The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 104 – I Have a Peerless Zither Dao

Qingyang Plain Market experts from all sides looked at the thousand-foot black dragon high in the sky. They all were shocked by the sky-shaking dragon roar.

The thousand feet black dragon’s power went rampant, pressed all people; they felt like being choked.

“What a strong dragon power! This is not an ordinary black dragon!”

“The king of the Black Dragon Clan, the Black Dragon King! Only with the bloodline of the Black Dragon King can one have such an amazing dragon might!”

At the Plain Market, the crowd stirred.

Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng, and Huang Jiu looked at the high altitude black dragon and were dumbfounded.

The boss looked at the high-altitude black dragon in disbelief, and beyond his surprise, he was excited and incoherent, “It rang, it actually rang!”

“Finally, someone has popped it!”

He looked at Lu Yiping as if he was looking at a supreme treasure, and his eyes were glowing.

Lu Yiping blandly said, “This zither is a famous ancient zither, the Black Dragon Zither, and there is the soul of the Black Dragon King inside the zither, to play this zither, you must first communicate with the soul of the Black Dragon King.”

The boss said excitedly, “That’s right, my master said the same thing, but he looked for many dragon masters and many zither saints, but he couldn’t communicate with the soul of the Black Dragon King inside it!”

He looked at Lu Yiping, “However, to play this zither, not only to communicate with the soul of the Black Dragon King but also to master the supreme zither dao, because each string of this zither is inscribed with the supreme zither dao, if you can not master the supreme zither dao within the strings, you can not pluck this zither.”

Fan Sheng and the other looked closely and realized that there were runes on each string, and these runes were so complicated that several people were dazzled by them.

Lu Yiping said, “Since this zither has been played, the Black Dragon zither is now mine, and I can take whatever I want from this store, right?”

He looked at a broken sword in the corner.

This black dragon zither was dispensable to him, and if he wanted the broken sword, he would have found the broken sword when he entered the store.

The boss choked, he smiled bitterly, “This is natural, we set the rules, naturally, we will not back out, however, our master has a condition.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull sneered, “Conditions? You didn’t mention any conditions before.”

The boss blushed and said, “I didn’t expect you to be able to play this zither, so I didn’t mention the condition.” Then he said, “Don’t worry, if you find it difficult, we won’t force you.”

“What conditions.” Lu Yiping mused.

The boss said, “This, we still have to wait for my master to come. My master can talk to you in detail.”

Lu Yiping came to the corner and took the broken sword, which was covered with sand and dust, in his hand. The broken body was slim, obviously a sword used by a woman, and the sword was broken from the middle part, which should have been cut off by other swords.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the broken sword with a surprised face, “Is it the Smoky Water Sword?”

Lu Yiping nodded his head.

Smoky Water Sword, the sword of Luo Shui, the goddess of the Northern Star Divine Palace back then.

He did not expect to see it here.

 But it was broken.

“This Smoky Water Sword, where did you get it?” Lu Yiping asked the boss.

The boss was puzzled, “Smoky Water Sword?” Shaking his head, he said, “We don’t know the name of this broken sword, most of these things in the store are family heirlooms of our master.”

“Oh, the family heirloom?” Lu Yiping and Dragon Horned Golden Bull were surprised.

“Yes.” The boss nodded, “Perhaps, our master knows where this broken sword came from.”

“Where is your master now?” Lu Yi Ping asked.

The boss hesitated for a moment and said, “Our master went to the Taixu Domain.”

“The Taixu Domain again?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull muttered.

The Taixu Domain was one of the two major domains in the Nine Heavens.

Just then, a young man dressed in colorful clothes walked in, followed by two guards behind him.

After the young man entered, he scanned the environment of the small store, and finally, his gaze landed on the black dragon zither.

He was amazed and suspicious.

Then, he walked straight to the Black Dragon Zither, stroking it with both hands, feeling the supreme zither dao in the zither, the more excited and joyful his face became.

Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng, Huang Jiu saw the young man come in and did not ask Lu Yiping and the boss, then stroked the Black Dragon Zither. His face showed an excited expression, but he couldn’t help but frown.

This young man was obviously attracted by the sound of the zither and the spirit of the Black Dragon King just now.

“Your Excellency is the boss?” The young man suddenly opened his mouth and asked the boss, just in a tone, condescending.

“I am.” The boss nodded his head, and he had already guessed what the young man was going to say.

Sure enough, the young man said, “This zither, can you sell it to me?”

The boss shook his head, “This zither, it is now this gentleman’s property.”

The young man looked at Lu Yiping and looked him up and down with a scrutinizing look and said, “This zither, now it is yours?”

Seeing the young man scrutinizing Lu Yiping and his condescending tone, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull was offended and said, “Kid, do you have an ear problem or a brain problem? Didn’t you hear the boss just say that the zither is now my master’s?”

“Unbridled!” The two guards behind the young man stepped forward and glared angrily.

The young man raised his hand, stopping the two guards behind him. He looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and then said to Lu Yiping, “I am He Yi of the Zither Painting Sect.”

The young man’s words fell. Whether it was Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng, or the boss and Huang Jiu, they were all startled.

“Zither Painting Sect!”

Zither Painting Sect, the second largest sect in the Nine Heavens! Second only to the Kun Peng Divine Sect.

The Zither Painting Sect was a sect with the dual mastery of the zither and painting!

Whether it was the zither dao or the painting dao, it was the strongest sect in the Nine Heavens.

This young man unexpectedly came from the Zither Painting Sect.

The young man already expected several people’s reaction, and he said to Lu Yiping again, “You, this zither sell it to me?”

Lu Yiping was expressionless,  “This zither is not for sale, and you can not afford to buy it anyway.”

A guard behind the young man laughed coldly, “An ancient zither scorched by lightning fire, you really think it is a treasure, not to mention such an ancient zither scorched by lightning fire, even if ten or a hundred, our young master can also buy it.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull sneered, “Scorched by lightning fire? I’ve seen a lot of fools, but I’ve never seen one as stupid as you!”

 “You!” The guard’s face sank.

He Yi looked at Lu Yi Ping and said, “This ancient zither should be the famous ancient zither, in the hands of people like you who do not know the zither dao, that is to bury this zither potential, instead of burying this zither, you should sell this zither to me.”

“In my hands, this zither will definitely shine and revive the ancient zither’s power.”

He Yi’s words made the Dragon Horned Golden Bull laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” He Yi frowned.

“So, you are matchless in zither dao?” Lu Yiping said blandly.

He Yi said proudly, “Although I don’t dare to say that my zither dao is peerless, there are not many people in the younger generation of the Nine Heavens whose zither dao can match mine.”

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