The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 69 – Who Dares to Beat My Woman?

Yin Sichen leaned back on the high chair lazily, gently turning the wine glass in his hand with his fingers, looking at the scarlet wine liquid in the glass, he seemed satisfied.

This is the cellar from a French winery that his assistant would carry with him.

The market value was $100,000 a bottle, and there was no market price.

The total output in a year was only a thousand bottles, and one bottle was less than one bottle.

That was to say, people like Yin Sichen could carry red wine with such high value, just as a drink to relieve boredom.

Yin Sichen shook his glass while his thoughts flew about, and he didn’t know what happened to Xixi’s talk with her mother. How could she open her mouth and show her cards on the table? If she can’t handle it, will she ask him for help?

Suddenly there was a desire, as long as she opened her mouth, he would settle all this for her in an instant …

Gu Zhenzhen was a little frustrated because she couldn’t find Yin Sichen. She planned to try her luck in the bar. If she couldn’t meet him again, she would give up completely.

But when she stepped into the door of the bar, she raised her eyes, and her eyes were instantly attracted by the tall figure!

Yin Sichen had this ability.

No matter where he appeared, even if he was just wearing a beggar costume, he could be instantly found by others from the crowd.

That kind of natural domineering and cold feeling was simply the ultimate killer of almost all women.

“Sister…Brother-in-law!” Gu Zhenzhen rubbed his eyes hard to make sure that she was not mistaken, then took out the perfume and sprayed it twice on her body before rushing to Yin Sichen.

Yin Sichen frowned fiercely when he smelled an inferior perfume.

Gu Zhenzhen pretended to be a coincidence and said, “What a coincidence! You are here too!”

Gu Zhenzhen didn’t wait for Yin Sichen to speak, she had already sat beside Yin Sichen cheeky.

Yin Sichen didn’t pay attention to Gu Zhenzhen at all, just savouring the red wine in hand.

Gu Zhenzhen was immediately discouraged when she saw Yin Sichen without even looking at her.

She was dressed so delicately but he didn’t even look at her?

Could it be that she had not done enough?

“Brother-in-law, why are you here alone? Where’s my sister?” Gu Zhenzhen deliberately leaned on the table, squeezed her chest, and squeezed out a deep gully.

When she used this trick to deal with men, she never failed it once.

Therefore, this time, she applied the old trick.

As a result, Yin Sichen was still enjoying elegant wine tasting and didn’t give her one out of the corner of her eye.

Gu Zhen was really not convinced, and planned to continue leaning forward.

Before she was close to an inch, one hand suddenly appeared in front of Gu Zhenzhen, blocking Gu Zhenzhen’s next move.

“Miss Gu, please take self-respect.” Xiao Ah said to Gu Zhenzhen very calmly, “The smell of inferior perfume on your body has already hit the president!”

Gu Zhenzhen’s face suddenly became hot!

She had never lost anyone so much.

Yin sichen didn’t look at her from the beginning to the end, only Xiao Ah said such a word to her, still tore up her disguise completely.

Gu Zhenzhen just wanted to say something when Xiao Ah’s phone rang suddenly.

Xiao Ah looked at the number and immediately connected to the phone.

The phone call was very short, and the other party reported what had just happened in a brief and concise manner.

After hanging up the phone, Xiao Ah immediately said to Yin Sichen, “President, young lady is besieged by a group of people!”

When Yin Sichen heard these words, his eyes instantly became cold, he put the wine glass in his hand on the table, turned and left!

Xiao Ah quickly followed.

Gu Zhenzhen sat on the spot dumbfounded.

She had been showing off the career line for so long, was it no better than a phone call?

Gu Zhenzhen suddenly felt unconvinced, so when Xiao Ah turned around, Gu Zhenzhen also followed him, “Brother-in-law, wait for me! I’ll go with you!”

Xiao Ah never knew that a woman could be cheeky to this extent!

Now everyone was worried about Gu Xixi, no one be able to block Gu Zhenzhen, so Xiao Ah has not blocked Gu Zhenzhen, and she just follows behind

She was not qualified to get in the car anyway.

Gu Xixi saw the group of women gathered with her and her mother, and her mother was in a trance because of the shock.

Gu Xixi wanted to take care of her mother, so the person who confronted the mad woman was handed over to the bodyguard.

Gu Xixi didn’t expect at all things to become like this!

She merely took her mother to do treatment, and even met her father’s mistress, but she was surrounded by people here in the store!

There was no law anymore?

Relying on being a local, then wantonly bullying outsiders?

Was it really easy to be bullied by being a foreigner?

“Young lady, please stay back, it won’t be good if you get hurt by mistake,” the bodyguard whispered.

Gu Xixi immediately helped her mother to lean towards the wall.

Gu Xixi looked up at her pale mother, who had not walked out of the blow so far, and couldn’t help but sigh.

Although she had anticipated that her mother would not be able to withstand this blow, she didn’t expect her mother to be like a walking dead when the truth spread out.

