It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 205 – Finally Used After a Long Time of Silence!

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“Damn ant, this is exactly what happens to ants! You are the first one who dares to treat my dragon clan as food! When I send you to my Imperial Father, it will be a great achievement, then, haha ……”

Qing Chi looked up to the sky and laughed crazily.

He walked step by step towards Huang Rumeng, his eyes opened angrily.

“Later, when I peel off your clothes ……”

Hearing this, Huang Rumeng shouted frantically with despair witten on her face.


However, no matter how hard she tried, her body was out of her control and nailed in place. It felt like her soul had become a spectator, only to watch powerlessly as Qing Chi walked towards her body to do whatever he wanted.

Every step Qing Chi took caused her immense pressure. Each step made her more desperate.



The hairpin behind her head suddenly vibrated.

“Aiyaaah ……”

Fen Zhao let out a hearty laugh.

“Finally, waiting for this moment is not easy! I’ve been silent for long enough and finally got to do something!”

“Supreme Being, how could Fen Zhao forget the good luck you gave me! Don’t worry, I won’t let the lady suffer any half harm! This kind of soul prohibition can’t stop me!”

After saying that, the hairpin vibrated for a while.


A few streams of light spontaneously drilled into the center of Huang Rumeng’s eyebrows from the hairpin.

At this time, “Kacha!” A Cracking egg sound rang out.

The restriction on Huang Rumeng’s soul burst instantly.

At this moment, Huang Rumeng immediately took control of her body. However, she did not move, but quietly watched as Qing Chi came.

“Ant, watch me strip you first!”

After saying that, Qing Chi stretched out his hand and grabbed Huang Rumeng.

However, “Phew!” a white ray of light flashed.

Qing Chi’s palm was broken. It fell straight to the ground.


The palm that hit the ground turned into a dragon’s palm with a loud noise. Qing Chi dumbfoundedly looked at his arm, full of disbelief.

“This …… is not possible ……”

In the next second, his pupils shrunk and his face changed dramatically. He saw Huang Rumeng stretched out her finger and pressed it forward. Flame and electricity danced on her fingertip.

Before Qing Chi could react, the snake-like lightning hit Qing Chi.

A loud “Boom!” could be heard.

Qing Chi crashed heavily to the ground. A shock wave spread in all directions with Qing Chi as the center. Everything around him was shattered by the devastating momentum.

Boom! Boom!

The rising dust covered the entire space. Half of the Dragon City crumbled into pieces. Among them, the dragon people also become dust along with their house. The dragons who survived stiffly looked at this scene with panic evident on their faces.

“Immortal spare us, we are innocent!”

“Immortal above, we have not killed any human!”

A crowd of dragons kneeled on the ground and kept bowing.

Huang Rumeng stood in the sky, her divine sense sweeping the surroundings. Suddenly, her eyebrows rose and a trace of surprise appeared on her face, “She is?”

Huang Rumeng saw the Heavenly Fox Clan’s Princess-Hu Luoti in the palace. Since they were both monsters, naturally she had met her. Moreover, although they were not close, their relationship was still relatively good. It was mainly because they were from different clans, so they did not interact too much.

She didn’t expect that she would end up in this situation. Could it be that something big happened to the Demon Ancestor Mountain? 

A trace of uneasiness appeared on Huang Rumeng’s face from this thought.


At the moment when Huang Rumeng was dazed, the Hunyuan Bell spun up rapidly and turned into a ray of light, it hit the ground directly.


The ground was turned to dust.

“Bitch, have the guts to kill me! I’ll remember you. As long as I am still alive, I will slaughter all the human race and wash the world with blood! Wait for my revenge, you must die!”

A voice came from the Hunyuan Bell.

“Not good!”

Huang Rumeng’s expression changed slightly and she rushed downward. She stood in front of the Hunyuan Bell, raised her hand and grabbed it. Huang Rumeng was stunned when she lifted it.

The Hunyuan Bell did not move at all?

She knew her strength very well, it was not an exaggeration that she could pull a mountain. Unexpectedly, she couldn’t pull this Hunyuan Bell? How is this possible?

Using her immortal power and the might of the Great Dao in the palm of her hand, she pulled it out again. However, it still did not move at all.

“Bitch, it’s useless. You can’t pull it until you reach the Immortal King! I’m here, kill me if you have the guts!” Qing Chi hid in the Hunyuan Bell and kept houting.

Huang Rumeng did not say anything and used all kinds of means, but still could not move the Hunyuan Bell. Moreover, even the ground near the Hunyuan Bell could not be destroyed.


Huang Rumeng took out the ancient guqin, sat on the ground, and began to play.


The sound of the guqin rang out and went straight into the Hunyuan Bell.

The Hunyuan Bell amplified the sound and it blasted into Qing Chi’s head.


He let out a miserable scream. Qing Chi covered his ears and bled from his seven orifices.


The sound of the guqin became more and more rapid, like ten thousand horses galloping and a thousand armies fighting.

The heaven-shattering sound rang out as loudly as it could in the Hunyuan Bell. Qing Chi held his head as he screamed painfully.

“Don’t play, please don’t play! I’m wrong, can’t I make a mistake?”

Qing Chi fell to the ground, a painful look on his face. As soon as the song stopped, his face was pale and his body kept twitching.

Huang Rumeng stopped and frowned slightly. Most of the power of this song was isolated by the Hunyuan Bell. It was impossible to kill him by playing the guqin, except to make him suffer.

But it’s a pity, it would be good if this Hunyuan Bell could be taken away. She could then give it to the Young Master!

“I will let you go for the time being. If you dare to cause trouble and harm the human race, next time, you will definitely be destroyed. Do you understand?” Huang Rumeng said.

“I understand, I understand!” Qing Chi nodded repeatedly, he did not even dare to refute.

“Listen up Dragon Race, if you dare to come to human land, you will be eliminated! I’ll spare your life for now, today was only a lesson!” Huang Rumeng waved her right hand after that.


Hu Luoti flew out from the palace and instantly landed in front of Huang Rumeng. A point of the finger broke the restraint on Hu Luoti.

She looked dazedly at Huang Rumeng, ‘It can’t be her!’

Then, she knelt down on the ground, “Thank you so much for saving my life, Immortal!”

“No need!” Huang Rumeng waved her hand, and with a wave of her right hand, a force wrapped Hu Luoti up.


The two of them rose up into the sky and disappeared instantly.

The dragons who survived collapsed to the ground in a cold sweat.

“Too terrifying. This is at least Abstruse Immortal, right?!”

“That goes without saying. It is said that the Nine Immortals of the Human Race are terrifying, and when I see it today, it’s true!”

“Which immortal is she?”

“Although she wore a veil, she’s definitely a beauty. Among the Nine Immortals of the Human Race, the most beautiful is none other than the Flower Fairy. I think she is the Flower Fairy, right?!”

“What? The fifth rank Flower Fairy? Wasn’t she killed by the Demon Lord? How come she’s still alive?”

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