The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 105 – What is His Real Strength

Seeing He Yi’s proud expression, Lu Yiping blandly said, “Since your zither dao is so high, as long as you can pull this zither’s string, this zither is yours.”

He Yi was stunned and then smiled, “Is that true?”

“Of course.” Lu Yiping said blandly.

Seeing He Yi’s delighted look, the boss opened his mouth and reminded, “This zither is not that easy to pull, there is the soul of the Black Dragon King inside the zither, and there is a supreme zither dao inside the strings.”

He Yi smiled confidently and said, “I know, to pull this zither, you have to communicate with the Black Dragon King’s soul and then comprehend the zither dao inside the strings.”

The guard behind him laughed, “A few years ago, there was an ancient zither, which also had a soul inside the zither, and the strings also had the zither dao, and my young master could communicate with its soul and comprehend the zither dao within a breath.”

“This matter, for my young master, is easy.”

He looked at Lu Yiping, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, “My young master’s zither dao has entered the sage. You just wait for your eyes to be opened.”

The boss was surprised.

He didn’t expect that this He Yi in front of him was already at the ninth level of the zither dao zither, the saint realm.

In the young generation of the Nine Heavens, there were only a few people who had reached the ninth level of the Zither Dao.

However, this He Yi, how come I have not heard of him before?

He Yi looked at the boss and smiled, “Although my zither dao reach the saint realm, but I rarely show it in front of people, so you do not know me is normal.”

“This time, my senior sister and I passed by the Heavenly God Domain and heard about the sword sect assembly of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, so we stopped by to take a look.”

Speaking of this, he put his hands on top of the Black Dragon zither, his hands gushed with light, his whole body’s divine energy fluctuated, and these divine energy actually condensed into a zither symbol.

The zither symbols filled the air, condensing around his body but not dispersing.

“Good!” The boss could not help but praise when he saw He Yi use his divine power to draw the power of heaven and earth while transforming the zither talisman.

This hand alone showed the depth of He Yi’s zither dao.

He Yi’s hands suddenly moved in illusion, and his hands were full of shadows.

“The Thousand Fold Hand Shadow!” The boss’s eyes stared.

Whether it was refining pills or weapons, there were techniques, and the profundity of the techniques was related to the power of the pills and divine weapons that were refined.

And the zither and painting also had their own techniques.

The Thousand Fold Hand Shadow was a very profound technique of the zither.

This technique played out the sound of the zither, with a unique sound effect and incredible.

He Yi’s soul seeped into the black dragon zither, ditching the soul of the Black Dragon King, comprehending the zither dao therein, and he flicked down the string with the thousandfold hand shadow.

Everyone stared intently.

The shadow of his hand played heavily on the strings of the zither.

However, there was no expected sound of the nine heavens nor the imagined Black Dragon roar of the sky.

There was no sound at all.

It was silent.

When the needle fell on the ground, there was still some sound, but when He Yi’s hand played down, it was like playing into a bottomless abyss, and there was no echo at all.

As for the wonderful sound of the zither, there was even less.

He Yi was stunned.

The two guards behind him were stunned.

He Yi laughed, “This zither is not bad, even my Thousand Fold Hand Shadow can’t play it, it’s worth taking seriously.” The implication was that he had not been serious just now.

After saying that, his whole body surged with light and his hands waved. As his hands waved, a zither talisman flew out like a lotus flower.

“Lotus Hand!” Huang Jiu was surprised.

Lotus Hand, a playing technique that was even more advanced than the Thousand Fold Hand Shadow.

The legend said that this Lotus Hand was passed down from the Buddhist world.

Although Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng were not proficient in the zither dao, they had heard that the Lotus Hand was one of the zither dao’s top ten playing techniques that had been passed down for many ages.

At the same time, the power of his soul surged and surged into the zither with all its might, and the soul of the Black Dragon King surged.

When he flicked his hands down, his hands even blossomed with lotus light.

His hands finally played on top of the Black Dragon Zither.

Just now also lotus hands flower light blooming when played on the strings, but soon after the lotus flower light disappeared. No one imagined that the same thing would happen again.

There was still no sound at all.

There was no response from the Black Dragon Zither.

It did not even move a little.

The strings of the zither were as solid as the walls of chaos.

The Black Dragon Zither was even like the vast dragon world, not moving at all.

He Yi froze; how could this happen? He had clearly communicated with the Black Dragon King’s soul, clearly comprehended the zither dao of the zither strings, plus the lotus hand. How come there was still no reaction?

“Impossible!” With a face of disbelief, he plucked the Lotus Hand at the Black Dragon Zither again.

The Black Dragon Zither still did not react at all.

On his face, he no longer had the previous arrogance and smile.

After several times trying, his face was ugly, and he was frantically plucking the Black Dragon Zither, and he also frantically pushed the power of his soul.

Suddenly, within the Black Dragon Zither, a force recoiled out, and He Yi, who was madly bombarding the Black Dragon Zither, was shaken and rolled to the outside of the store.

His internal qi and blood surged, his throat was hot, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

“Young master!” The two guards, startled, seized the door and scrambled to help He Yi up.

He Yi only felt that his soul was about to split open. The divine energy in his body was in chaos just now, and he was frantically pushing the power of his soul and the divine energy in his body to blast the Black Dragon zither. Now the power of the Black Dragon zither had recoiled, and his soul had been greatly injured.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull saw this and laughed, “Didn’t you say that if this zither is in your hands, it will be able to bloom and recreate the ancient zither power?

“How now? you can’t pull even a string of the zither.”

He Yi sniffed, a mouthful of blood spurted out again.

The guard glared. Just at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and Lu Yiping, “Just now, you must have moved the zither, so my young master could not pluck the zither.”

“Otherwise, with my young master’s zither dao, there’s no way he couldn’t pluck this broken zither!”

“It must be you guys, that’s why my young master was injured by the backlash of the power in the zither!”

 Lu Yiping smiled, his right hand was placed on the Black Dragon zither, and his five fingers gently plucked, a zither sound like heavenly music continuously came out from the zither.

Everyone present saw these zither sounds turned into a rune in the store.  It condensed but not dispersed.

He Yi and the two guards were frozen.

At this time, the Black Dragon Zither suddenly produced an incredible sound, then the guard was impacted by a heavy blow and was shaken backward and flew out, do not know how many miles.

Lu Yiping’s indifferent voice sounded, “Their own zither dao is not refined, can not play this zither, but blame other people cheated, ridiculous.”

He Yi’s face turned blue and red as he staggered to his feet and stared at Lu Yiping, “May I ask your name? What are your name and sect?”

“Lu Yiping, I have no clan, no sect.” Lu Yiping said blandly.

“No clan, no sect?” He Yi’s face was unbelieving, “Impossible!”

That boss also had a face of disbelief.

Such a strong zither dao was self-taught? How was it possible!

Lu Yiping blandly said, “This zither dao is not my specialty, I just practice it occasionally when I’m bored.”

He Yi and the boss were dumbfounded.

He said he was bored and practiced occasionally, and he was able to practice such a zither dao?

Moreover, this kind of zither dao was not the young man’s strength in the blue shirt in front of him.

Then what is his real strength?

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