The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 67 – A Night Talk With Mom

“Mom, what the hell is going on?” Gu Xixi couldn’t help asking.

Mother Gu cleaned up the bedding and let Gu Xixi lie on her bed so that she was more comfortable.

Looking at her mother taking care of herself so carefully, Gu Xixi felt her heart warm.

Even if the family were all brutal and cold blooded? At least mom loved her the most!

Besides being weak in personality and always trying to be a good person, my mother really devoted herself to Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi lay obediently on her hips, with pillows under her waist, and most of the fatigue of the day was wiped out instantly.

Mother Gu sat next to squeeze Gu Xixi’s leg, and said as she squeezed her leg, “If you are pregnant, your body will be swollen. Mom will give you a massage. Don’t be afraid Xixi. Mom has been reading books on childcare these days. Mother is not lucky enough to have a child in this life, but mother will definitely take good care of you and the child!”

Gu Xixi’s eyes moistened while listening to her mother’s warm words.

“Mom, you also have a rest. Let’s talk like this. ” Gu Xixi took her mother’s hand and let her lie side by side with herself, continuing the topic just now, “Why is Dad unable to bear children?”

“When you were four years old, something happened to your father. I don’t know if you still remember it. It was the accident that your father had a major operation and spent 400,000 at home. It was precisely because of this money that your uncle and aunt have been holding our family for twenty years.” Mother Gu sighed and said, “I have been married to your father for several years and have no children. It is impossible to say no doubt. Especially at that time, your grandmother urged me to have my own children every day. So I also checked, and my body is all right. But your grandmother just doesn’t believe it. I have to say that I bought the doctor and took a fake medical record.”

Gu Xixi listened carefully.

Mother Gu looked helpless, “It was during that operation that the doctor checked his sperm survival rate by the way, and the final result was: congenital dead sperm was weak and infertile. Your father will be very sad if he knows this result. At that time, he was faced with a bigger operation. I was worried that he would not be able to bear the news, so I told the doctor to hide it. Later, I was busy recuperating after surgery, and this topic was never mentioned again. Having been here for so many years, your father and I have reached this age. Any offspring that is not offspring, are all looked down upon! Mom is satisfied with having you as a daughter! “

Gu Xi Xi suddenly sat up straight!

The fact turned out to be like this!

To the mother for more than 20 years, she came to bear the stigma of being infertile in vain, and the infertile father had been hiding his thoughts with her mother and wanted to have another one!

Hum, mother was the only one who never thought of bearing a child? Dad never gave up this idea!

It was just that it was so ironic!

Those who could have children had been scolded for more than 20 years, but those who couldn’t have children are hooked up …

This god had eyes, right?

Mother Gu saw Gu Xixi’s face pale and uncertain, and thought that Gu Xixi was worried about Gu’s father’s body, and immediately said with a smile, “Don’t worry, it’s just that we can’t have children! It’s nothing bad! We don’t do it as usual. You are such a caring daughter!”

Gu Xixi turned to look at her mother’s face.

Excessive labor and housework had made her once flowery appearance aging ahead of time.

Gu Xixii saw her mother getting betrayal in return, and she couldn’t help but feel distressed in her heart.

“Mom, you do not look old!” Gu Xixi stretched out her hand distressly to depict her mother’s eyebrow eye, “Anyway, I have nothing to do when I am full. I will take you for beauty treatment!”

“Oh, how old I am doing beauty care! It’s shameful! Not going, don’t go!” Mother Gu blushed and said, “I still don’t want to be ashamed!”

Gu Xixi immediately pretended to be angry and said, “Mom! You are not allowed to say that! Mom is not old at all. Mom is worried about this family too much! Besides, after the baby is born, the child will ask me why Grandma is so old? You say, how do I explain to the child?”

Sure enough, Mother Gu stopped talking immediately.

Gu Xixi saw her mother’s expression loosen, and immediately held her shoulder and said, “Mom, being a woman must be good to yourself! You dress up beautifully, and Dad likes it too, doesn’t he?”

Sure enough, when she heard Gu Xixi mention father Gu, she immediately agreed without hesitation.

Gu Xixi sighed in her heart: Mom, if you knew that Dad had betrayed you long ago, what would you do?

Gu Xixi packed up her things and couldn’t help pulling her mother out.

I must be good to my mother, and I must make up for all the things my mother lost!

With this belief, Gu Xixi dragged her mother straight to the largest local beauty center.

Yin Sichen stood in front of the window, and his eyes fell on Gu Xixi and mother Gu.

He didn’t know what Gu Xixi was going to do, no matter what she did, he would support it to the end.

There was a knock on the door outside the room, and Xiao Ah crept over and walked over: “President, Madame Gu has accompanied Mrs. Gu to the beauty center.”