It was just knowing that my father had a mistress outside. If my mother knew that my father still hid the private money, kept dating and was always ready to divorce her, could my mother really persist?

Gu Xixi looked at more than a dozen women in front of her and blocked all three people on her side to the wall. The first thought in her mind was: Yin Sichen, where are you?

Wait, when did you become so dependent on Yin Sichen?

Before Gu Xixi continued to think, the woman named Fan Jie immediately said to Gu Xixi and Mother Gu, “Say, who are you guys? How do you know my husband? “

Gu Xixi suddenly laughed at this sentence, “It’s really funny! Thieves shout to catch thieves this kind of thing,  and this kind of thing can also be done in a high-sounding manner! Gu Jiaqiang is my father, and the lady next to me is his first wife! Who are you to yell at us? Do you know that you are breaking the law? “

“I’m breaking the law? Humph!” Sister Fan snorted and looked at Mother Gu disdainfully and said, “No wonder Gu Jiaqiang is looking for me instead of me. Old, ugly, stupid and ignorant women, I will also be bored! Since you are his daughter, it happens that I want to apply for a new year card, you pay for it”

What? !

Are you kidding me about the universe?

Can you be so confident when you are a mistress?

Gu Xixi laughed so angry!

The first time she heard such a robber’s logic!

“Your dad promised me that you will give me all his money for filial piety! If this is the case, don’t bother, just give it to me!” Sister Fan’s gaudy face was full of complacency, “Anyway Even if your parents are divorced, you still have to be filial to your father! So, hurry up!”

Gu Xixi was speechless for a moment.

To be such a shameless person, sincerely, no explanation was needed.

“What if I don’t?” Gu Xixi asked hardly.

“No?” The woman named Fan snorted coldly, turned around and grabbed an ornament on the table, and smashed it towards the window!

Wow—the exquisite showcase was cracked instantly!

“No? Then make up for the loss here!” The other party’s tone is simply an understatement, “Here you are looking at more than a dozen eyes, and you can testify that you smashed things here! Don’t spit out some money  today you can’t get out of this door!”

Gu Xixi instantly smiled, “You are such a blatant bully?”

“Yes, it is to bully you! You and your mother shrug their heads, don’t bully you bully who? We are locals, so what if we call the police? You have no evidence to prove that you didn’t smash this! As long as the supervisor here says that it is you, it is you! ” This woman was arrogant to the extreme.

This time, Gu Xixi’s mother, who was held by Gu Xixi, finally returned to absolute being and heard the other party’s words.

Mother Gu’s lips trembled, “How did you meet Gu Jiaqiang?”

” I didn’t know him for a long time. He was generous and treated me well.” The arrogant little mistress looked up and down mother Gu and said with contempt. “If I were you, I would have gotten divorced long ago! What are you still relying on in Gu’s family? I have heard that you have been working hard in Gu’s family for so many years. It’s really pitiful! But you don’t want to make me feel bad. You, Gu Jiaqiang wants to be with me, there is a way for you to find him to settle the account!”

Mother Gu pushed away Gu Xixi’s hand and strode to sister Fan. Although her face was gray, she was still firm and said, “Don’t think about it! As long as I don’t get a divorce, you will be the one who can never get on the stage!””

Mother Gu’s words completely irritated the other party, and the other party raised her hand and slapped her over to her face!

Gu Xixi screamed and rushed up, hugged her mother, and blocked her with her body.

At this time, the bodyguard also took action and restrained the murderous woman.

When Sister Fan saw that she was caught by her wrist again, she suddenly yelled,: “What are you doing in a daze?!”

The supervisor and a dozen other beauticians rushed up towards Gu Xixi and her mother.

When Mother Gu saw that the group was about to beat her daughter, she immediately got her strength and turned to protect Gu Xixi in her arms.

Numerous fists fell on mother Gu, and Gu Xixi was firmly held in her arms by her mother, feeling her mother’s pain.

Gu Xixi’s tears suddenly blurred her vision.

From childhood to adulthood, my mother protected herself in this way.

When I was a child, my grandmother wanted to punish herself for being naughty, so my mother held herself silently and took the anger from grandma for herself.

But now that I have grown up, I even need the protection of my mother …

Yin Sichen, where are you?

You should show up quickly.

Please …

Gu Xixi’s tears blurred her vision. She had never longed for Yin Sichen so much.

Because now Yin Sichen was the only one who could save her.

Maybe God heard her prayer. When mother Gu was punched for more than a dozen times, the glass door behind her suddenly came a broken voice!

Everyone turned and looked back at the same time.

Everybody saw the original sturdy window and door, which had already been kicked.

A tall, handsome, imposing man rushed in, his eyes fell on Gu Xixi’s body for the first time, a forceful aura suddenly let go, the corner of his mouth was pressed, and the cold words slowly slipped out, “Who dares to beat my woman?”

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