The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 66 – Gu Zhenzhen Is Here

Gu Xixi brought food into her mother’s room, and as soon as she walked in, she saw her mother sitting on her in a daze.

“Mom …” Gu Xixi put the things in her hand on the table, “Are you hungry? I bought some food, but I didn’t eat it in the afternoon…”

“Xixi, tell your mother, what happened?” mother Gu was keenly aware of something.

Since this afternoon, Gu Xixi had been abnormal.

Although Gu Xixi didn’t say anything, mother Gu had a foreboding that this matter seemed to be troublesome.

“Mom, don’t ask. Have something to eat first. It’s already so late. Why don’t you order food? Didn’t I tell you that the hotel here can order meals? ” Gu Xixi didn’t answer her mother’s words, but changed the subject and said, “I want to sleep with you tonight. Mom, I haven’t slept with you for a long time. “

“Si Chen he …” mother Gu hesitated to speak.

“He also agreed! After I get married, I can no longer go home as often as before, so he also agrees that I sleep with you tonight.” Gu Xixi deliberately replied with a smile, “Just now Dad called me and said that grandmother suddenly called him back, and he won’t rest here tonight!”

Although Gu Xixi didn’t know where his dad was, this time he was slapped.

Hearing that her husband was not here tonight, Gu’s mother couldn’t help but hitching.

Since Gu Xixi got married, she has faintly felt that her husband seems to be hiding something from her!

He didn’t like dressing up very much before, but he paid attention to his image almost all the time.

She was left to do all the things at home, and he could always find an excuse to go out.

However, mother Gu didn’t intend to worry Gu Xixi about this kind of thing.

Now that Gu Xixi was just married and pregnant, she didn’t want her daughter to bother.

“Okay. Then let’s talk well.” Mother Gu gently held Gu Xixi’s hand, turned her palm to see that Gu Xixi’s hand was soft and white, she knew that Gu Xixi did not lie. Her life was really pampering.

The mother and daughter had their own thoughts, and they had to make an expression that I was good and I didn’t know anything on their faces to comfort each other.

On the other hand, after Gu Zhenzhen made the village, Sun Yang sent her to the county seat, and began to pose and dress herself beautifully.

Especially when she heard that it was Yin Sichen who picked her up in person, Gu Zhenzhen was so happy!

She has always wanted to be alone with Yin Sichen, but Yin Sichen has never given her this opportunity!

Now I hear that Yin Sichen is coming to meet her, can I be unhappy?

When the time came, Yin Sichen took a fancy to her, then took her to a fancy dinner, then took her to buy here and there, and then took her to roll in the hotel room … Ha ha ha ha, at that time, What’s the matter with Gu Xixi?

Gu Zhenzhen was immersed in the wonderful fantasy alone, and didn’t even react when the other party walked in front of him?

“Are you Gu Zhenzhen?” The other party’s tone was already impatient. He had called three times, but the woman who was smiling like an idiot was still laughing and just didn’t answer his question.

Gu Zhenzhen was taken aback by the sharp voice of the other party, and suddenly she took a look, only to see the other’s sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks, sparsely pulling a few goatees, and not willing to shave them off, so he stood against the wind.

“Who are you?” Gu Zhenzhen immediately looked at each other warily.

She was not a cat and dog who could strike up a conversation!

She was going to marry Yin Sichen in the future!

When the other party saw the serious and vigilant eyes, he didn’t understand the serious thoughts, and suddenly replied angrily, “Someone paid for my car and asked me to pick you up here! If you don’t believe it, you can call now to confirm it! “

“Who, who asked you to pick me up?” Gu Zhenzhen pointedly retorted, “Don’t talk nonsense, my brother-in-law… is here to pick me up in person!”

“Your brother-in-law?” The other party immediately glanced at Gu Zhenzhen with disdain and said, “Anyway, my fare has been collected. If you don’t want to take my car, please call him and tell him, I’m leaving!”

Gu Zhenzhen looked at it. When the other party said to leave, she was a little panicked.

Could it be Yin Sichen who asked this person to pick him up?

It shouldn’t be!

“Wait, you said…what does that person look like?” Gu Zhenzhen hesitated and asked.

The other party didn’t talk nonsense. He took out his phone and found a photo and handed it to Gu Xixi, “He asked me to pick you up!”

Gu Zhenzhen lowered his head and saw that this was not from Yin Sichen’s side. Assistant Xiao Ah?

Xiao Ah was only twenty-five years old, plus he was born with a baby face, and he looked only twenty.

And because Gu Zhenzhen had been in the society for a long time, and with her heavy make-up, she would have to look like thirty.

So when Gu Zhenzhen said that the other party was her brother-in-law, the driver just sneered.

