Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 16: Zhang Han

Within the territory of Eastern State, Wuchang City.

The night was pitch black.

Wang Wei looked at the Zhang family residence in front of him, and his face looked complicated for a while.

He walked forward.

He was the villain. He really was the villain!

The few guards guarding the entrance of the Zhang family’s residence saw this and spoke up.

“This is Zhang family’s land, don’t go any further!!!”

Wang Wei stopped in his tracks, but remembering Chu Yuan’s command, he still raised his hand and struck.

Buzz ……

A white light formed a pentagram and hit them fiercely.

Those few guards were instantly blown away and fell to the ground.

Although they suffered some injuries, they were light injuries, not serious, apparently Wang Wei controlled his strength when he struck.

Wang Wei then walked in.

The guards who fell to the ground watched Wang Wei walk in and, in panic, went to a large bell next to them and rang it fiercely.

Dong ……

Dong ……

Dong ……

The bell rang three times.

The whole Zhang family was agitated ……

On the cloud layer, Chu Yuan stepped on the white clouds and watched it all.

His eyes lit up when he saw the technique that Wang Wei used.

He had the magic power of the Nascent Soul realm on his body, but he didn’t have any magic weapon or anything, hitting people bluntly with his magic power.

He was envious of this kind of technique.

‘I heard that many cities have places specializing in the sale of cultivation techniques, why don’t we go and take a look someday?’ Chu Yuan determined inwardly. He made his decision while thinking and continued to look down at the scene below.

Wang Wei’s intrusion into the Zhang family had attracted the Zhang family’s attention.

Many, many people surrounded Wang Wei.

But these people are all just some good fighters in the mortal realm, and only several people in the forefront were in the late Qi Refining Realm.

The same realm as Wang Wei.

“This …… Can Wang Wei handle it?”

Chu Yuan was surprised for a moment, did not make any move, and chose to continue to look.


Below, in the middle of the Zhang family square, Wang Wei was surrounded by the people of the Zhang family.

The Zhang family head looked at Wang Wei angrily and scolded, “Who are you! What is your purpose for trespassing into my Zhang Family!!!”

After all, he had been the head of the family for a long time. When he spoke, he carried a sense of authority.

Wang Wei was startled by this rebuke and subconsciously wanted to apologize, but he thought of Chu Yuan’s existence. He swallowed his apology and remembered Chu Yuan’s command.

Wang Wei gritted his teeth, pretending to look like he was laughing, and said, “Kekekekeke, I’m here …… to find your Wang family, well, to beat your Wang family!”

When they heard this strange laughter, people surrounding the Zhang family looked at Wang Wei with weird expressions.

This guy is a fool, right?

The Zhang family head snorted coldly and said, “Beating our Zhang family? Just yourself?”

Wang Wei continued to laugh with a bitter face, “Kekeke, just by myself!”

The head of the Zhang family stared hard and stopped talking nonsense. His palm was covered with a layer of white light and struck towards Wang Wei.

His movements were extremely fast, and Wang Wei could not react at all.

He was directly knocked away at once, and his entire body flew backward like a kite with a broken string.

Chu Yuan in the sky: “……”

You’re finished? You said you want to beat the Zhang family and yet you’re already finished? I mistake Wang Wei!!

Without even thinking about it, Chu Yuan released his aura to oppressed them, his figure quickly descended.

The aura of a Nascent Soul realm was oppressive.

All the Zhang family on the square instantly were all pressed to the ground, their faces flushed, unable to raise their heads.

Chu Yuan slowly landed, wearing a snow-white robe with a face as calm as water, unperturbed. He looked like a peerless immortal.

After he landed, he gathered all his aura.

The people of the Zhang family got up and looked at the immortal with horror.

Under that aura just now, their hearts could only surrender without any anger or resistance.

The difference in their realms was too significant.

The Zhang family head also changed his attitude and said evenly, “Senior is coming to my Zhang family, what are your orders?”

As he said that, he also looked at that Wang Wei, who was like a dead dog.

Could it be that this Wang Wei and this powerhouse were in cahoots?

He was a little frightened.

Chu Yuan’s face was expressionless, he looked coldly at the Zhang family head and understood what was going on.

He supervised a glance at Wang Wei who had passed out and was reassured.

This fellow was already unconscious.

Then, Chu Yuan said coldly: “Don’t worry, I have nothing to do with this person. I perceive that there is one person in your Zhang family who is predestined destiny with me and should be my disciple, so I landed here.”

Everyone in the Zhang family breathed a sigh of relief when they heard this and immediately became suspicious again.

Who in their Zhang family was predestined with this powerhouse.

Chu Yuan said indifferently, “Where is Zhang Han of the Zhang family?”

As these words came out, the Zhang family head and those present were greatly shocked.

The matter of Zhang Han’s inability to cultivate was something that happened ten years ago. Now everyone knew about it, yet this powerhouse still came to accept Zhang Han, who could not cultivate as his disciple?

The Zhang family head said bitterly, “Senior, Zhang Han is my son, but ten years ago his spiritual root was destroyed for some reason, and now he is unable to cultivate. Does senior know about this?”

He came because Zhang Han had no spiritual root ah. He didn’t want those who were not waste.

Chu Yuan secretly rolled his eyes, the surface is cold, said: “It’s okay, I have the means to help his cultivation. Moreover, I want to bring Zhang Han out, and I want to take him to the sect to cultivate.”

Could make Zhang Han cultivate?

When the Zhang family head heard this, he got excited and loudly said: “Good, good, senior wait a moment, junior will go and bring Han’er here!”

He immediately ran towards the outside.

Chu Yuan stood still and quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

Said so earlier, then I would come directly. What were you doing with all this ruckus?

Who knows what he was thinking in his head.

A Zhang family member came over to the side and said respectfully, “Senior, this person who trespassed on my Zhang family, how should he be dealt with?”

Chu Yuan took another look at Wang Wei. He decisively destroyed the bridge after crossing the river.(1)

He wanted to teach Wang Wei what it means to have a sinister heart.

“This person is not related to me. How you deal with him is your business, you don’t need to ask me.”

Chu Yuan waved his hand and said very decisively.

That Zhang family member hurriedly cupped his hand, agreed, and immediately called two people to take Wang Wei away.

Chu Yuan watched Wang Wei being taken away, and he just looked at the sky steadily.

It had nothing to do with me.

It had nothing to do with me.

It had nothing to do with me.

He stood there and waited for a while.

Soon, the Zhang family head brought someone back.

It was a young man about the same age as Wang Wei, only about twenty years old, and his handsome face was not inferior to his eldest disciple Ye Luo.

It was just that Ye Luo’s temperament tended to be aloof, like a sword immortal. This young man’s temperament was quite refined, making people feel like a spring breeze blew them.

At first glance, it feels like this person was very gentle and elegant.

This is Zhang Han? This temperament is proper, but unfortunately, he’s a waste.

This was Chu Yuan’s first impression of Zhang Han……

  1. Abandoning one’s benefactor upon achieving the goal.

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