It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 204 – Hunyuan Bell, Everlasting Immobility

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Huge dragons swept in all directions and came straight at Huang Rumeng. The sea rushed turbulently.

“Damn ant, my clan is not something you can intrude on! Even if you are an immortal, you will have to give up your life here today! How can an ant oppose a dragon’s might!”

Thousands of dragons rushed forwards, the Dragon’s Breath producing a whistle.

The monstrous power directly divided the sea, sending the water to the Huang Rumeng. Huang Rumeng stood in place, her face unchanging. She took out a fishing net without haste and threw it upwards.

A buzzing sound could be heard immediately. 

The sea water froze and time stood still. All movements fell silent at this moment. Or rather, in front of the speed of the fishing net, their speed was negligible.


Huang Rumeng followed the fishing net and rose sharply, standing still above the heads of the dragons.

At this moment, the huge dragons recovered their senses. They resumed their movements.


They all utilized Dragon’s Breath. A spherical qi wave pushed the seawater in all directions, forming a spherical space.

“Aiya, such tender human flesh was blown into nothingness, I haven’t taste it!”

“Pity, what a pity!”

The giant dragons’ faces were bitter.

They just finished saying that when a whistling sound arrived in a hurry. The group of giant dragons looked upward and their pupils could not help but shrink.

“What? Not dead? She got away!”

“What is that thing?”

Looking at the fishing net coming down from above, a group of giant dragons looked puzzled.

“What is this? A fishing net? There’s no spiritual power fluctuation nor immortal power fluctuation, this is a mortal object!”

“No way, she wants to use a mortal object against us? She must be joking, right?”

The thousands of giant dragons who looked at this scene laughed coldly.



The fishing net shrank rapidly, enveloping all the giant dragons. Their struggle was ineffective, no matter how hard they tried. This fishing net seemed to have a heavenly method.

All the dragons’ magic power and physical power were sealed and could not be used. Their bodies shrank rapidly. Within a few moments, they were only as thick as an arm.

“How is this possible? A lousy net actually possesses such power?!”

“Dream, it must be a dream, my mana has actually disappeared?”

“Dragon Lord, help, help!”

Shouts of panic kept ringing out. Huang Rumeng completely ignored all of it. She looked at these dragon soldiers and couldn’t help but frown slightly.

“Why do they look like dragons? It doesn’t look like a loach at all! How do I make them turn into loaches?” Huang Rumeng murmured and frowned in thought. Suddenly, her eyebrows raised and she looked happy.


An ancient guqin floated in front of her. She sat cross-legged in mid-air and gently plucked it.


The sound of the guqin came out, and a transparent wave of Qi fluctuated. The reversed flowing seawater was squeezed out again. The invisible barrier kept the sea water out and could not flow back.

“Ding ……”

With the movement in Huang Rumeng’s hand, a guqin sound, like a storm, poured into the fishing net.


“No…… don’t……”

“Spare my life …… spare my life ……”

The sound in the fishing net gradually ceased. Thousands of dragon bodies changed at a speed visible to the naked eye. Their bodies shrunk and transformed rapidly. As the sound of the piano gradually stopped, their bodies gradually turned into loaches.

“It’s done! There are so many, Young Master should be satisfied, right?”

Huang Rumeng nodded in satisfaction and put the fishing net away in the soul space.

The four dragon commanders looked at this scene and their eyes widened. A kind of cold air emanating from the bones surged all over the body.

Was she the human who ate the dragon race? This method was simply unimaginable. With so many dragons, even a Yellow Immortal would be killed instantly in one hit.

She was actually safe and unharmed, moreover, she wiped out the dragons that attacked her!

She was leaving?

What should be done?

The four dragon commanders looked at Qing Chi, but they saw his mouth chanting.

“Heng ha ya ……”

The ancient dragon language came out of Qing Chi’s mouth.

An ancient bell slowly floated up to the sky and grew bigger and bigger, enveloping Qing Chi.

Countless green threads rushed down from the ancient bell, like a waterfall, into Qing Chi’s body.


A dragon roar shook the world.

Qing Chi spat out a green-colored dragon pearl. There were many ancient dragon runes all over the dragon pearl, exuding power that could destroy the world.

“The Dragon Lord is using Everlasting Immobility!”

“Not good, she’s going to run, stop her!”

The four dragon commanders glanced at each other, then they transformed into thousand-meter dragons and roared towards the sky, then they blocked Huang Rumeng.

Huang Rumeng frowned slightly at this scene. She stretched out her slender jade finger, and pointed forward.

“Zi ……”

The nine-colored lightning swayed and entangled with each other constantly on her fingertips. Then they merged together and turned into a wisp of sizzling white lightning.


She faintly spat out a word and pointed her finger forward.


The air shook and layers of ripples spread outward.


The white lightning scurried like a snake. It hit a dragon commander in the blink of an eye.

“This …… this can’t be! No!”

The dragon commander ran away in horror, but he was too late.


An explosion sounded.

The body of the tenth stage Half Immortal realm dragon commander exploded into pieces and disappeared on the spot.

“Zi ……”

The only thing that remained was the sizzling electric sound.

Seeing this scene, the remaining three dragon commanders were dripping cold sweat.

“This …… is the immortal thunder tribulation, my goodness, could it be that she is under the Thunder Tribulation Master?”

“Impossible! This kind of immortal thunder tribulation is controlled by the heavenly dao, not something that can be used whenever you want!”

“What should we do?”

They looked at Huang Rumeng, their bodies involuntarily backed away, and they didn’t have the intention to fight.

Seeing that they didn’t stop her, Huang Rumeng didn’t kill them anymore.

She waved her right hand.

“Buzz ……”

A layer of qi waves blasted upwards quickly. The sea above was divided directly into two, exposing a passage.

Huang Rumeng was about to step forward and his scalp went numb. She looked back, her pupils contracted and her face changed dramatically.

“Die, bitch!”

A roar came quickly accompanied by a huge ancient bell. It instantly enveloped Huang Rumeng.

“Hoo ……”

Inside the ancient bell, countless green threads rushed down and wrapped around Huang Rumeng’s body. This invincible force instantly held Huang Rumeng in place, making her unable to move.

“This ……”

Huang Rumeng’s face changed drastically, she struggled frantically. However, it was useless. There seems to be a kind of terrifying force between her soul and body. This kind of power isolated the soul alone, immobilized her.

“This is the Everlasting Immobility, how come the Hunyuan bell is in his hand?”

Huang Rumeng muttered, and her soul kept struggling. However, in front of this kind of power, she was like a baby facing a giant, there was nothing to compare at all.

“I’m careless!”

Huang Rumeng murmured, she couldn’t help the tears from sliding down, “Young Master, I’m sorry for being useless! Rumeng will repay your kindness in the next life!”

There was despair on Huang Rumeng’s face.

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