The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 68 – Mother Gu Discovered The Betrayal

Mother Gu was so happy when she heard others praise her daughter. Her nervousness was wiped out. The chattering box was opened, and she immediately started chatting eagerly.

Gu Xixi held a magazine in the lobby on the first floor and looked at it leisurely. Although waiting for her mother here, she didn’t feel bored at all.

“Husband, since you are not coming today, then I will do the beauty treatment. Okay, I see, bye!” A woman opened the door while calling.

Gu Xixi always felt a little familiar when she heard this voice, as if she had heard it somewhere.

Looking up, she saw a woman in her forties, with make up still on her face, wearing a tight-fitting skirt, stepping on ten-centimeter high heels, and walking in while talking on the phone.

Gu Xixi just looked up at the convenience and quickly shifted the line of sight.

As soon as the woman entered the door, she shouted, “Is Teacher Qi busy? I forgot to make an appointment this time! “

“Sister Fan, Teacher Qi is doing beauty for other customers now. Would you like to wait for a while?” Immediately, a receptionist came over and greeted “Sister Fan, your season card is almost finished. Do you want to make up the card again?”

“This is easy to say! When my husband gets the money, I will open a new year card this time!” The woman swiftly said with pride, “My husband has recently become rich, and he told him that he will give him a lot of money when her daughter has a baby!”

Gu Xixi had no feelings for this woman at first. But when she heard the other person say this, her eyes picked up and couldn’t help but look at the other person more.

The daughter gave birth to a child? Is it a coincidence?

The waiter who has been complimenting this woman really looked envious and said, “Wow, sister Fan, your husband’s daughter is going to have a baby, then you are going to be a grandma?”

The woman said with disdain, “Who is her grandma! Of course, if she can give me a lot of money, I don’t mind being her stepmother!”

Gu Xixi suddenly felt her throat uncomfortable, coughed gently, and instinctively disliked this beautifully dressed woman.

This woman also looked up at Gu Xixi, perhaps because Gu Xixi was younger and more beautiful than her, which stung this woman’s eyes, and this woman stared at Gu Xi Xi with malicious intent.

Even if Gu Xixi was reading a magazine, she could feel the other side’s unkind look.

Gu Xixi ignored the other party, but unexpectedly, the other party took the initiative to say hello to Gu Xixi, “You look upright? I am a frequent visitor here. Why haven’t I met you before?

Gu Xixi put down the magazine, Just smiled politely at the other party, not going to answer this kind of question.

At this moment, the woman’s phone rang. The woman showed off the Apple phone she just bought and turned on the speakerphone to connect the phone, “Husband…”

“Fanfan, have you eaten yet?” A familiar voice came from the phone.

After Gu Xixi heard this sound, her whole body froze instantly!

The voice, she couldn’t be more familiar with!

Gu Xixi glanced at this woman!

The woman thought that Gu Xixi was envious of her mobile phone, deliberately pointed the direction of the phone towards Gu Xixi, and continued to coquettishly said, “Husband, you don’t come to me, I have no appetite!”

“Oh, I have something to do when I go back tonight. Eat something by yourself.” Gu Xixi, who was irritated by a familiar voice, stood up suddenly, staring at the woman’s iPhone!


You had gone too far!

 “I don’t care! If you don’t come to me, I won’t eat it!” The woman continued to act like a baby. Now she completely thinks that Gu Xixi has fallen in love with her mobile phone, her face is jealous and hate!

Gu Xixi squeezed the magazine in her hand tightly with her fingers, and stared at this woman…and the phone in her hand with cold eyes.

After the woman finished the crooked call, Gu Xixi couldn’t help it anymore, “Is your husband called Gu Jiaqiang?”

The woman suddenly blurted out, “How do you know my husband?”

Gu Xixi suddenly closed her eyes!

You couldn’t find a place to tread. It didn’t take much effort to get it all!

It turned out that this woman was the mistress raised by father outside!

Gu Xixi couldn’t sit still anymore, dropped the magazine in her hand, grabbed her bag and turned around to find her mother.

But when Gu Xixi turned a corner, she saw her mother standing there motionless…

“Mom, why are you…” Gu Xixi’s heart sank, no! Did mother hear something?

 Mother Gu glanced at Gu Xixi blankly, pushed Gu Xixi away, walked straight to the woman and asked, “Is the man you called your husband Gu Jiaqiang from Gujia Village, Futian Town? “

“Yes, who are you? How do you know my husband? ” The woman looked at mother Gu, looked up and down, and made sure that the other party was not competitive with her. Then she disdainfully saying, “You are not the woman who wants to sleep with my husband, are you? Please, you are of this grade!”

Mother Gu’s face was brushed , and she suddenly became pale!

Her body staggered and fell towards the ground behind her!

