Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 15: The Villain’s Laugh

Inside the main hall of Qiandi Sect.




The elders were sucking in cold air. All of them were shocked when they heard about this Daoless Sect.

A moment later, the elders came back to their senses, and all spoke out in disbelief.

“This, this, this …… the sect elders have all ascended, so there is no one left in the sect? The secluded sects are all so powerful?”

“A seemingly mortal disciple’s sword can make my sect’s two Golden Core disciples’ Dao hearts almost collapse? Is a secluded sect like this?”

“At least ten thousand years of heritage!!! Sect Master, why don’t we go and become licking dogs?”

Many elders were amazed and shocked.

“Can we believe just based on that disciple’s words? What if this is just a small sect with no ranking? What if everything is just us overthinking?” Some elders thought of this and said in a cold sweat.

Everyone rolled their eyes at this remark.

The Grand Elder even held the scroll and said loudly, “It’s all because we thought too much? What about this scroll? Those who can imagine such scenes must have seen this scene, so they have a deep impression and only then inscribe it.”

“Otherwise, you think this is imagined? Pfft, what are you kidding about? How strong would be the imagination to imagine this scene?”

“Not to mention, ‘holding the sun and the moon and picking the start, there is no one like me in this world.’ How could these overwhelming words be a product of imagination! This is impossible! If you guys are good, can you imagine one for me to see?”

The Grand Elder remarked righteously, seemingly angry.

The elders who just spoke were all embarrassed and could only bow their heads in silence.

After a moment of silence, Sect Master Qian Yuan clapped his hands and said, “Well, there is no need to continue.”

“The secluded sect is real, there is no doubt about that, and you guys should not have any small thoughts. The most important thing now is to probe clearly the attitude of this secluded sect.”

“It would be best to get in touch with the secluded sect and build a friendly relationship between the two sects! Strive to advance towards the direction of the two blooming relationships of Daoless-Qiandi!”

The Sect Master Qian Yuan had obviously made a decision, and they would definitely build friendly relations with a secluded sect like this one.

“Respectfully obey the sect master’s order.” 

The elders nodded their heads and responded. However, there were still elders who asked in doubt.

“But, Sect Master, how are we going to build a relationship with this secluded sect? One disciple can’t represent the sect, and the sect master of this secluded sect is out. How are we going to get in touch with this secluded sect?”

Sect Master Qian Yuan was silent for a moment, frowned, then said: “The sect master of the secluded sect is out, we do not know where to go …… just, let’s search in the Eastern State first. Let all the elders’ disciples go out and travel all over the Eastern State, search while traveling, see if we can find this sect master.”

“At the same time, reproduce the scroll, notify the sects affiliated with our sect to search together. It would be best if he could be found in the Eastern State, and if he can not be found, then that’s all.”

“Also, bear in mind if you do find this secluded sect’s sect master, remember not to offend him. If anyone offended him, then don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

At the end of the sentence, his tone was melancholy.

The elders agreed without exception.


Under the curtain of the night, the river of stars shone brightly.

Chu Yuan flew into Wuchang City, and he easily found the Zhang family through his divine sense.

Chu Yuan was silent as he looked at the Zhang family’s residence in front of him.

It was time to use small tricks again.

Well, he was going to take out the same set he used to deceive Ye Luo to fool this Zhang Han.

First, he’ll hire a Foundation Establishment or a Golden Core and let this person go to strike against the Zhang family, then when the Zhang family was desperate, and he’d stood out and stated that he and this Zhang Han have a master-disciple relationship, he helped them because of Zhang Han.

The current Zhang Han would undoubtedly feel great honor, and he would certainly agree to the matter of becoming his disciple.

This play had a fixed routine.

There was no time to lose, and he needed to find the actors first.

Chu Yuan’s feet produced clouds, and he went around through the streets of Wuchang City to look for cultivators.

Generally, high realm cultivators were able to see through the low realm cultivator. Of course, excluding the possibility that people are carrying treasures that can isolate the divine sense.

Chu Yuan’s divine sense spread out, sweeping back and forth thoroughly on the streets of Wuchang City.

Numerous images emerged in his mind.

Night watchers walked in the streets informing the time ……

Mr. Wang from next door was knocking on the door(1) ……

Certain gamblers were gambling heavily in the casino, unaware that their heads were green(2) ……

He looked at a lot of images, but Chu Yuan did not find a single cultivator. The large Wuchang City actually lacked cultivators. Chu Yuan frowned and silently spat in his heart.

After searching for about ten minutes, he finally found a cultivator on the street.

It was a young man that looked to be in his twenties. His cultivation level was only the late stage of Qi Refinement, and he had not even reached Foundation Establishment. Truly weak.

This was Chu Yuan’s evaluation of this person. He completely forgot that his cultivation was given ……

Chu Yuan locked the target, quickly landed in front of this young cultivator, and instantly released his Nascent Soul aura.

The young cultivator looked completely dumbfounded at the person who suddenly appeared in front of him—then dumbfounded again by the pressure that made him tremble and fell to the ground.

Who am I?

Where am I?

Where am I going?

Chu Yuan put a show, then put away his aura and stared at the young cultivator in a calm, indifferent manner.

The young cultivator scrambled up from the ground and said in a panic: “This senior! What did I do to offend you?”

Chu Yuan waved his hand and said indifferently, “What is your name? I have something I want to ask you to do, and I wonder if you are willing to do it?”

The young cultivator hastily replied while cupping his hands, “Senior, my name is Wang Wei. I am a member of the Wang family of the neighboring SilverMoon City. I wonder what senior wants me to do? I will definitely help within the limits of my ability!”

Once these words were spoken, Chu Yuan immediately said all his arrangements to this young cultivator, ‘Wang Wei,’ to listen.

“Don’t worry, as long as you do this job for me, I will never treat you poorly, and giving a treasure is not impossible.” Chu Yuan said temptingly.

Do not ask, and he was a scammer, where would he have what treasure ah. He was so poor, and there was not much gold and silver left on him. Ordinary Qi Refinement Realm cultivators might be more prosperous than him.

Wang Wei listened to these words with a complicated expression.

“Se-senior, you want me to act? Acting as a villain? How should a villain act?”

Chu Yuan waved his hand and answered casually.

“This is simple, ah, the villain is the kind that, uhm, laugh kekeke, you understand?”

Wang Wei: “???”

  1. Terms for a neighbor who was supposedly sleeping with someone’s wife.
  2. Getting cheated on.

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