeper said, “There is no zither immortal in the world, but some people say that the divine daughter Xu Qiaoyin has entered the realm of the zither immortal!”

“What, the realm of the zither immortal!” Huang Jiu was shocked, and she looked at Lu Yi Ping.

Lu Yiping’s face was calm, “The realm of the zither immortal?”

The small shopkeeper nodded, “Not bad, it is exactly the realm of the Zither immortal!” Speaking of this, he could not suppress his excitement: “Some people say that this divine female Xu Qiaoyin is expected to surpass the Zither Painting Sect Patriarch and become the first person of the Nine Heavens Zither Dao.”

“Since this Xu Qiaoyin zither dao is so high, then why didn’t you find this Xu Qiaoyin to pluck this Black Dragon zither in the first place?” Phoenix Nine asked in confusion.

The shopkeeper squeaked, “My master and the Zither Painting Sect have some grudges, so it’s inconvenient to invite someone from the Zither Painting Sect.”

As for what kind of grudge, the Little Shop owner didn’t say.

But looking at his appearance, it should be more than just a bit of grudge.

Speaking of this, he turned his head to Lu Yi Ping and said, “Although your zither dao is high, but if Goddess Xu Qiaoyin asks for your advice, Young Master, you have to be careful.”

Lu Yiping gave a hint.

After a while, Lu Yiping a few people left the Little Shop.

When they left, Lu Yiping took away the Black Dragon Zither and the broken Smoky Water Sword.

At the same time, Lu Yiping asked Huang Jiu, Fan Yulan, and Fan Sheng to take away anything they saw in the store.

Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng each picked out a set of divine weapons, while Huang Jiu picked out a fire divine crystal.

Lu Yiping told the store owner to tell his master to come to him if he returns.

After that, Lu Yiping and Huang Jiu continued to wander around.

Just a short time after Lu Yiping and Huang Jiu left the store, within a luxurious residence in Star River City, Chu Xuan was entertaining the Jade Sword Chen Yuyan, but, in addition to Chen Yuyan, there was also a beautiful woman who was the divine daughter of the Zither Painting Sect, Xu Qiaoyin.

Chu Xuan smiled, “Goddess Xu came suddenly, if I had known that the Goddess had come, I and Yu Yan would have welcomed each other for a hundred miles.”

Although he is the head of the five swords of the young generation of the Heavenly God domain, if we talk about fame and status, far from being able to compare with Xu Qiaoyin, so Xu Qiaoyin came he was overjoyed.

Xu Qiaoyin smiled sweetly, “My junior brother and I were passing by and heard that the Returning Origin Sword Sect was holding a sword sect assembly, so we stopped by to join in the fun.”

“I heard that Chu Xuan and Chen Yuyan also signed up for this sword sect assembly, with the two sword dao, you sure be able to win the first and second sword sect conference.”

Chu Xuan and Chen Yuyan both sniffed and humbled themselves.

“There is one thing that I would like to trouble Young master Chu Xuan about.” Xu Qiaoyin said.

“Goddess Xu but please speak.” Chu Xuan hurriedly said, “As long as I can do it, I will definitely do it.”

Xu Qiaoyin smiled, “Young Master Chu is polite, in fact, it is not a big deal, I got a fragmented array diagram, I used all kinds of methods but also unable to repair the array diagram, many array experts in my sect also unable to repair it.”

“I know that Lord Chu Tong’s array technique is unparalleled, so I would like to ask Lord Chu Xuan to introduce your grandfather to me and then take me to pay my respects to Lord Chu Tong.”

Other people might not be able to meet Chu Tong, but Chu Xuan’s grandfather, who was Chu Tong’s brother, could still do so if he was there to introduce him.

Chu Xuan was stunned.

This matter?

He hesitated.

“If this is a matter that is difficult for Lord Chu Xuan, then forget it.” Xu Qiaoyin said.

Chu Xuan mused, “I can introduce my grandfather to Divine Daughter Xu, but I don’t guarantee that my grandfather will agree to take you to see Uncle Chu Tong.”

“That’s natural.” Xu Qiaoyin smiled.

Just then, Xu Qiaoyin’s messenger shook, she took it out and took a look, she couldn’t help but be dismayed, she smiled at Chu Xuan, Chen Yuyan and said, “I’m here with my junior brother this time, my junior brother’s zither dao has entered the saint, but he just sent a messenger saying that he met a zither dao expert in Qinyang Plain!”

“He said this person’s Zither dao realm is far superior to his and has reached an extremely high realm.”

Then he gave the story of how He Yi could not play the Black Dragon Zither, while Lu Yiping could easily play it.

Chu Xuan and Chen Yuyan were both surprised.

Xu Qiaoyin’s youngest senior brother’s zither dao had already entered the saint realm, and this person was far superior!

“I wonder who this person is?” Chu Xuan couldn’t help but ask.

“Little senior brother said his name is Lu Yi Ping.” Xu Qiaoyin said.

Chu Xuan and Chen Yuyan were both puzzled.

Lu Yiping?

“The two of you don’t know either?” Xu Qiaoyin was surprised. Originally, she thought that with this Lu Yiping Zither dao, Chu Xuan, and Chen Yuyanwould know.

Chu Xuan shook his head, “Never heard of it.” Then he asked, “This person is still in the Qinyang Plain?”

Xu Qiaoyin nodded, then she got up and said, “The matter of Lord Chu Tong, I’ll trouble Lord Chu Xuan, my junior brother was injured by that ancient zither power recoil, I have to go over there now.”

Chu Xuan and Chen Yuyan both got up.

“Then I will accompany Goddess Xu over there.” Chu Xuan said, “I also want to meet this person.”

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