Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 18: Old Licking Dog

Xuantian Mountain Range.

Immediately after receiving the order, the Grand Elder brought a group of disciples over.

Almost flying at full speed, it took less than a day to travel to the Xuantian Mountain Range from the other side of the Eastern State. The Grand Elder led this group of Golden Core disciples through the mountains and forests.

This group of Golden Core disciples was obviously the elite disciples of the Qiandi Sect.

As for why they sent these disciples ……

The reason was straightforward.

One was to let these disciples act as a facade so that the sect master of that secluded sect knew that their Qiandi Sect also had a profound background.

Second ……

What if some of these disciples were taken by this tens of thousands of years of inheritance of the Secluded Sect’s Sect Master?

The Qiandi Sect sent a team of elite Golden Core disciples over with that kind of mindset.

The Grand Elder rushed along with the group while he instructed these disciples.

“Remember, we’re going to visit a great powerhouse this time; you must pay attention to your attitude. Of course, we are here for a ‘chance encounter,’ so we must not be too humble, just be normal. Do you understand?”

The Grand Elder taught them carefully, fearing that these disciples would be careless and offend the sect master of the secluded sect.

If these disciples caused his Qiandi Sect and this secluded sect to become hostile, then he could only cry his eyes out.

“Grand Elder, don’t worry, we all understand.”

“All understand, all understand.”

The disciples responded, each with a look of excitement in their eyes.

Seeing this, the Grand Elder nodded in satisfaction and continued to lead the group to travel ahead.

The Xuantian Mountain Range was just a medium-sized mountain range near Wuchang City, and most of the demons born there were small demons, and real great demons were rarely seen.

So there were not many cultivators who came here. To be precise, there were not many powerful cultivators, most of those who would come to this kind of mountain range were some low-level cultivators or rogue cultivators.

Therefore, the Grand Elder did not put this mountain range in his eyes and only had the thought of finding the secluded sect master in mind.

Finally, after searching for nearly half an hour, they made a discovery. In front of them, there were two figures walking slowly.

One of them was the same person they saw on the scroll ……

The dark and mystery between heaven and earth. Holding the sun and the moon and picking stars, his eyes indifferently looking down on the world!

That was the man!!!

The aura was completely different though ……

However, this was definitely a deliberate disguise of this hidden existence, and the one on the scroll was the real side.

“Here it comes! That person is just ahead, all pay attention, do not panic, pretend to be a traveler, and that we meet by chance!”

The Great Elder waved his hand and said with a slightly nervous tone.

When the disciples heard these, they also adjusted their own state, and they only walked in Chu Yuan’s direction when they finished their adjustment.


On the other side, Chu Yuan led Zhang Han to walk among the mountains, and he was looking for cultivators.

Don’t ask why he was looking for cultivators, of course, and it was to kill and rob them!

Chu Yuan’s gaze swept around, using his sight while also using his divine sense.

Finally, he found them up ahead!

There are cultivators in their range!

Here it comes, here it comes, the killing and robbing began.

Chu Yuan mobilized his internal force, his robe billowing and fluttering, ready to make a move. He took a closer look with his divine sense.

Damn, that person is not alone but in a group of at least twenty people. Do the cultivators nowadays travel in groups?

Chu Yuan’s eyes were wide-opened, his palms trembled, and he hastily put back his force.

He couldn’t afford to mess with twenty people.

He was about to take Zhang Han to leave when he saw that group of people came straight towards them. In just a blink of an eye, they all descended from the sky and landed in front of Chu Yuan.

Chu Yuan froze. Were these people not going to let him leave? Was it possible that they wanted to rob him? Impossible. He was too poor to be robbed. He had no magic treasure, cultivation methods, and money, a complete lack of three vital Daoist attributes.

Oh, he still had a few taels of silver in his boots. His clothes were also worth a lot of money, at least a hundred taels of gold. Apart from that, he had nothing left. What was the benefit of killing him?

It would not be to take his clothes, right?

Chu Yuan was nervous, and when he was nervous, his face stiffened. From the outside, his face was a little cold, and he seemed to be a little angry from the outside.

The Grand Elder and others who landed in front certainly noticed the change in Chu Yuan’s face. All of them were greatly alarmed, and they thought that their arrival had caused discomfort to this hidden existence.

The Grand Elder did not have time to change his expression, he hurriedly cupped his hand and said: “This … fellow Daoist friend, this daoist is the Grand Elder of the Qiandi Sect. I took the sect disciples out to travel, passing by the Xuantian Mountain Range, and found that there is a divine light shining here. I guessed that there must be a divine person within the mountain range, and I deliberately looked for them.”

“But I didn’t expect that this fellow Daoist actually emitted the divine light. I was shocked by fellow Daoist’s handsome face, and I couldn’t help but bring my disciples here to pay a visit. Please forgive me if I have offended you!”

After saying that, he bowed towards Chu Yuan, his face pressed to the ground.

This statement made not only Chu Yuan, but even Zhang Han froze.

As for the twenty or so disciples, they all stared widely at each other, looking like they had seen a ghost.

The usually solemn Grand Elder was the real licking dog? What a hidden old licking dog! Hidden so deep!!!

Among the many licking dogs, they had never noticed that the Grand Elder was the real old licking dog!

Chu Yuan, who was standing on the side, took a deep breath.

There were many questions in his heart.

Wasn’t it agreed that the immortal cultivation world has always been one of deceit and deception, you live and I die. Why did this old man lick him as soon as he came?

He couldn’t figure it out, so he didn’t say anything.

The bent elder saw that Chu Yuan didn’t say anything and became even more terrified inside.

Did they still offend him? It didn’t look to be alright.

According to the custom of such hidden powerhouses, they wouldn’t reveal their strength now, but when they leave later, they will directly use some means to kill them from far away.

Especially this one in front of them. Written in the scroll was ‘Holding the sun and moon and picking stars, there is no one like me in the world.’

Would he just throw a star to smash them to death when they leave?

The Grand Elder seemed to have already seen the image of a star falling from the sky and smashing them to death.

No! They must satisfy this hidden powerhouse! Then they could only spend money to avoid disaster!

The Grand Elder counted how many possessions he had.

Millions of spirit stones ……

Hundreds of magic treasures ……

Dozens of arcane cultivation methods……

One Dao companion ……


No way.

These things were definitely looked down on by the God Transformation Realm existence!

It’s over, and they’re finished.

I’ve offended a hidden powerhouse, what should I do? Waiting online, urgent!(1)

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