I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 160 – Heavenly Haze

Every time the devil sword was upgraded, the first thing Chen Hao looked at was the number of devil sword skills to see if there were any newly added skills.

Although not every upgrade gave out a new skill, he was always the most satisfied once a new skill appeared.

Having just seen the “devil sword Will” skill, Chen Hao felt that this upgrade was not a loss!

Last time, when the array master Qu Fei suddenly appeared, it really scared him.

Forced to change his will, it was worse than killing him!

Now once the devil sword will skill came out, Chen Hao’s safety was significantly increased.

Trying to wear out the devilish fury aura that had coalesced after the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people was simply a nightmare.

Even if a Heaven-breaking level martial artist personally took action, it would have to take a lot of time, a month, or two months, or a year?

Taking advantage of his time to wear out the devilish aura, emperor-level VIP sword master treatment to follow, doom outbreaks in succession to several rounds, the genius of the realm also had to kneel!

Then let Shiqi valued is the energy absorption skills that evolved from energy storage, with this skill, even without the swordmaster, Chen Hao could move freely, he finally could completely get rid of the swordmaster.

It was really worth celebrating!

“I want to change the sword master, I want to find this continent supreme expert!” Chen Hao yelled, “I want to curse him to death, I want to go it alone!”

Chen Hao could see very clearly that at this time, the system’s icy voice reminded, “Host, there is no future for one person to eat alone, going it alone is not an option!”

“I don’t care, I want to work alone!”

The system, “You look carefully at the killing and devouring evolutionary skills …… you will understand, there is really no future in going it alone!”

Chen Hao had a look at the kill devour evolution skills, suddenly dumbfounded – “through the sword hosts the devilsword to kill living beings to absorb blood and soul, other high-quality materials, weapons to evolve themselves.”

That was to say, after the separation from the swordmaster, the Crimson Blood Devil Sword almost could not be upgraded!

“When did you change it?”

The system replied, “Just now, when you were evolving!”

Chen Hao, “I have one thing to say that I don’t know if I should say it!”

The system’s voice remained cold and mechanical as it returned, “I hope the host can accept the reality, you are just a sword, if you really completely detached from the sword master, are you still a sword?”

“Being a sword, can’t you have some ideals?”

 “Ideal …… host you haver to follow or quit it! It would save the pain!”


Chen Hao took another glance at the other upgraded skills, and his interest was lacking.

Swordmastership increase again became stronger, this time more excessive, enhance the strength of the sword idea realm 100% …… Chen Hao sometimes wondered the swordmaster is the system’s own son!

Chen Hao looked toward the devil fury aura outside, just a moment of his upgrade, he did not know where to run to an innate expert.

“The sky is descending, there is really a unknown treasure out of the world!” The visitor said in an excited tone, “I can’t believe that my Liao Jinglin’s time has come!”

“As long as I get this foreign treasure, that old immortal can’t be my opponent, as long as I kill that old immortal, I will kill that hypocritical Chu Miao, kill that heartless and unrighteous Chu Yan, I am the Chu family’s family head, the whole Chu family I have the say ……”

Chen Hao was very curious, and there seem to be a lot of exciting stories here!

But Shiqi had already made his move.

He fiercely stomped his foot, and his body was like a crossbow arrow off the string rushed towards the incoming person.

“Get the hell out of my way!”

The incoming sword stabbed at Shiqi, then, however, a large golden hand deadly grabbed the other sword blade.

“What?” The visitor looked at Shiqi in surprise.

For the first time in his life, he saw someone grab his weapon with his bare hands!

Shiqi did not say a word, and he forced a tug on the long sword. The other party did not expect Shiqi’s strength was so great that it directly brought into his arms.


The opponent seemed to find out that Shiqi was very strong and abandoned his sword to run, but he was still one step too slow.

Shiqi was not only tall, but also had equally long arms, and he grabbed his opponent who wanted to escape with one hand.

Seeing this situation, Chen Hao instantly flew back to Shiqi’s  …… waste shameful!

“Senior, let me go, I did not know that this sword is yours, I thought there was an unknown treasure out there!”

