The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 98 – Slap You to Death

The Heavenly God domain had a total of thirty-four provinces. In each province, families, clans, empires countless, genius disciples like a carp over the river. Although the two siblings were the best of the young generation of the Fan family, the Wind Thunder Province was also considered famous, but in the Heavenly God domain, it was not much.

Lu Yiping listened to the two Fan Sheng siblings lament and asked, “What realm is Chu Tong now?”

Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng’s two siblings, was stunned.

“Not sure.” Fan Yulan shook her head, “Many years ago, Lord Chu Tong was already a Plane Lord, some people said that Lord Chu Tong is now in the middle stage of the Plane Lord, while others said it is in the late stage of the Plane Lord.”

“Some even said that Lord Chu Tong was already at the peak of the late stage of the Plane Lord!”

“Lord Chu Tong had entered the Void Heaven Divine Palace and received a supreme fortune.”

Lu Yiping was surprised, “Oh, the Void Heaven Divine Palace.”

Fan Yulan nodded, “Yes, I heard that Lord Chu Tong obtained the Void Heaven God Lord’s iyem, what it is exactly, no one knows.”

Void Heaven God Lord was a legendary figure of the Nine Heavens back then.

“My lord, ahead is the Star River City, and then past it is the Returning Origin Sword Sect.” Fan Yulan said to Lu Yiping.

Lu Yiping gave a hmph, and then they entered Star River City.

Star River City’s traffic and horses were hectic. Here, it was already the territory of the Returned Origin Sword Sect, and there were many stores selling swords around the streets.

When passing a tavern, Lu Yiping stopped, “Peerless Tavern.”

The two words “Peerless Tavern,” the dragon flying, and the phoenix dancing, implying the supreme laws of heaven and earth.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “Peerless Tavern? This name, it’s quite bullish.”

Fan Sheng laughed, “Peerless Tavern, extremely famous in our Nine Heavens, it’s not too much to say that it’s the number one tavern, it was created by the Peerless Wine Saint, the wine of Peerless Tavern is famous all over the world.”

Speaking of the Peerless Wine Saint, he had a face of admiration, with fervor in his eyes, “Peerless Wine Saint is our Nine Heavens’ supreme power, and some people say that the Peerless Wine Saint is Lord Saint Demon’s named disciple.”

“Oh.” Lu Yiping was surprised: “A named disciple of the Holy Demon?”

Fan Yulan nodded, “Yes, there are these legends, however, some people also say that Lord Saint Demon did not accept Peerless Wine Saint as a named disciple, but only instructed Peerless Wine Saint.”

Lu Yiping.s group entered the Peerless Tavern.

The tavern was huge. There were two floors in total. Lu Yiping went straight up to the second floor.

When he invited the waiter, Lu Yiping asked, “What is the best wine here?”

The waiter smiled and said, “The best wine in our Peerless Tavern is, of course, Starlightning Wine, but this Starlightning Wine has a different taste because of its vintage.”

“Then you can serve us five jars of the best Starlightning Wine.” Lu Yiping said.

Dragon Horned Golden Bull, Huang Jiu transformed into human form, plus Fan Yulan two sisters and brothers, a total of five people.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull, after taking form, was very tall, two meters one and two, especially his legs and hands were very thick, his appearance was quite handsome, but his hair was golden, even his eyebrows were also golden.

As for Huang Jiu compared with the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, she looked a little slim. Her height and Lu Yiping were similar, one meter eight, like a scholar.

The waiter heard that Lu Yiping wanted five jars of the best Starlightning Wine and hesitated, “I’m afraid you don’t know the price of our Starlightning Wine?”

“The ordinary Starlightning Wine costs ten thousand divine spirit stones for one jar.”

“The best ones cost one million a jar!”

Five jars, that’s five million!

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull then took out a spatial ring and opened it, only to see a mountain of divine spirit stones inside.

The waiter swallowed his saliva and respectfully said, “Lords wait a moment, I’ll send it over here. “

When the other party left, Lu Yiping asked him to serve a table of downstream dishes.

Soon, the Starlightning wine and the following dishes were sent up.

Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng’s two siblings, looked at the Starlightning wine in front of them were in a complicated mood. Although the Fan family head also only once drank Starlightning wine, that was an ordinary one.

At this time, suddenly, a group of people walked up to the second floor of the tavern, led by a young man sweeping the second floor looking for seats. When he saw Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng’s two siblings, he was surprised and then came over.

“I didn’t expect to meet sister Yulan here.” After the young man came over, he clasped his fist and smiled, “Sister Yulan you are also here to attend the Sword Sect Assembly?”

After saying that, he didn’t ask Lu Yiping and Dragon Horned Golden Bull, so he sat down.

The young man opened his mouth and said, “I have heard about the Fan family, I was so grief-stricken to hear about it that I wanted to lead the family experts to rescue them, but was stopped by the clan elders.”

But his face did not have a brief look. Obviously, his words were not heartfelt.  What grief, what the elders prohibited, all was nothing but just a pretext.

“Who agreed that you sit down.” At this time, a bland voice came.

The young man was stunned and looked at Lu Yiping.

Fan Yulan gave an evident cough and solemnly introduced Lu Yiping to the young man, “This is Young Master Lu Yiping, we were being chased by the Black Wind Sect experts and it was Young Master Lu Yiping who saved us.”

Then she said to Lu Yiping, “This is Young Master Qi Wei of the Qi Family of the Qingyun Province.”

Qi Family was a big family of Qing Yun Mansion. Although the Qi Family did not have a strong Plane Lord expert, there were four Heavenly God Realm experts in the Qi Family!

If we talk about strength, the Qi family was much stronger than the Black Wind Sect and the Tao family.

Qi Wei looked up and down at Lu Yiping and asked with a smile, “Saved sister Yulan? What, this Peerless Tavern is Young Master Lu’s, I still have to get your permission to sit down?”

Behind him, the Qi family experts looked at Lu Yiping playfully.

At this time, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull grabbed Qi Wei by the back of his neck, then picked him up and threw him to the side: “Kid, if you keep yakking, Master Bull will slap you to death with one hair!”

Qi Wei was thrown by the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and rolled to the ground, hitting the stone pillar and momentarily confused.

“Courting death!” A group of Qi family experts reacted with anger, and several of them rushed up and blasted at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull with a single punch.

Just as a few people came blasting, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull had a super thick golden hair in its hand at once!

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull slapped the hair over, and at once, the Qi family experts were hit by the pillar of the sky and shot out of the second-floor window without a trace.

The other Qi family experts and all the experts on the second floor of the tavern were dumbfounded.

Even the young master of the Qi family, Qi Wei, was also stunned.

The Qi family experts who just shot, although was not in the god realm, but also close to the god realm experts.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull stared at Qi Wei on the ground and laughed heartedly, “Kid, you want to try it too?”

The scared Qi Wei and a group of Qi family experts panicked and fled.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull took back the golden hair, “Motherfucker, have to fan before leaving.”

Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng, two siblings for a moment, did not know what to say.

Huang Jiu enviously said, “Lord Xiaojin’s golden hair is really too powerful.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “Of course the master is more awesome.”

The three of them almost choked; what the Dragon Horned Golden Bull meant was that Lu Yiping’s hair was more powerful?

At this time, someone at a distant table discussed, “I heard about it, the disciple of the Blade God was killed by a black-robed youth at the Sixth Eye Mountain!”

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