Gu Xixi rushed up with one step, held her mother with one hand, and said in a trembling voice, “Mom, maybe there is a misunderstanding …”

“Xixi, did you already know something?” Mother Gu reached out and grabbed Gu Xixi’s wrist. With such strength, Gu Xixi’s brow wrinkled.

Gu Xixi didn’t push away her mother’s hand, but shook her head weakly.

What else could she say now? Any explanation was so pale and feeble.

Mother Gu suddenly let go of Gu Xixi’s hand, her eyes were covered with ashes, and she stumbled and rushed out.

At this time, the beautician in charge of beautifying mother Gu was also embarrassed and said to Gu Xixi, “It’s none of my business. She said she was going to the bathroom, and then…”

Gu Xixi what? I didn’t want to say anymore, turned around and chased her mother, “Mom, wait for me! Mom…”

Father Gu’s little mistress outside also reacted at this time. At present, these two people can call out Gu Jiqiang’s name, which was definitely not unknown!

She rushed up immediately and stopped mother Gu at the door.

“You make it clear, how do you know my husband?” The woman looked at Mother Gu and Gu Xixi with a wary face.

Gu Xixi must be as annoyed as she was at this time. She hadn’t found the right opportunity to show off with her mother. This woman just popped out of nowhere, and unceremoniously tore out the bloody facts.

She hadn’t settled the account with her yet, but she was quite courageous and dared to find her original partner to tear her up!

“Gu Jiaqiang hasn’t divorced yet, do you know this?” Gu Xixi almost gritted her teeth and asked.

“So what? He will get divorced sooner or later!” The woman said disdainfully, “He said, as long as I am pregnant, regardless of boys or girls, he will divorce and marry me immediately!”

Mother Gu’s body was like sifting chaff. She shivered, the brilliance of her eyes slowly faded, and the voice almost squeezed out of his teeth, “What are you talking about? He wants to divorce and marry you?”

Gu Xixi held her mother at once and looked at her with anxiety.

Unexpectedly, this matter would be exposed in such a way.

Would it be better if it was another way?

Well, the result was the same in any way.

Mother Gu pushed away Gu Xixi’s hand at once, and walked towards the woman.

“What are you doing? What do you want to do? ” The woman saw mother Gu walking towards her, and she didn’t know why she was feeling empty, so she stretched out her hand to push mother Gu.

“Do you dare to do it?” Gu Xixi stood in front of mother Gu all of a sudden, staring at the woman with cold eyes, “You try to move her finger?”

“Hey, you dare to threaten me, I really just …” When the woman saw Gu Xixi standing in front of the old woman, she immediately flew up and threw her wrist at Gu Xixi’s face!

In the next second, a wrist firmly controlled the woman’s hand.

The woman struggled a few times, but she couldn’t get rid of the other’s restraint.

Gu Xixi looked up and immediately recognized the other person. He was one of Yin Sichen’s bodyguards.

This man talked very little, but his skill was neat. Apparently Yin Sichen sent him to secretly protect her.

Gu Xixi nodded at the other person to express her gratitude, and helped her mother to turn around and leave.

The woman was controlled by the man who came out suddenly, and she screamed: “Who are you? What are you stopping me? Do you know who I am! In this place, neither do you Inquire about my sister Fan? You are an outsider, and you dare not bully me? Director, you just watched me being bullied by outsiders? Do you still want me to continue to apply for the card here?”

The supervisor hesitated.

Although Gu Xixi was very generous, she was indeed a foreigner’s face.

This sister Fan was a native and a regular customer here.

The supervisor considered it for a moment and immediately said, “Stop them! They stole things from the store! “

Stole something from the store?

Gu Xi Xi was suddenly angry and smiled!

At this time, Mother Gu was struck by the betrayal of father Gu’ and couldn’t hear anything. Gu Xixi helped her mother walk to the door and was stopped by someone, but she did not respond.

The bodyguard responsible for protecting Gu Xixi loosened the woman’s wrist and immediately came to Gu Xixi’s side, taking Gu Xixi and mother Gu away.

Although the bodyguard’s hand was very good, facing a group of women…he suddenly couldn’t get his hands off.

The consequences of a heavy shot were not easy to deal with. Besides, this was not N city.

Gu Xixi stopped all of a sudden, and looked back at the beauty shop’s supervisor and said softly, “It seems that your supervisor is at the end.”

The supervisor  did not listen to Gu Xixi’s words and directed a dozen beauticians at once. The door was locked!

There was only one bodyguard, but the opponent had a dozen people!

Without any hesitation, the bodyguard immediately took out the phone and Xiao Ah quickly reported the situation here.

“Hit her!” The woman named Fan suddenly pinched her waist and screamed, “This mother and daughter must know my husband! Shameless! The mother and daughter teamed up to grab a man from me! I was going to die. Fight! I am responsible for the problem!”

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