It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 206 – The Ant Must be Killed!

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On the sky above Sea Cliff.

Hu Luoti looking at Huang Rumeng with gratitude on his face.

“Thank you for your life-saving grace, Immortal!”

Hu Luoti was about to kneel down, but found that she couldn’t kneel down at all.

“Well, since you and I are destined, then listen to my music!”

After speaking, Huang Rumeng took out the guqin and began to play.


The beautiful guqin sound filled her heart.

At this moment, Hu Luoti felt the rapid changes in the surrounding scenery. Warm sun, spring breeze on green meadow, surrounded by family playing. Her mood rose rapidly.

Once the song was over, Hu Luoti still closed her eyes, unmoving. She quietly felt the changes on her being and shocked still.

My soul has grown more than ten times! The simplicity of this method was incredible. When did human have such a terrifying Immortal? Was she really a Flower Fairy?


When did Flower Fairy play the guqin?

Hu Luoti opened her eyes after a long time and her face was full of joy.

She looked at Huang Rumeng with gratitude all over her face.

“Thank you, Immortal, for giving me a new lease of life!” Hu Luoti cupped her fist in a salute.

“No need! As a Divine Fox clan, why do you appear here?” Huang Rumeng asked.

“Immortal, it’s a long story, but it’s all because of the Divine Tortoise Race! I was captured by them. They gave me to the Dragon Lord to reach some kind of agreement with the Dragon Clan!” Hu Luoti said.

“Some kind of agreement?” Huang Rumeng frowned slightly, “With the Divine Tortoise Clan’s strength, they don’t have to rely on the Dragon Clan, right?”

Hu Luoti was startled slightly. This Immortal knew so clearly about the monster race, amazing!

Hu Luoti’s eyes were full of worship.

“Yes, Immortal, but they seem to be going to deal with a certain monster immortal!” Hu Luoti said.

‘To deal with a certain monster immortal? Is it the mother emperor? Or other monster immortals? Isn’t the tortoise clan not participating in these disputes?’ Huang Rumeng became more puzzled with every thought. Uneasiness rushed to her heart.

“This is a jade slip, please help pay me attention to this matter. If the Tortoise Clan make some trouble, please tell me immediately!”

After speaking, Huang Rumeng threw out a jade slip and handed it to Hu Luoti.

“Yes, Immortal, I promise to complete the task!”

Hu Luoti took the jade slip and nodded.

After some thought, Huang Rumeng took out a dress from her spiritual space and handed it to Hu Luoti, “Take this, maybe it will help you!”

Hu Luoti took the dress instantly.


It was as if she was struck by thunder, she couldn’t help but tremble.

‘This…this is an immortal weapon, I can’t even see the rank, maybe it’s a middle-grade immortal weapon! There’s at least 80% certainty to pass the tribulation with this dress! Does the Immortal figured that I would undergo a tribulation before giving this to me?’

As she thought of this, Hu Luoti looked gratefully at Huang Rumeng.

“Thank you, Immortal. In this life, my Heavenly Fox Clan will take you as our guide!” After speaking, Hu Luoti kowtowed three times at Huang Rumeng.

Upon seeing this scene, Huang Rumeng’s face changed uncertainly. She wanted to reveal her identity but thought against it. The Demon Ancestor Mountain probably thought she was dead. She could manipulate anything by hiding in the dark.

“That’s it, you go back first, if you have any news, report to me immediately!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Yes, Immortal!” Hu Luoti cupped her fists but did not leave.

“You still have something to say?” Huang Rumeng asked.

“I-Immortal, I don’t know your name yet!” Hu Luoti said.

“Just call me Godly Cunning Immortal!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Thank you, Godly Cunning Immortal! Hu Luoti will go now!”

Hu Luoti took out a piece of talisman paper and squeezed it lightly.


Ripples appeared in the sky, Hu Luoti got into it and disappeared.

After Hu Luoti left, Huang Rumeng took off the hairpin and thoughtfully glanced at it.

“Madam Supreme, I am Fen Zhao, you can call me Xiao Fen!” A voice came from the hairpin.

“Inner demon? You saved me just now?” Huang Rumeng asked.

