Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 20: Another Double Enlightenment

Heavenly Mist Mountain.

The clouds were dazzling and not dispersing, beautiful in the extreme.

Daoless Sect’s main hall square.

Ye Luo was still sitting cross-legged, watching the sky and comprehending the dao.

He was vaguely able to capture and comprehend the second ‘order chain’ of the sky.

He had a feeling that when he comprehended the second chain of order, he would undergo some kind of metamorphosis.

However, although he had not comprehended the second chain of order, he, who was watching the sky every day, was also changing from moment to moment, especially the golden characters were still nourishing everything about him all the time.

Ye Luo was changing almost every day.

The aura became more and more ethereal, and at a glance, he seemed to be integrated with heaven and earth.

On his forehead, there was even a golden mark flickering, which was very extraordinary.

“The Master is worthy of being called master. Just looking up more before leaving can make me understand so much.”

Ye Luo’s heart was filled with emotions.

Through these days of viewing the sky, he had understood too much.

There were signs of the sky.

As long as he followed through the signs, he would be able to understand the power of heaven and earth.

He slowly deduced and formed this method.

He took the name of the Sky Observation Technique!

And the origin of this method was simply the Master’s phrase ‘look up more often,’ which made him only marvel at the Master’s profoundness.

Ye Luo exhaled gently, looked up in the direction beyond the Heavenly Mist Mountain, and slowly said, “I wonder when Master will return, if Master knows that I have comprehended what he said, he will be very pleased, right?”

He thought that the Master would smile with relief.

Ye Luo felt that it was all worth it.

He would never fail his Master’s expectations!!!

Ye Luo smiled, drew his sword, and practiced the sword in the square.

A long sword was placed in his hands, and it danced so fiercely to the extreme. Most of all, he had a natural and mysterious charm while swinging the sword so that others couldn’t help looking over and be indulged in it.

In fact, Ye Luo did not know that, with his elegant sword art, the Foundation Establishment Realm could not last more than a few moves in his hands.

Because this rhyme is the dao rhyme and dao intent that only existed in the divine realm!

If outsiders look at it, they would be scared to death. Obviously, they had not entered the Qi Refining Realm, but they were walking the path of the God Transformation Realm.

Ye Luo didn’t know anything about this. He danced with his sword, the long sword in his hand danced faster and faster. The sword light was connected into one and created the heavenly dao.

In the middle of the sword dance, Ye Luo’s mind shook, and he entered another epiphany.

He stopped the sword dance suddenly and sat down cross-legged.

A chain of order rushed down from the sky and entered between his eyebrows.

In an instant, a new golden character appeared in Ye Luo’s mind.

As always, these golden characters were mysterious and obscure.

The good thing was that the indistinct and cold voice from heaven and earth rang in his ears again, explaining the meaning of these golden characters to him.

Ye Luo quickly understood, his eyes tightly closed, his body aura rose up.

This time, the golden characters did not continue to strengthen his foundation, nor did they elevate his state of mind…

Instead, he was taught how to form the art of killing with the dao intent!

This comprehension teaching was for several hours.

Until the sky was dark and the moon rose in the east.

Only then did Ye Luo end this comprehension.

He slowly woke up, opened his eyes, and a flash of golden light passed between his eyes.

“So, this thing that I comprehend is called Dao Intent, and Dao Intent can be combined into a killing technique for attacking.”

“Master told me to look up more, perhaps the meaning is not that I should comprehend the Sky Observation Technique. This technique is only incidental. Master’s original intention is that he wants me to finish comprehending this entire Dao sooner!”

“Now that I’ve only comprehended a tiny bit, I’ve gained so much. What would it be like if I comprehended the whole thing?”

Ye Luo thought so.

He raised his head and looked at the sky again.

His mind shook violently.


I had misunderstood!

Master did not mean this.

Master left the phrase ‘look up more’ to make me understand the Sky Observation Technique, not to say that it is accompanied by comprehension, but Master also wanted me to comprehend the second order chain!

I was the one who thought wrong.

This was actually the Master who was warning me!

The Sky Observation Technique and other techniques were only ‘small dao’ that could be learned but not taken seriously.

The true ‘Great Way’ was right in front of him.

Don’t lose the great one because of something small!


That was what it meant!

Master, I got it!

“Whew! I almost misunderstood the Master’s profound meaning, so close!”

Ye Luo took a deep breath and patted his chest with a burst of fear.

After he had stabilized his emotions, he stood up, picked up his long sword again, and his gaze quickly fell to the grand hall square.

He was going to see how powerful this Dao of destruction was.

Ye Luo took a few steps forward and slowly lifted the long sword in his hand.

He silently worked the Dao Condensing Technique taught on the golden character in his mind.

After he turned…

Immediately, a layer of golden light flashed out from the long sword, covering the entire body of the sword.

The golden light was filled with Dao natural rhythm as if the golden light was the transformation of the Dao, and anything colliding with it would be smashed into pieces.

Ye Luo looked at the golden light on the long sword, his eyes gazed towards the front, and he slashed straight ahead.

The golden light gathered on the long sword instantly condensed into a sword’s blade and broke through the air.


The sword light swept through and hit the ground.

With a loud bang, the entire earth shook like a meteor fell, hitting the ground hard.

Rolling dust and mist rose up.

After a while, the dust and fog dissipated.

Ye Luo looked intently, only to see the ground intact, without a trace.

This time, Ye Luo was dumbfounded. He clearly felt that he was hitting very hard.

But when it reached the square of the main hall, it did not even break the ground?

Let alone break open, not even a trace was cut out.

Sure enough, he was still too weak.

With just this level, how could he have the face to report to his Master?

When the Master returned, he could not even cut through the ground. How could he say to the Master that he did not live up to his expectations?

The corners of Ye Luo’s mouth flooded with a touch of bitterness.

How could he know. 

This sect was given directly by the system, and the floor was made of very strong material. It was not easy, even if the God Transformation Realm wanted to cut through.

At this moment, Ye Luo was full of lost thoughts in his heart.

Feeling disappointed for his unworthiness.

Feeling lost that he couldn’t live up to his Master’s expectations.

No way!

He could not fail his Master’s expectations.

He had to work harder!

The fighting spirit in Ye Luo’s heart ignited even more.

At the same time.

Chu Yuan, who was resting in the Xuantian Mountain Range, suddenly sounded a system alert in his mind…

[Detecting an attack on the sect]

[Detection completed, this is a sect disciple attack]

[Detection of sect development momentum is not right, open in advance to detect the sect disciples’ strength and determine whether they have been successfully taught.]

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