Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 19 – The Great Flow of The Immortal Cultivation World is Enthusiasm

Xuantian Mountain Range.

Chu Yuan was stunned as he looked at the tangled old man in front of him.

According to those books he read in Wuchang City, the cultivation world was the cruelest. For the sake of cultivation resources, brothers turning against each other and family killing each other was normal. It was also common for people in the immortal cultivation world to kill and rob in order to better themselves on the road to immortal cultivation…

Originally, Chu Yuan also believed that and excitedly came to the Xuantian Mountain Range to rob people. However, he did not trust it anymore, and the old man’s attitude in front of him seemed to…

The cultivation world was not like that at all.

He started licking as soon as he arrived and, well, quite enthusiastically at that.

People have licked me, do I have to lick them back? I should return the courtesy!

Chu Yuan opened his mouth to say something when the old man unexpectedly came to him.

“Dao, fellow Daoist, this thing is for you. Please make sure you accept it as a gift for our offense.”

Only to see the Grand Elder with a smile on his face, he handed an object similar to a key to Chu Yuan.

Chu Yuan took that key and took a closer look.

The key was filled with many marks, like those of being stabbed by a sword and split by a knife. There was nothing else particular other than that, and it appeared to be plain to the extreme.

Oh, there was also the word ‘ancient’ engraved on it.

This was it?

Talking about making amends.

The result was a gift of this small thing?

No one wanted it, even if you sold it at the stall.

Sure enough, the people of the immortal cultivation world were a little dark and unkind.

Chu Yuan’s face became complicated.

Not far away, the Grand Elder looked at the existence’s face.

Thinking that this existence was satisfied, he could not help but feel happy in his heart.

Others might not know what this key was, but he did.

This key was the legendary key to open the relics of the legendary Sword God!

It was also the most precious thing in his possession.

According to the legend, if you got this key, you had the chance to enter the relics of the legendary Sword God. You would be able to obtain all the inheritance of the legendary Sword God, and you could build a sacred place of cultivation with this!

But the Grand Elder had never had the opportunity to find the relics of the Sword God.

He was not willing to give it to the clan.

Well, now that it was given as a gift to this hidden existence, this hidden existence would definitely remember him.

No no no!

Look at the change in this existence’s face.

He must have seen where this key came from.

He deserved to be a supreme powerhouse, he could see it at a glance.

The Grand Elder’s heart rejoiced.

Many Golden Core Realm disciples couldn’t help themselves at the other end as they watched the Great Elder give the gifts.

Giving gifts to this existence.

If they could obtain this existence’s favor, would they still need to join the Golden Core Realm?


Be sure to give gifts!

So it was.

Numerous Golden Core disciples took out various things from their storage bags and gave them to Chu Yuan.

“Senior, senior, that one is a compensation gift from the Grand Elder, it has nothing to do with our compensation gift, this is our compensation gift!”

“Right, right, senior, this is the compensation gift from the junior; please make sure to accept it!”

“Senior! Accept the gifts from the junior first!!!”


Piece after piece of exotic treasures was delivered to Chu Yuan.

Most of these things were from the Golden Core Realm.

When Chu Yuan saw these things, his eyes were on fire, and he could not wait to laugh out loud on the spot.

Bravo, bravo.

These people were all good people!

In the future, if someone said to him that the cultivation world was deceitful, he could smash that person’s head in.

Look, look.

What an enthusiastic group of cultivators.

They came up here and gave him so many treasures.

Chu Yuan was about to go up to collect the treasures.

Before he could collect it, The Grand Elder suddenly flipped his palm, and a magic light struck over.

The magic light smashed all those treasures.

Chu Yuan was frozen and stood still.

My Treasures ……

My Treasures ……

My treasures ……


The Grand Elder next to him glared angrily at the many disciples and said with the voice.

“What do you want!!! How dare you give some trash from Golden Core Realm to this person? Are you trying to make the secluded sect, the Daoless Sect, cross paths with my Qiandi Dao Sect?”

“Can you afford it if the two sects are at war? You have to know that my treasures of the God Transformation Realm are not worthy to be given to this one, so where do you all get the courage to give something from the Golden Core Realm?”

He was so angry.

He could not wait to beat up all these disciples.

The treasures of his God Transformation Realm were not worthy to be given to this man.

What was in the Golden Core Realm?

To this person, it must have been the same as garbage.

Giving trash as a gift would tarnish this person’s status.

The group of disciples heard these words, they all woke up and realized. They were a bit scared, shivering, and afraid to speak.

With a shy old face, the Grand Elder faced Chu Yuan again and said, “Sorry, Fellow Daoist, this group of juniors have no insight and have offended you. Please forgive these juniors for their rudeness.”

Chu Yuan didn’t say anything, and his face stiffened up.

This person…

Chu Yuan didn’t care even if he had a black belly(1) and was unkind.

How dare he stop such a group of enthusiastic people from giving him gifts and also used magic power to break…

But he did not do anything that got in touch with people!

This hatred was mortal.

The Grand Elder of the Qiandi Sect, right? Yes, he took note of it.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” said Chu Yuan with a pale expression.

He could still see that the best in the world of cultivation was enthusiasm.

It was also that a certain old man was rather dark, other than that, everyone else was good.

For example, these disciples were all very enthusiastic, so don’t let a piece of rat turds spoil the whole pot of porridge(2).

Chu Yuan took a deep breath, stabilized his emotions, looked up at the sky, turned to Zhang Han, and said, “Disciple, it’s getting late, so let’s rest here on the spot.”

To be honest, Zhang Han was also a little confused about the scene in front of him.

But that didn’t stop him from following his master’s orders.

“Yes, Master.”

Zhang Han respectfully bowed.

While saluting, he also raised his head to look at the sky.

It was still bright ……

Chu Yuan smiled, nodded slightly, and turned his head to look at the Grand Elder and his group, his gaze was evident now.

The Master and disciple wanted to rest, and you, and this rat turd. Get out of here.

But the Grand Elder came up and said: “Well, fellow Daoist, I see that the sky is also almost dark, why don’t we rest together on the ground? More people have more power, but also to guard against those demonic beasts in the mountain.”

If this was heard by outsiders, I was afraid that I would laugh off my teeth.

A bunch of Golden Core Realm disciples and a Grand Elder of God Transformation Realm led the team, and this lineup was enough to traverse some large mountains.

Now in front of a small to medium-sized mountain range, actually said, to more people, to prevent the mountain demon beasts.

Chu Yuan listened to this old man’s words, the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely.

This was not even heard, was he driving people away?

But the general flow of the immortal cultivation world was enthusiasm.

He couldn’t just kick people out.

He could only grit his teeth, nod, and could only agree…

(1) two-faced; outwardly kind but inwardly evil or manipulative.

(2) One bad person can spoil the whole group. 

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