The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 70 – Smashed It Down For Me

Hearing this familiar voice, Gu Xixi suddenly felt that her heart was at ease!

He’s really here!

Behind Yin Sichen, a group of people suddenly entered.

The women in the room have been dumbfounded by the picture before them.

This man… was so beautiful!

It was like coming out of a painting, and it was perfect to the extreme.

But in the next second, his aura suddenly appeared, and everyone subconsciously shifted their sights and didn’t dare to look anymore!

Yin Sichen’s eyes fell on Gu Xixi, and the worry and anger in his eyes were clearly visible.

At this time, mother Gu had time to ask, “Xixi, what’s wrong with you?”

Gu Xixi’s nose was sore, holding her mother’s hand and saying, “I’m fine! Do you hurt? Does it hurt if they hit you? “”

Mother Gu shook her head gently, “Mom doesn’t get hurt, as long as you and your child are safe, this pain is nothing.”

Gu Xixi’s tears were like broken beads, and they fell off.

I’m so useless, I can’t protect my mother, and I have to make my mother block the fists.

Despite the shock, mother Gu stood up straight and wiped the tears on Gu Xixi’s face.

Yin Sichen didn’t stand by Gu Xixi’s side for the first time, and walked in gently, touching the cracks in the window with his slender fingers, “How can I get better compensation for such a small crack?”

Listening to these words from Yin Sichen, the beauty supervisor and the woman named Sister Fan couldn’t help but shiver.

At her age, it is easy to judge the strength of a person from his eyes and aura.

But weird, the handsome and evil man in front of me was not like a man in reality, it was completely invisible!

Bullying outsiders was their rule here.

However, there had never been an outsider’s aura that could be so strong that everyone could be silent for an instant!

“Don’t you want to pay compensation from me?” Yin Sichen turned around, and someone immediately moved a chair and sat down for Yin Sichen.

Yin Sichen bent his long legs and took a seat gracefully.

“If you dare to ask me for money, you have to be prepared enough!” Yin Sichen finished saying this, but gently raised his finger.

Xiao Ah immediately said to Gu Xixi and her mother, “Young lady, Mrs. Gu, this is too messy, let’s go outside and wait.”

Gu Xixi raised her head and glanced at Yin Sichen, and she was not sure that Yin Sichen wanted it. What to do, I could only nod, and helped her mother leave the shop.

She had to take care of her mother!

As soon as Gu Xixi and mother Gu left the shop, a group of bodyguards instantly blocked the shop, blocking everyone in the shop, and no traffic was allowed.

“You… what do you want to do?” the beauty supervisor finally asked afterwards.

“Of course I have to compensate you for your loss.” Yin Sichen raised his hand, picked up the magazine Gu Xixi had just read and flipped through it slowly, never replying again.

In the next second, Xiao Ah commanded several bodyguards to grab the chairs and smashed them towards all the places where they could hit the beauty center.

The strength of several big men was not comparable to that of women.

Only a chair was thrown over and the whole cabinet fell to the ground!

Countless glasses were turning into slag.

Whether it was the beauty products in the store or the personal items, they were all smashed.

The dozen or so women were shocked when they saw this scene, screaming frantically!

The beauty supervisor takes out his mobile phone to prepare for the alarm.

Xiao Ah said coldly, “This beauty center has been wholly acquired by Yin’s consortium. You seem to have signed contracts with this beauty center, right? Sorry, you were collectively fired, and the company will formally sue you for wanton theft of the company’s finances and huge amount! If you dare to escape, you will be punished for several crimes. The minimum sentence is ten years.”

Xiao Ah’s aura was not as strong as Yin Sichen, on the contrary, he still had the kind of mellow and loyal temperament. Such a person was easy to have no sense of existence under normal conditions.

But the words that such a non-existent Xiao Ah said, these words were just like a death sentence, slamming on the hearts of more than a dozen people.

The beauty center was acquired?

They’re being sued?

How did this happen!

The beauty supervisor shook his head again and again, “No, it’s impossible! You must be lying! I want to call, I want to call the police! “

Yin Sichen enjoyed the magazine very seriously all the way, and did not talk at all.

Xiao Ah stretched out his hand and made a gesture of asking, indicating that the beauty supervisor was free.

The beauty supervisor immediately called, “Hello? 110? I want to call the police! Someone is smashing in my shop … “

“Ah, is it Qiqi Beauty Center? Someone has already filed with the Public Security Bureau. It is to be decorated, so any movement in the store is the sound of decoration.” The other party replied, “The other party has all the certificates of the company, we can’t send the police.”


The dozen people present were dumbfounded at the same time!

How did that happen?

No, absolutely not!