Gu Zhenzhen saw that Xiao Ah was paying someone to pick her up instead of picking him up in person, and she gritted her teeth. It must have been Assistant Xiao Ah who didn’t have eyesight and violated Yin Sichen’s order! It must be Yin Sichen who wanted Xiao Ah to pick her up in person, and Xiao Ah despised her, so he just found someone to pick her up! Humph, wait and see! After I squeezed out Gu Xixi and succeeded in taking the post, let me see how I clean up you!

Gu Zhenzhen didn’t know which hotel Yin Sichen was staying in, so she didn’t dare to let the driver in front of her leave, so she got into the other party’s car angrily and asked the other party to take her to the hotel where Yin Sichen stayed.

As soon as Gu Zhenzhen arrived at the hotel, someone immediately gave her a room card and took her to the room.

Then Gu Zhenzhen asked, the other party always answered randomly!

Where was Gu Zhenzhen willing?

The reason she came here was to see Yin Sichen, and to get Yin Sichen over when Gu Xixi was pregnant and physically inconvenient!

Can’t see Yin Sichen, how to sleep with him?

Gu Zhenzhen gritted his teeth while looking at the huge hotel room.

How did she know which room Yin Sichen lives in?

She couldn’t knock on the door room by room.

When Gu Zhenzhen was thrown into the room, no one cared about her!

Take her to the hotel, and you have done everything you can!

Gu Xixi ate this dinner silently with her mother.

Gu Xixi kept brewing topics in her heart, but couldn’t find a suitable breakthrough.

But Mother Gu took the initiative to speak, “Time flies, you are so old in the blink of an eye! Remember when you were taken home, you were only so old!”

Mother Gu gestured to Gu Xixi. Comparing it, he said, “Twenty-three years, you have grown up like this! You are already an adult!”

“Mom…” Gu Xixi’s eyes were hot, but she didn’t know how to continue.

Mother seldom talks about herself, she seemed to avoid it all the time.

Why did you suddenly take the initiative to mention this today?

“Xixi, mother has always wanted to ask you something, but I have never dared to ask, for fear of hurting your heart.” Mama Gu hesitated and said, “You have grown up, do you want to come and find your biological parents?”

“Mom! What are you talking about! When I was abandoned, they didn’t think about my feelings. Why should I look for them? In Xixi’s eyes, there is only one mother, that is You!” Gu Xixi replied decisively.

She didn’t want her mother to be chilled by such things!

Mother Gu shook her head and said, “Child, listen to me first!”

Gu Xixi looked at her mother silently.

“I did think before, if you were asked to find your biological parents, would you leave us alone? But, now I don’t think so. You are married to a wealthy family, and I and your father only It will embarrass you and will not give you any help.” Mother Gu said softly, “In fact, there is something I have kept from you. You were not deliberately abandoned by your family, but a car accident occurred. You were thrown out of the car window and fell on the branches of a tree, but you did not fall to death by chance. When I picked you up, you were already crying.”

“So what can they tell you? Didn’t you come to me?” Gu Xixi said nonchalantly, “If they really care about me, they won’t come to me? Since they have given up on me, I’m just the daughter of my mother. Okay, mom, don’t think too much. I don’t need a prominent family background to support me.”

I and Yin Sichen are just contracted couples, and this marriage was just a virtual reality. Maybe when the child was older, she would leave the Yin family completely.

Her life background or something was meaningless to me.

Mother Gu still wanted to continue on this topic, but Gu Xixi has already changed the subject, “By the way, you haven’t had children for so many years. Why don’t you go to the hospital for a visit?”

Gu Xixi remembered clearly, so for many years, her mother never mentioned going to the hospital to check her body.

Even if it was a hen whose grandma pointed her nose to scold her for not laying eggs, her mother had never thought about it.

Mother Gu smiled bitterly, “Check what? There’s no need to check. My body is normal. “

Gu Xi suddenly opened her eyes, “What?”

“Actually, the infertile person in our family is not me, but your father! But Xixi, you must not say anything about this. Your father is a man and the pillar of the family. If the news of his infertility spreads, someone will look down on him!” Mother Gu hurriedly told Gu Xixi, “This Only I and you know about the matter, others don’t know, and your grandma doesn’t know. Otherwise, they know that your father is not fertile and will be sad!”

Hearing the news, Gu Xixi was like a bolt from the blue, and suddenly she was blown in place!

What? The truly infertile person turned out to be a father!

But my father is still going crazy on blind dates, just to give birth to his own child…

It’s ironic!

No, is this retribution?

Gu Xixi’s heart was mixed, but there was a faint sense of revenge.

Grandma had scolded for so many years. If she knew the truth, what would she look like?

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