Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 17: The Grand Elder Can’t be a Dog Licker

A few days later, a figure stood between the hillside outside of Wuchang City. White robe, long hair, ethereal and illusory temperament, like he was above the common folk. As though a peerless immortal that walked in the world.

This figure was Chu Yuan.

Behind Chu Yuan, Zhang Han followed closely.

Obviously, Zhang Han has already worshipped Chu Yuan as a teacher through these days and voluntarily followed him back to the sect to cultivate.

After freeloading, ahem, after a few days of rest in the Zhang family, Chu Yuan intended to return to the sect and tricked Zhang Han first.

However, Chu Yuan intended to take a trip to the nearby mountain range on the way before returning to the sect.

From his time in Wuchang City, he learned that it was perilous among the immortal cultivators. There were countless killings and plunderings.

Well, a certain someone surnamed Chu was planning to do that plundering.

It couldn’t be helped, and he was too poor.

As a Nascent Soul realm cultivator, he was weak and poor, and he did not even have a decent cultivation method. He could only rob people!

“Disciple, the Xuantian Mountain Range is in this direction, right? Let’s go, and I’ll take you over there, the first lesson I’ll teach you is to let you experience the world of immortal cultivators.”

Chu Yuan’s finger stretched out from his wide sleeve and pointed in a direction, with an exciting tinge in his eyes.

Robbing people ah. This was his first time killing people for their money.

It was a little exciting.

“Yes, Master.”

Zhang Han agreed meekly, and there was no wave in his eyes as if nothing could affect his state of mind. 

He hadn’t cultivated for more than ten years. Perhaps compared to his peers, his cultivation base was the worst. But his state of mind that has been tempered over the past ten years has left him unwavering.

Chu Yuan, who heard this, didn’t say anymore. He swept Zhang Han with his force, the bottom of his feet produced clouds. They headed towards Xuantian Mountain Range.


At the same time, in the main hall of Qiandi Sect.

A message that came caused the top brass of the Qiandi Sect to pay extreme attention.

Someone had found the trail of the secluded sect’s sect master.

When this news came in, all the top brass of the Qiandi Sect instantly exploded, and all gathered together to discuss it.

The Grand Elder held the painting scroll and faced the many elders as well as the Sect Master.

“According to the news, it was discovered by a traveling disciple of our clan. Three days ago, a person exactly like the one on the scroll was found in the mortal’s Great Zhou Wuchang City.”

“Except that this person’s realm is only at Nascent Soul and not as dominating as the one on the scroll, he looks like an ordinary Nascent Soul realm, without any outstanding features!”

The eldest elder spoke in detail.

The elders opened their mouths.

“Could it be that they were just similar? Not actually the same person?”

“Unlikely, I do think that this is what a hidden powerhouse looks like, hidden and concealed. Of course, it is impossible to let the world know, and pretending to walk the earth as a Nascent Soul realm was very much in line with the persona of a hidden powerhouse!”

“I also think that he deliberately pretended to be a Nascent Soul cultivator. This secluded sect’s sect master obviously does not want to be disturbed.”

They talked a lot, but in the end, they all came to one conclusion.

The sect master of this secluded sect did not want to be discovered by others, so he deliberately pretended to be a Nascent Soul and hid among the mortals.

This conclusion put the elders in a difficult position.

The sect master of the secluded sect obviously did not want others to disturb him, but they finally found a lead on his whereabouts.

Not disturbing, didn’t this make them seem to be in an ‘unrequited love’? So, better to disturb or not?

After much deliberation, they still could not make a decision.

Finally, they turned their attention to the Sect Master Qian Yuan, wanting to let the Sect Master Qian Yuan make a decision.

The Sect Master Qian Yuan was also frowning, unable to understand, carefully thinking about the countermeasures. To be honest, he was also unwilling, thinking about it, and suddenly, a bright idea came to him.

“There! Since this secluded sect’s sect master likes to hide in the world, it would not be convenient to disturb him, but we can go to a chance encounter ah!” Sect Master Qian Yuan said slowly with narrowed eyes.

A chance encounter!!!

The moment this word came out, the elders’ eyes lit up.

Yes. They couldn’t bother this secluded sect’s sect master, but it didn’t mean they couldn’t have a chance encounter! A chance encounter was fate, and this Secluded Sect’s Sect Master couldn’t refuse it.

And if they met him by chance, maybe he would be in a good mood and teach them something? It should be known that a sect with ten thousand years of heritage was very scary.  A little bit of their inheritance would benefit them a lot!

Thinking like this, the elders got excited.

“Sect Master, Sect Master, let me have this chance encounter!!!”

“Bullshit, let me go, Sect Master, don’t look at my glamorous appearance, in fact, I’m actually a licking dog, let me go for a chance encounter! I will definitely lick this secluded sect’s sect master to the point of comfort ……”

“Sect Master, it’s better to let me go!”

Sect Master Qian Yuan was once again silent at hearing vying elders’ words.

He didn’t know who to choose, actually, he wanted to go himself. In fact, it wasn’t anything about wanting to make profits or anything, and the most important thing was that he wanted to be a licking dog. But he had to deal with the whole Qiandi Sect and couldn’t get away.

He simply couldn’t go to have a ‘chance encounter’.

They discussed it for a while and decided to let the Grand Elder go.

The Sect Master Qian Yuan clearly announced that he could not go, nor could he let this group of licking dogs go. So he chose the superficially seemingly virtuous and respected Grand Elder.

He believed that a person like the Grand Elder, who was known for his solemnity, would not become a licking dog. Well, he, the Sect Master Qian Yuan, guaranteed that he definitely would not.

If someone as serious as the Grand Elder would still lick people, then his Sect Master Qian Yuan would swallow these pillars of the Great Hall on the spot. Swallowed raw! If he chewed them, then he’s not human!

The Grand Elder’s expressionless face showed a touch of excitement at this opportunity and said, “Sect Master, I will definitely complete the task. The Daoless Sect and the Qiandi Sect will definitely reach a friendly friendship!”

The Sect Master Qian Yuan hadn’t wanted to say anything, but when he saw the appearance of the Grand Elder, a bad feeling inexplicably flashed through his heart.

Had he been careless?

Shaking his head, he removed the evil thought.

“Grand Elder, bring some disciples when you go. Pretend to bring them to gain experience. Of course, you have to act a little bit, remember not to expose it. I won’t spare you if we had a bad relationship with Daoless Sect because of this!” Sect Master Qian Yuan said indifferently.

The Grand Elder nodded and agreed, then said: “I heard that the Secluded Sect Master has left Wuchang City and went to the Xuantian Mountain Range, then I will leave immediately and go to the Xuantian Mountain Range to meet the Secluded Sect Master by chance!”

The Sect Master Qian Yuan nodded, did not say anything, and silently regretted in his heart.

What a pity. This opportunity was not for him, blame this damn sect master identity. If it was not for this identity, he would undoubtedly lick ……

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