I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 161 – His Majesty’s Discontent

After spending more than a month, Shiqi’s group finally arrived at the capital of the Southern Cloud Kingdom.

Yundu, from the outside, the city walls were not much higher than those of Purple Thorn City or Yiyang City, but the line waiting to enter the city was long.

The civilians were more peaceful as they moved forward slowly with the procession.

However, the martial artists with weapons in their hands look annoyed with their actions. If it were not for the city guards to maintain order, they would have been rushing into the city long ago!

Shiqi and his group were extremely eye-catching, and many martial artists and civilians were curiously gawking at them.

Not everyone could recognize which army Shiqi belonged to.

A knowledgeable middle-aged martial artist said in a low voice, “This is the Purple Thorn Legion, they should be here to participate in the Talent Competition. Every time the Purple Thorn Legion sent young martial artists, they are quite powerful, every year they are one of the favorites to win the title, this year is even more remarkable, I heard that there is a great genius in their legion, sixteen-year-old innate expert!”

A teenager next to him interjected, “You mean Chen Pengfei, the Bloody Hand Massacre?”

The middle-aged martial artist asked curiously, “That’s right, it’s him, you know that too?”

“Of course I know, I am a martial artist from Blackwater County, he is simply famous in our area, no one know to what extent his cruelty is!” The Blackwater County teenage martial artist saw next to him, many martial artists and civilians curious looked at him, so he lowered his voice extreme jealousy, and looked at Shiqi said, “He’s the one with a silver mask who looks the most fierce one, at least 10,000 lives fall in his hands, moreover he also killed a few innate experts. The Black Blood Kingdom matter, did you know, right? One of the strongest countries in the South, but he slaughtered five cities. As a result, the Black Blood Kingdom did not even dare to put a fart, and withdrew in the dust!”

Some people drew a breath of cold air and said, “Five cities, how many lives did that take?”

“More than two or three hundred thousand is more than enough!” The young martial artist said in a low voice.

More than 200,000, no one could imagine what it would be like to have more than 200,000 bodies in front of them!

Another young martial artist asked, “He’s a soldier, he must have brought a lot of people, right?”

“He just brought five thousand people!”


Seeing that everyone was shocked, the teenage martial artist from Blackwater County said somewhat smugly, “I’ve thought about it all, once this Talented Martial Competition is over, I’ll go join the army!”

Shiqi led the people forward, the congested crowd automatically separated, they went straight to the city guards in charge of guarding the city gates, that took out the token and paperwork and said, “General Chen Pengfei of the Purple Thorn Legion, by order to enter the capital to face the sage!”

“General Chen, please!” The city guards hastily greeted, “General Chen, you come with me!”

The city guards didn’t even proofread the paperwork and immediately chased away the people gathered at the city gate, allowing them to vacate a lane for Shiqi.

The city guards who were guarding the city directly brought Shiqi and his party to the barracks of the Yundu City Guards.

Shiqi and his party were small in number, and if they numbered on five hundred, then they would have to camp outside of Yundu City.

“General Chen rest here first, don’t leave the camp for now!”

This was Yundu, not Purple Thorn City. As a soldier, one should come here to observe the rules properly, Shiqi understood this point.

However, he still asked, “Before my master left, he explained that I would have to hand deliver a letter to the forbidden army, General Ye, you see ……”

“My humble servant dares to ask the general’s master is?”

“Su Yi!”

The city guard heard this name, horrified, immediately said: “Then the general’s matter can not be delayed, let me lead the way for you!”

“Sorry trouble you!”

Shiqi’s master, Su Yi, not only had a good relationship with His Majesty today but also had an equally good relationship with the great general of the forbidden guard, which was not a secret at all.

The Forbidden Guard Army was the strongest army stationed in Yundu, specializing in protecting the capital city as well as the security of the royal family, the City Guard Army was also under the jurisdiction of Grand General Ye, and the commander of the City Guard Army was the deputy of Grand General Ye.

It can be said that as long as he showed his face in front of the Great General Ye Lijun, he was considered to be a person with a backer.

The Great General Ye was not in his house but in the forbidden army, which had strict military rules. Shiqi finally met Ye Lijun through layers of reports.

Ye Lijun was tall and thin, with a goatee. At first glance, he looked more like a civilian than a military general.

But Shiqi did not dare to be reckless in front of the other party, and he knew very well that this General Ye was as strong as his master, also a heaven-breaking realm expert!

After handing over the letterhead and reading the letter’s contents, General Ye looked at Shiqi with a much closer gaze.

He said with a smile, “Elder brother Su Yi’s vision is still good, a sixteen-year-old Innate Realm expert. When he was as old as you, his strength was not as strong as yours, this time he sent you over, your Purple Thorn Legion is very sure of itself in the Talent Competition!”

Shiqi whispered back, “Great General, the letter may not have mentioned that my master did not ask me to participate in the Tournament of Excellence.”

Ye Lijun was surprised and asked, “Why?”

“Master said that I am already an innate expert, so going to the tournament might be a bit of a bully!”

“You think so too?”

“I listen to master’s arrangement!”

This is not a good direct answer.

Ye Lijun laughed and said, “Do you really think that there are no Innate masters among the people who signed up for the tournament this time?”

“Are there?”

“Last month there was none, but from the those who recently registered, there are three young innate experts. They should be the same as you, all just broke through the innate not long ago!” Ye Lijun laughed, “Many families and clans have this temperament, what good things, like to hide, your master probably still think that the level of participating martial artists is still like the last tournament, I can tell you clearly, no innate expert, want to get the first place, it is almost impossible, unless you participate!”

“All the major powers within the cloud capital attach great importance to your strength! Even the odds within the casino, you are the lowest!” Ye Lijun asked, “How about it, are you willing to participate in the tournament?”

Shiqi was not very willing to participate in the competition, and his master even asked him to lead the team only.

But he still asked for Lord Sword Spirit’s opinion.

Chen Hao said to Shiqi, “Ask, can you just kill someone on the tournament stage?”

Ye Lijun listened to Shiqi’s inquiries, he was slightly stunned and replied, “The tournament although signed a life and death certificate, allowing for accidents, but I suggest you never kill your opponent randomly, after all, some family sects, behind them are some of old experts!”

Chen Hao impatiently said, “Tell the surname Ye, you are not interested. Of course, if you really want to go up, you do not need to take me with you!”

Hurting people without killing them was simply making things difficult for him, Chen Hao.

Like a large pile of delicacies brought to you, only allowed to let you smell the aroma, not allowed to move your chopsticks to taste …… this was simply a torture!

Last time in the blue family competition, because Shiqi was too weak and he needed a good ranking to get resources, Chen Hao could tolerate it.

Now Chen Hao could not tolerate it!

Chen Hao had heard the prizes of the Southern Cloud Kingdom Talent Competition, and for today’s Shiqi, it was somewhat insignificant.

“Better forget it, my master’s order is for me to lead the team, not for me to compete, and once I strike, I never not go all out, my opponent will either die or be crippled, I don’t want to make too many enemies.”

“You’re as pedantic as your master!” Ye Lijun helplessly shook his head and said, “You do not know the importance His Majesty attaches to this competition, the royal also had a royal son to participate in this competition, the same innate experts, but his overall strength was at the bottom of the three innate experts, if the first place is not the royal son, not the military, His Majesty will certainly be very disappointed!”

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