The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 101 – Returning Origin Sword Sect

Lu Yiping didn’t look at everyone in the Qi family, and his gaze fell back on the Star River.

The Star River was only a hundred feet wide, flowing on the ground, but there was no sound.

And when the Star River flowed, it had always been a mystery.

Lu Yiping looked towards the end of the river.

Fan Yulan said, “Someone had followed the Star River, but after walking for many years, they still haven’t seen the end of the Star River. Therefore, some people say that the Star River has no origin and no end.”

Lu Yiping smiled, “Everything in this world, all have an end, all have an origin. Even the god realm we are in also has an origin.  After countless years, one day in the future, it will also collapse and come to an end.”

Fan Sheng was surprised, “Your Excellency is saying that the Star River also has an end? However, the Star River has existed for countless years, no one has ever reached the end of the Star River, and no one has ever seen what the end of the Star River is like.”

Lu Yiping blandly said, “Just because no one has ever reached it doesn’t mean there never will be.” Then said, “You guys wait for me here for a while.” After saying that, he flew up and landed on top of the Star River.

Lu Yiping didn’t follow the flow but walked along the direction of the Star River. Lu Yiping didn’t walk fast in parallel, but Huang Jiu stared at every step of Lu Yiping closely.

Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng had a look of doubt. They didn’t see the mysteriousness of Lu Yiping’s footsteps.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said, “This Star River contains supreme mystery, formed by countless space condensation, every step the master took, stepped on the overlapping point of space, every step is a space.”

Fan Yulan was shocked and said, “Lord Xiao Jin is saying that every step the master takes now, he is passing through a different space?”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull nodded, “Good, what you see now is actually no longer the master’s real body, but just the master’s spatial phantom.”

“However, this spatial phantom will soon disappear.”

As the Dragon Horned Golden Bull spoke, he saw Lu Yiping was like a bubble, suddenly disappearing above the river’s surface.

And from the Star River where he disappeared, Lu Yiping was like a phantom and walked in the middle of the heavy space constantly shuttle.

At first, Lu Yiping took one step in one space, but the further he went, the faster Lu Yiping became, the more spaces and even hundreds of spaces between one step.

Even in the end, Lu Yiping’s figure had disappeared entirely from the space.

Of course, it wasn’t really disappearing, but Lu Yiping’s speed had already reached a terrifying level.

At this point, even existences beyond the Plane Lord could not see Lu Yiping’s figure clearly.

It wasn’t known how long had passed, but suddenly, the heavy space in front of him disappeared, and the Star River disappeared.

Lu Yiping’s body was empty and came under a starry sky. High in the sky in front of him, there was the vastness of endless stars.

And below, the earth was full of star sand!

Lu Yiping fell down and stepped on the star sand earth, making a nuisance sound.

He squatted down and picked up a handful and saw the star sand in his hand, the shining grains, like the most beautiful star gems in the world, each grain was like rice grains, and they were all the same size.

Some special stars, after being destroyed, had been infiltrated by the power of stars for countless years and then gradually form star sand.

However, star sand generally existed deep in the starry sky and is extremely difficult to find.

Here, however, one couldn’t see the boundaries.

Lu Yiping walked forward. On the ground in front of him was a pool of water! Over the water and sky, clouds and mist lingered, and the stars’ glow surged.

Lu Yiping was surprised, Chaos Qi?

This is the Star Chaos Water?

Chaos Qi was already rare in the world, let alone the Star Chaos Water that gives birth to Chaos Qi.

Lu Yiping came to the pool of water, picked up a mouthful, and drank a sip. Well, it was quite sweet. The, and there star chaos power spread out all over his body, there was a kind of pore stretching feeling.

However, compared to the pool of Sacred Life Spring he had in the Sacred Forest, it was still a little bit worse.

His pool of Sacred Life Spring was a heaven-opening object.

Lu Yiping took out a jade bottle, activated the jade bottle spell array, and collected all of this pool of Star Chaos Water into the bottle.

This star chaos water was not very useful to him, but it was still good to quench thirst when he was thirsty.

After putting the Star Chaos Water away, Lu Yiping walked around again, and there was nothing else, so he returned the way he came, and when he left, he took away the Star Sand as well.

At this time, it has been nearly two hours since Lu Yiping disappeared.

On f the Star River City banks, Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng, and Huang Jiu were eager to see through.

“There are many people who want to explore the secret of the star river, but many are lost in the endless space and time, will the master be okay?” Huang Jiu worried.

Huang Jiu had not followed Lu Yiping for a long time and was actually not very clear about Lu Yiping’s realm and strength, so she could not help but worry.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “Don’t worry, this little star river space, it’s not difficult for the master.”

In the ancient times, he had already followed Lu Yiping, back then, Lu Yiping had broken through the divine space-time, which was really fierce and dangerous.

Even so, the two left with ease.

Just as the Dragon Horned Golden Bull spoke, he saw the light surging above the star river, and Lu Yiping came out.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull greeted him.

“Master, how is it?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull asked.

Lu Yiping nodded: “I’ve reached the end, but there’s nothing good at the end. There’s some star sand.”

“Star sand!” Huang Jiu, Fan Yulan, and Fan Sheng were surprised.

Star sand, still not good stuff? You should know that a grain of star sand could be sold for a million heavenly spirit stones.

“There is also a pool of Star Chaos Water.” Lu Yiping said again.

“Star Chaos Water!” Huang Jiu lost her voice.

Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng’s mouths opened wide. So this was not good stuff? Then what was the good stuff?

Once, a few drops of Star Chaos Water had appeared in the Nine Heavens, and the major superpowers had fought and killed each other for those few drops of Star Chaos Water.

With that, Lu Yiping and the others left the star river.

“What about you, did you fetch anything?” Lu Yiping asked the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “I fished casually, but I did fetch a few things, but they are all small playthings.”

Hearing the Dragon Horned Golden Bull say that those few things are only some small play playthings, Huang Jiu, Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng three people didn’t know what to say for a while.

The Dragon Sword Zhang Fei Long fetched the famous ancient sword Nine Quicksword, which was already astonishing, and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull fetched these small pieces of playthings, which were much better than the Nine Quicksword.

In a short while, Lu Yiping’s company left the Star River City.

In the afternoon, they arrived at the foot of the Returning Origin Sword Sect mountain.

As the number one sect in the Heavenly God Domain, the Returning Origin Sword Sect was spread over 34 provinces in the Heavenly God Domain, and there were tens of millions of disciples in the inner sect alone! As for the outer disciples, there were countless more.

When Lu Yiping’s group came to the foot of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, they saw the endless return of the mountain range in front of him, row upon row of palaces, spirit beasts everywhere, ancient pine cliffs, waterfalls like galaxies, the scene in front of them was magnificent.

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