The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 103 – The Ancient Zither Sounded

Luo Tong looked down at the disciples who came to participate in the Sword Sect Assembly and smiled at Sun HongOrigin, “There are so many disciples who came to participate in the Sword Sect Assembly!”

Sun HongOrigin laughed, “This Sword Sect Assembly is the biggest event in the Heavenly God Domain in recent years, and the number of disciples who have come to register for it has reached hundreds of millions.”

Luo Tong flattered, “Brother Sun HongOrigin’s sword skills are unparalleled, if Brother Sun HongOrigin participated, the first place in the Sword Sect Assembly would definitely be Brother Sun HongOrigin’s.”

Sun HongOrigin smiled when he heard that, “Senior sister Luo Tong has praised me.”

“In fact, there are countless sword dao geniuses in the Heavenly God Domain, and there are many who are better than me.”

As the two talked and laughed, they followed Qiu Yue, Wu Jinguo, and the others into the main peak of the Returned Origin Sword Sect.

After a while, Elder Jiang Feng returned and apologized to Lu Yiping and Huang Jiu, “Sorry, all of you.” Then said, “Come on, let’s go over and register now.”

Then he led Lu Yiping and the others over towards the registration hall.

“The Tai Qing Sword Sect has come with a big shot this time?” Dragon Horned Golden Bull casually asked.

Jiang Feng nodded, “This time, the Tai Qing Sword Sect is led by Old Ancestor Wu Jinguo, and a group of Tai Qing Sword Sect’s supreme elders, elders, more than forty people have come.”

He added, “This old ancestor Wu Jinguo is a mid-stage Heavenly God powerhouse, very strong, his thunder wind sword technique has been cultivated to the thunder wind mingling realm, once between one move, kill three major early Heavenly God powerhouses!”

“Oh, I didn’t expect the Tai Qing Sword School to have come with such a powerful figure.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed.

Jiang Feng hmmed, “With the strength of old ancestor Wu Jinguo, even an ordinary mid Heavenly God expert is no match for him.”

Soon they entered the registration hall.

There was Jiang Feng leading, so Fan Yula and, Fan Sheng two siblings, did not need to queue and directly enroll.

Afterward, Jiang Feng arranged places for Lu Yiping and the others to stay.

 “When will your ancestor return?” Lu Yiping asked.

Jiang Feng saw that Lu Yiping was asking about their ancestor again. With a strange feeling, he said, “I’m not sure about this, but the first place of the Sword Sect Assembly is expected to receive an audience and instruction from the ancestor, so the ancestor should come back before the end of the Sword Sect Assembly.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull saw that Jiang Feng was puzzled and said, “This time our master came over to meet your ancestor.”

Jiang Feng was stunned and laughed, “Our ancestor, now generally does not see outsiders, not to mention you, even it is difficult our Lord Patriarch of the Returned Origin Sword Sect and the grand elders want to see the old ancestor.”

“So, if you want to meet our ancestor, I’m afraid you won’t be able to do so.”

Lu Yiping smiled lightly when he heard that, “Really.”

“Yes, not to mention you, even the current patriarch of the Chu Family would find it difficult to meet the ancestor once.” Jiang Feng nodded his head.

Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng looked at each other, both were surprised, earlier on the road, they did not know who the acquaintance Lu Yiping spoke of was, could it be Lord Chu Tong, the ancestor of the Returning Origin Sword Sect?!

They wondered what the relationship between Lord Lu and Lord Chu Tong is?

Soon, Jiang Feng arranged a place to stay for them, and it was a quadrangular courtyard with six rooms.

When Jiang Feng left, Huang Jiu gave him a sizeable divine spirit stone; Jiang Feng politely postponed it, then took it and left with a smile. Then he said that if they had any needs in the next few days, they could find him.

After Jiang Feng left, Fan Yulan curiously asked Lu Yiping, “Young Master, could it be that the acquaintance you are looking for is Lord Chu Tong?”

“Mm.” Lu Yiping nodded his head.

Both Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng were surprised, and it was really Lord Chu Tong!

However, the two did not dare enough to ask about the relationship between Lu Yiping and Chu Tong.

“There’s nothing to do, let’s go out for a walk.” Lu Yiping got up after sitting for a while.

Huang Jiu said, “There is a plains market in front of us, which is run by the Returned Origin Sword Sect, and it is the largest trading market in the continent, my lord, let’s go over there and take a look?”

“It’s fine.” Lu Yiping said.

So, they went out of the courtyard and headed towards the Plain market that Huang Jiu had mentioned.

In less than twenty minutes, a few people saw a super large plain over the mountain! And above the plain, the streets were crisscrossed with stores!

There was no end to it!

This plains market, completely without walls.

There was a lot of traffic within the Plain market, and people were as dense as ants.

“This is the Qingyang Plain market!” Fan Sheng exclaimed, “So big! I heard that the treasures that other chambers of commerce in the Heavenly God Domain can’t buy can be bought here.”

“There are even people who have found supreme treasures within this Qingyang Plain market.”

Huang Jiu laughed, “Is it that easy to find the best treasure?”

Lu Yiping entered the market with the flow of people.

When they passed a store, Lu Yiping stopped.

This store was very small and dilapidated. The store plaque was written in two words, ‘Little Shop.’

However, the plaque that was covered with dust, the two words “Little Shop” looked a little blurry.

“Little Shop?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull saw the name of the store and said in dismay, “It can’t be that little store back then, right?”

Back then, when he and Lu Yiping both entered the Nine Heavens, they had also bought something from a store called Little Shop, and something happened back then, so he remembered that Little Shop’s store very well.

Lu Yiping led the others to walk in.

Little Shop was not significant, only dozens of square meters, all kinds of things stacked like miscellaneous items inside.

In the center of the store, there was an old table with an ancient zither on it. Its body seemed to have been burned by something and was scorched black in many places.

Business seems to be bad; in the corner, an old man dressed like a boss was drowsy there, the old man saw Lu Yiping and the others came in, he got up to greet them, “I wonder what a few people want to buy?”

Lu Yiping came before the zither and said, “Boss, how much do you sell this zither?”

The boss was stunned and laughed, “Sir, we don’t sell the zither.”

“Not for sale?” Fan Yulan was surprised, “Then why do you out it here?”

“Our master said that if someone can play this zither well, this zither will be given to him.” The boss smiled, “Moreover, anything in this store can be taken away at will.”

Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng were stunned, and even Huang Jiu was greatly surprised.

“Seriously? Just play this ancient zither?” Fan Sheng asked with a leap of faith.

The boss laughed and said, “Indeed.”

Fan Sheng could not help but go up and put his hands on the zither, then he wanted to pull the strings, but to the dismay of Huang Jiu and Fan Yulan, the strings did not move at all!

Fan Sheng’s power of the ancient emperor’s hands light surging, but, no matter how hard he tried, he could not pull the strings.

Each string seemed to weigh a hundred billion tons.

Fan Yulan also went up curiously and tried, but she also could not pull it.

Lu Yiping went up, put his right palm on it, and plucked it. At once, the sound of the zither exploded like heavenly thunder, and the whole Qingyang plain was shaken.

A huge black dragon from within the ancient qin fly out, the dragon’s roar resounded through the world.

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