Shiqi helplessly shook his head and said, “No, my sword, seems to like you very much!”


To be liked by someone may be a kind of luck.

But being liked by the Crimson Blood Devil Sword was a misfortune!

The strength of the early innate realm was a bit weak in front of the powerful Shiqi.

On the way back, Shiqi asked Chen Hao about the evolution. Chen Hao then showed him the devil sword induction and swordmaster increase skills, and he blocked all other skills that were not convenient for Shiqi to see them all.

Although he didn’t plan to pit seventeen, however, he couldn’t help him.

A woman was a mother if she had milk, and a man was called father when he ate and drank—Chen Hao was quite unscrupulous in this regard.

However, seeing the 100% increase in the strength of the swordsmanship, Shiqi was very satisfied.

He was very clear about the difference, the same great success of the killing realm. Shiqi could explode with double combat power by holding the devil sword!

“What’s that?”

Just as Shiqi was planning to return to camp, a faint haze of light unexpectedly appeared at the edge of the dark sky in the west, the light tinting the clouds in the sky red.

If not for the fact that Shiqi was an innate expert and was still flying in mid-air, others were afraid that it would be difficult for them to notice this kind of vision.

Shiqi flew up, almost to the limit of three thousand meters high in the air said, “The direction of the White Sand County, it seems very far away!”

“Could it be a secret realm of hidden treasures or something?”

Shiqi nodded and said, “It should be!”

“Do you want to go?”

“I still have a mission!” Shiqi said in a low voice, “Besides, even if I rush there now, I’m afraid it’s too late, such a vision, I’m afraid even the Heaven-breaking level experts will be alarmed.”

Back at the camp, the soldiers’ camping was finished, and they didn’t notice the vision on the White Sand County side.

After eating dinner, Shiqi had three more young geniuses, Zhou Zhenyong, Chen Xudong, and Chu Tianning, come over.

Su Yi had instructed Shiqi to take the time to teach them, and Shiqi did not forget.

Every day he would take time to teach these three geniuses properly.

Shiqi could not teach much, and they did not lack cultivation methods and martial skills. With the short time given, he could not give much, in addition, he was also lazy to bother.

His teaching was simple and crude, that was, he let them repeatedly experience the double baptism of the Demon Fury Aura and the Killing Intent, with the beautiful name of exercising their will.

The three young geniuses, Zhou Zhenyong, Chen Xudong, and Chu Tianning, who had ugly and nervous faces, sat in a disciplined manner across from Shiqi.

Chu Tianning asked in a low voice, “General Chen, can you do it a little lighter!” His voice trembled a little as he spoke.

“Alright, I’ll be a little lighter!”

After the evolution of the Devil’s Sword, the killing intent in his body had doubled, so he did need to be a little lighter.

In case the intensity wasn’t appropriately pinpointed, it wouldn’t be good to answer to his master if someone went off the rails.

Under the gloating gaze of the Purple Thorn Army, the blood-red fury instantly enveloped the three.

A quarter of an hour later, the Purple Thorn Army dragged the three men back to the tent like dead dogs.

They hadn’t lasted as long as yesterday.

Along the way, Shiqi’s convoy hardly encountered any obstacles, and they did not dare to stand in their way without opening their eyes.

Four hundred people of the Purple Thorn Army, all exuding a strong aura of fury, people would know by a glance that they were the elite of the army who had been baptized by war.

And Shiqi, who walked in the front of the team was particularly appalling, and almost all martial artists saw them were walking, avoiding them or took a detour.

They traveled fast, they ate and slept in the open, sometimes they would enter the city to replenish their supplies and stay in the city for the night.

Every time they passed through a city, Shiqi was treated as a guest by the city owner, and occasionally some family powers would invite Shiqi as a guest. Still, they were all politely refused by Shiqi.

Along the way, Shiqi did not forget to cultivate, he carefully read Su Yi’s insights notes, cultivated the advanced cultivation sword method that he snatched from the Black Blood Kingdom to satisfy the sword spirit Chen Hao’s collection fetish, and also spent time to figure out and cultivate the “Blood Devil Sword Method,” “Thousand Means Sword Method” he had already cultivated to perfection.

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