The beauty supervisor shivered and dialed the phone number of the big boss, but the big boss did not refuse to answer the phone, and quickly connected the phone. Before the beauty supervisor spoke, the big boss had already said, “”Sister Liang, this time I won’t protect you. But you provoke someone you shouldn’t provoke! You are a local and often bully foreigners. I didn’t say anything, but you stabbed a big basket this time! You, the wife of the president of the dignified Yin consortium I dare to call! I really…try your bestf… take care of yourself … beeping … “

There was a busy tone on the phone.

Yin’s consortium … wife of the President …

The mobile phone suddenly slipped from the beauty supervisor’s hand to the ground, crashed with a clash, and instantly broke the screen.

The beauty supervisor was instantly pale, kneeling on the ground for a long time without words.

It’s over, it’s all over!

She had never regretted it so much!

Yes, a woman with a limited edition Hermes wallet, a woman who says she will pay by credit card, how could she be an ordinary person?

What’s wrong with outsiders?

In this province, who would dare to go against the people of the Yin Family Group?

The other beauticians panicked and cried one after another, “It has nothing to do with us! We are just acting on orders!”

The initiator of the incident-Sister Fan, was already frightened by the situation in front of her.

She was tough just now, just because her younger brother was a small local contractor.

In the local area, most people would give her some face.

But she never expected that the person she provoked today was the Yin Consortium! And it’s the wife of the president of the Yin’s consortium!

Jesus Christ!

That damn Gu Gujiang, he never said that his daughter married Yin Shi consortium, or the president’s wife!

If she had known, she would never have dared to be so fierce to Gu Xixi!

“Then what… this matter has nothing to do with me, I’m leaving now!” Sister Fan covered her face, grabbing her bag and trying to sneak away.

She hadn’t made two steps yet, when a bodyguard stopped her.

“I haven’t got the compensation, how can I leave easily?” Yin Sichen’s eyes were still on the magazine in his hand, and he said softly, “Since you want to get it, then go ahead and get it! Xiao Ah, I see her hands are not pleasing to the eye…”

“Yes, President.” Xiao Ah immediately nodded in salute, and nodded to the bodyguard who was stopping Sister Fan.

The next second, Sister Fan screamed!

The two arms bend at a strange angle!

The beauty supervisor and beauticians in the store were scared crazy, shivering, pale and urinating!

This man was terrifying!

He even said to do it!

“You…I want to call the police!” Sister Fan screamed and yelled, “You are breaking the law!”

“This lady suddenly rushed over to murder our president, did you think?” Xiao Ah turned his head immediately, he looked at the beauty supervisor meaningfully.

The beauty director was taken aback for a moment, and then he nodded frantically in the next second, and said in response to Xiao Ah’s words, “Yes, yes, sister Fan wanted to take the initiative to attack, but the self-defense counterattack hurt her arm!”

“Do we fight back?” Xiao Ah’s voice was cold.

The beauty supervisor once again got his head up and revised his statement, “No, no, no, she was going to attack, but she accidentally fell and broke her arm! It was the president who didn’t care about her, so she didn’t take the initiative to let her Pay for the loss!”

Xiao Ah nodded very satisfied, “What about the others? What do you see?”

“It is Fan Jie who broke her own arm, which has nothing to do with you!” More than a dozen beauticians cried out in tears, and madly echoed and said, “We all see clearly, that’s it!”

Sister Fan was foolish, swinging her two broken arms, turning her eyes once and completely unconscious.

By this time, the beauty center was almost smashed.

Yin sichen finally satisfied, stood up and turned to leave.

When he walked to the door, he said leisurely: “Remember to pay more, otherwise, how can I let others look down on the Yin family consortium?”

“Yes, president.” Xiao Ah immediately replied, “I will definitely compensate according to the highest standard!”

Xiao Ah finished this sentence, and the dozen or so beauticians who urinated were really scared this time!

If you got the highest compensation, you had to pay the price of severed hands and feet!

The other party won’t show mercy because they were women!

Whoever dared to hurt the president’s wife, care about your gender?

Xiao Ah looked up at the surrounding environment and said, “This beauty center has already been bought, so no matter how it is broken, there is no compensation! As for you guys…”

“We don’t want compensation, we don’t want anything! We don’t know anything! ” Several young beauticians cried and cried at once. By this time, it would be stupid to pretend to be a hero.

“That’s right, you are going to prison after all! You really don’t need compensation.” Xiao Ah nodded and said, “Someone will take you to record your confession in a while, so remember to cooperate!”

The smiling appearance of Xiao Ah made the group of people take a breath, knelt in front of Xiao Ah, crying and admitting their mistakes.

Xiao Ah pondered for a moment and said, “But the president gave an order to make good compensation. What can I do?”

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