“Madam Supreme, this little one is no longer a demon, you should call me a heart buddha! Saving you is just a requirement of the Supreme Being! Supreme Being must have known long ago that you will face this calamity, so he sealed me in this hairpin!”

Hearing these words, Huang Rumeng nodded slightly, her eyes were moved, “Young Master, thank you!”

“Then did you know how to break the Everlasting Immobility?” Huang Rumeng asked.

“Replying to Madam, this one has been by your side for a few months, and hears the music you played every day, and his soul grows extremely fast! Several days ago, the Supreme Being dug a crystal at Taichu Mine which had a remnant soul of a peerless monster. I happened to swallow it and my soul was strengthened tenfold!”

“In addition, Madam, your soul is extremely strong and has withstood more than 50% of the power of the Hunyuan Bell. Therefore, although Everlasting Immobility only damaged a little, it is entirely your credit!” Fen Zhao said flatteringly.

“Okay, I get it!” Huang Rumeng nodded and put the hairpin away. Afterward, she looked in the direction of Great Demon Mountain, with a trace of worry on her face.

“Young Master, if I give my dress to someone else, you won’t drive me away, will you? As long as you don’t drive me away, Rumeng will do anything for you!”

Huang Rumeng took out the immortal boat and walked into it. Then, the immortal boat disappeared with a ripple.

The seafloor restored its calm. 

Qing Chi poked out his head from under the Hunyuan Bell, he looked at the three Dragon Commanders, and whispered: “That lowly … Immortal is gone?”

“My Lord, she went long ago!”

“My Lord, we are safe!”

Hearing this, Qing Chi waved his right hand and put the Hunyuan Bell away.

He stepped out and walked into the palace, “Send my order, I want to meet that bast(1) … Divine Tortoise Clan!”

“Yes, My Lord!”

After a while, a man in green clothes came quickly with a few people. Each of them carried a tortoise shell on their back.

“Greetings the Dragon Lord!” They bowed down.

“You may rise!”

“Thank you, Dragon Lord!”

“I already know about your matter, and it’s okay if you want me to agree, but you have to add one condition!” Qing Chi said.

Hearing this, the green-clothed man’s eyes beamed, “Dragon Lord, please say it!”

“Within one month, send a hundred thousand troops from your clan to gather here! Among them, the ancestor Xuan Lao must be present!” Qing Chi said.

As soon as these words came out, the face of the man in green changed dramatically.

“Don’t worry, it’s only for one month! After a month, I will lead an army to attack the human race and slaughter these ants!”

“If I didn’t see the ancestor Xuan Lao with a hundred thousand army, then forget it!” Qing Chi said.

“Yes, yes, Dragon Lord!” The man in green said.

“Well, you can go!”


When the green-robed men retreated, Qing Chi looked at a red-robed man, “General Chi!”

“Master!” The man in the red robe bowed down.

“You go to the Blood Wolf Planet on my behalf, say that I am in danger, let the second brother send an army to support!” Qing Chi said.

“This…” The red-robed man’s expression was stagnant, his face full of bitterness, “Master, a mere verbal statement couldn’t be taken as proof, I’m afraid the second young master may not believe it!”

“Take this!” Qing Chi took out a pendant and handed it to the man in the red robe.

“Go and come back soon!”

“Yes!” The man in the red robe put away the pendant and left quickly.

Qing Chi was sitting on a chair, with murderous eyes.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a Flower Fairy or something. Little ants dare to trample on the dignity of the dragon clan like this, I will skin you, pull your muscle and drink your blood …”

“This time, I will not only slaughter the Tianluo Continent but also uproot the Nine Immortals of the Human Race! You are still too green to fight my Dragon Clan!” Qing Chi said each sentence resentfully.

“How is the assembly of the Ziyang Star army?” Qing Chi asked.

“Replying to the Lord, the army has gathered 30,000, but today we lost nearly 2,000, and there are 28,000 left! There are still fifty thousand troops on the way back. Within half a month, all of them will return!”

“Only that much?”

Qing Chi frowned slightly, and said, “All dragons, regardless of gender and age, will go with me!” Qing Chi shouted.

“Yes, My Lord!”

  1. Wangba can mean tortoise or stupid man.

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