“I know.” Yin Sichen’s eyes fell, and the moonlight sprinkled on his peerless appearance, which cast a layer on him. It was unclear whether it was hazy or sexy.

Xiao Ah just raised his head and glanced at Yin Sichen, then lowered his head quickly.

The appearance of the president was too aggressive, not to mention the opposite sex, even if it had a strong visual encroachment on the same sex.

The president always knew the beauty of his face, so he especially disliked people staring at his face.

Of course, this was the old rule.

Now this rule seemed to have been broken, and it was none other than the president’s wife who broke this rule.

“Follow up and protect her carefully.” Yin Sichen gently touched the glass between his fingers, “No matter what she does tonight, let her vent her anger.”

“Yes, President.” Xiao Ah immediately bowed and turned to leave.

As soon as Xiao Ah opened the door and was about to leave, he saw someone coming from outside and whispered a word in his ear.

Xiao Ah immediately raised his head and glanced at Yin Sichen.

“What’s the matter?” Yin Sichen picked up his eyes and swept towards Xiao Ah in an instant.

Xiao a immediately replied respectfully: “President, Gu Zhenzhen… seems to have been looking for you all over the world…”

Gu Zhenzhen?

An extremely ironic smile appeared at the corner of Yin Sichen’s mouth, and he waved his hand to let Xiao Ah go down.

Xiao A took the other people and quickly left the door of the room.

The people in the Gu family were indeed a virtue!

Yin Sichen turned around and changed his clothes, planning to go to the bar to sit for a while.

Gu Xixi was not around, and suddenly felt that there was nothing to do…

Gu Xixi happily dragged her mother and asked the driver to send herself to the beauty center.

As soon as she got out of the car, a group of people gathered around to introduce various services in the store.

Gu Xi has long been accustomed to this scene. Pointing at the brochure, she said to a beauty supervisor, “Let’s take this package and clean it up beautifully for my mother!”

“But the price of this package …” The beauty supervisor looked at her mother and looked at her shabby appearance. The price of this package was not cheap!

For the sake of comfort, Gu Xixi’s clothes today are very light. They were not ready-made garments from big brands, but were truly handmade, so there was no logo on the clothes.

Gu Xixi didn’t expect it, because this made the other party underestimate her.

Gu Xi didn’t want her mother to suffer any grievances. She took out her wallet directly: “Can I swipe my card?”

The line of sight of the beauty supervisor suddenly fell on Gu Xixi’s wallet, and his eyes flashed instantly!

This was the new Hermes model!

The beauty supervisor immediately smiled and said, “Oh, look at my mouth. I can’t talk. Don’t mind! I will arrange the beautician with the best qualifications to serve you! “

She just smiled and said, “Okay, take my mother there. I’ll just sit outside for a while.”

“Would you like to have a beauty treatment together and relax?” The beauty supervisor spared no effort to promote the products in the store.

“No, I have a personal beautician, and I don’t use external beauty products.” Gu Xixi smiled and refused: “I’m pregnant, I only use the beauty products prepared by my company.”

The beauty supervisor listened to Gu Xixi’s words, and her mouth was wide open. ShHe didn’t know what to say at all!

Personal beautician!

Beauty products prepared by our company!

Absolutely tall!

Gu Xixi turned around and picked up a book, ready to pass the time nearby.

Originally, the beautician in this beauty center was still unconvinced and wanted to continue to sell. The beauty supervisor pulled the short-sighted beautician into the next room.

“Supervisor, why are you holding me?” The little beautician said in a low voice, “This customer looks very rich.”

“You are blind! When you didn’t see her purse just now, the hand cream in her purse was a real top brand. ” The beauty supervisor glared at the little beautician, “It’s a good thing to actively sell, and it depends on who to sell! The identity of this person is definitely not simple! “

The little beautician was silenced.

Mother Gu came to the beauty center for beauty treatment for the first time. In her eyes, this was simply a splendid existence!

Therefore, mother Gu had been a little unwilling to let go, lying restrained in the beauty salon, there was no place to put her hands and feet.

If Gu Xixi hadn’t picked out the most expensive package for her and paid the money first, the beautician would have thought that the other party wanted to experience the default!

In order to relax mother Gu the beautician began to chat with her, “Was that your daughter just now? It looks beautiful! “

When she heard someone praise her daughter, mother Gu was happier than hearing any praise. She smiled and replied, “Yes, my daughter is very good!”

“Your daughter looks rich. What does she do?” The beautician asked curiously.

A little handy was worth three thousand yuan for beauty and body care. It was definitely not a poor person!

“She … she is an employee of Yin’s consortium.” Despite being touted, she still had a clear mind. The identity of her son-in-law was not revealed casually!

But even so, the beautician was amazed, “God, she actually works in Yin’s consortium! No wonder! Those who can work in the Yin consortium are rich people! “

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