It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 203 – The Power of One Palm

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“Seeking death intentionally? I wouldn’t grant that wish!”

Qing Chi’s face was filled with a cold smile. He hurriedly withdrew his palm, making Hu Luoti to pounce empty air.

“Boom ……”

Hu Luoti fell to the ground and touched her face.

“Not good!”

Hu Luoti looked up. But she saw a force enveloping her body, instantly wrapping her up. No matter how she struggled, it did not work.

“Bitch, since you want to seek death, I won’t let you do what you want! When I’m tired of playing with you, then I’ll give you a little ……”

Qing Chi said one sentence after another, his face revealed a ruthless smile. When Hu Luoti heard these, the corners of her eyes could not help but shed two lines of tears, despair written all over her face.

“All of you withdraw!”

“Yes, master!”

Everyone retreated.


The door closed.

Qing Chi grabbed Hu Luoti’s sleeve and tore it with force.

The sound of silk getting torn sounded.

“Hehehe ……”

Vulgar laughs resounded throughout the hall.

“Stinky bitch, scream, shout! Even if you shout to the heavens, no one will save you! In the Dragon Palace, I am the heaven here! I want to treat you well, but you don’t know how to appreciate a favor! Don’t blame me for not showing mercy!” Qing Chi said arrogantly.

“No! Don’t! Please kill me, kill me! If you touch me, I will not let you go even if I become a ghost!”

Desperate cries that kept ringing out.

“My Lord!”

At this moment, a loud shout came from outside the hall.

Immediately after that.


The door of the hall was slammed open, and an old man ran in quickly and knelt down in front of Qing Chi, “My Lord!”

“What a spoilsport!” A flash of anger flashed on Qing Chi’s face. He looked at the old man kneeling on the ground, “High Priest, what business do you have?”

“Replying to My Lord, I am incompetent and unable to deduce it!” The old man said.

“What? Even your eighteen priests can’t deduce it?” Qing Qi said.

“Yes, My Lord!” The old man nodded, he looked depressed, “The person who ate the dragon tribe possesses a layer of mysterious aura! Whatever methods used are also unable to break through!” The old man finished, and lowered his head in shame.

“In that case, what is the use of having you!” After saying that, Qing Chi raised his hand and slapped him.


A transparent palm as fast as lightning directly hit the old man.


The old man flew out backwards and hit the ground heavily with a loud sound.


The old man laying on the ground spat out blood, looking depressed.


Qing Chi’s expression went sluggish, with a hint of disbelief. That slap just now was simply to teach the High Priest a lesson. Unexpectedly, it had almost killed him?

“My … My Lord!”

“I … we suffer a backlash. except for me, all the other priests … are already dead!” The High Priest spoke breathlessly and beckoned.

Qing Chi’s face changed slightly, hurriedly ran forward and picked up the High Priest, “High priest, I will not allow you to die!”

“My Lord, I’m sorry … I can’t do it! You …… you must remember, never slaughter the human race, otherwise, our clan will be in danger!”

After saying this, the high priest’s head tilted, and he ceased to move.

“No!” Qing Chi let out a reluctant roar.


The surrounding tables and chairs exploded one by one. The rocks on the ground were lifted layer by layer. The entire hall trembled violently, as if it was about to collapse.

Qing Chi’s eyes were bloodshot, staring deadly at Hu Luoti who had fallen to the ground, and walked towards her step by step.

“Damned humans, damned bugs! Even if you ate my people, you actually dared to kill the High Priest! I am no longer a dragon if I didn’t take this revenge! My soldier will stomp over your country and trample you into a meat paste!” Qing Chi said as he carried Hu Luoti to the back hall.

“Please kill me!”

Hu Luoti breathed weakly, her mouth occasionally spit out a desperate voice.

At this time.


There was a loud sound. The whole hall shook.

Qing Chi stopped and stood still. He yelled, “What’s going on?”

Swoosh! A figure came, running rapidly.

“Replying to My Lord, human cultivators are invading the Dragon Palace!”


Qing Chi threw Hu Luoti to the ground, his joints cracking.

“Are they revolting? They dare to enter the human’s Forbidden Zone! Pass the order, send out the escort soldier to attack with me!”

“Yes, My Lord!”

Swoosh! Qing Chi turned into a residual shadow and hurried away.

Soon, he arrived outside the palace and the scene in front of him made him unable to help but shrink his pupils. 

He saw a white-veiled woman standing in the water. Her hair swirled in the rippling water. At first glance, her body was graceful and it wouldn’t lose if compared with Hu Luoti. Suddenly, Qing Chi could not move his gaze.

This woman was none other than Huang Rumeng. She swept her gaze around and finally landed on Qing Chi. The group of dragon soldier with lances in their hands beside Huang Rumeng cowered.

“Hello, Miss, my name is Qing Chi, I’m from the Dragon Clan ……”

Qing Chi extended his hand.



The soft, boneless little hand swatted his hand. The water flow reversed, and a huge palm formed by the water flow coalesced and took shape. It hit Qing Chi’s face immediately.


The heavy sound made the entire underwater shook. Qing Chi flew like a broken kite. The places he went to broke into pieces.

Boom! Boom!

One by one, the dragon soldier was hit by the aftermath and exploded.


Qing Chi crashed into the city like a falling star. 

The wave strike leveled the ground around it within a two miles radius. The whole seafloor whistled constantly. Everyone in the seawater drifted up and down, side to side and their body could not stand firm.

“This ……”

A group of dragon soldier stared at Huang Rumeng dumbfounded, their faces full of disbelief. One palm could knock the Dragon Lord away, this terrifying strength was unimaginable.

The problem was that she hadn’t even invoked any power. She could have so much power by relying on her physical body only?

When did the human race have such a terrifying powerhouse? How strong was she? Why did she come here?

Doubt was written all over their faces.

Every dragon soldier stayed in place, not daring to move.


An explosion sounded.

Qing Chi burst out of the ground and transformed into a five thousand meter long green dragon. A layer of green flames flared up on its body.

“Gu Gu ……”

The sea water seemed to boil and began to form bubbles.

“This damn lowly human dared to hurt me! Today, even if the Heavenly King comes, he cannot save you! Even if you shout to the heavens, no one dares to save you!”

The green gigantic dragon stared with wide eyes at Huang Rumeng.

“Whoever kills her can eat her!”

With this sound, the “Kill!” chants shook the sky.

Thousands of dragon soldiers came rushing like a torrent.

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