The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 97 – The Power of a Single Hair

“I wonder who the gentleman’s acquaintance is?” Fan Yulan asked curiously.

Just as Lu Yiping was about to speak, suddenly, three extraordinary auras broke through the air. The aura of a true god sweeping through heaven and earth and enveloping the entire ancient city.

“Who is it, who killed my disciple?!” Immediately afterward, an angry voice shouted.

The sound wave rolled and boomed over the ancient city for a long time. The sound of heavy objects smashing down on the ground rose and fell. This was the sound of the ancient city buildings crumbling down.

Hearing the sound, Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng’s two siblings’ faces changed significantly.

“It’s the Black Wind Sect’s old ancestor Zhou Haize!”

“Wu Wei’s master! He’s actually nearby!”

At this moment, the voice shouted angrily again, “Get out of the house! I’ll level this ancient city inch by inch and see how long you can hide!” Then, a loud sound shaking the sky came.

Although far away, the ground of the hall also trembled violently. Obviously, the other party was blasting furiously.

“Go out and take a look.” Lu Yiping got up and said.

He was about to go out with the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and Huang Jiu.

But Fan Yulan said sharply, “Young Master don’t go out! This Zhou Haize is a late stage peak True God expert.”

However, when she was about to stop him, Lu Yiping had already walked out from the main hall and did not hide his aura. He came to the square outside the main hall with the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

Zhou Haize and the other two old ancestors of the Black Wind Sect looked over at once from a distance high in the sky.

When Zhou Haize saw Lu Yiping, his eyes were cold, and he and the other two old ancestors immediately broke through the air and flew over.

In the blink of an eye, the three arrived in the sky above the square.

Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng, two siblings, also came out. When they saw Zhou Haize, it was hard for them to hide the shock and hate.

The Fan family was destroyed, both their parents died in the hands of this Zhou Haize.

Zhou Haize did not look at Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng’s two siblings. His eyes fell on Lu Yiping, his eyes cold, “You killed my disciple?”

But the Dragon Horned Golden Bull grinned, “Your disciple was killed by me, just now by my foot stomped his head into the ground!”

Zhou Haize was stunned and stared at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, his eyes full of killing intent, “Since that’s the case, then all of you die for me!” After saying that, he fiercely slapped at Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull in unison.

When he slapped at Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, he saw a vast spell seal coalesce in the void.

The dark light of the incantation seal bloomed, like a vast dark sun, as if there was an endless evil breath bred in it.

“Black Evil Incantation!” Fan Sheng exclaimed.

The Black Evil Incantation was the masterpiece of a supreme overlord of the Nine Heavens, Black Evil, 100,000 years ago.

This Black Evil Incantation was incomparably vicious and incomparably evil. Hit by this Black Evil Incantation, your whole body vitality was constantly eroded by the dark evil qi, and your life would be worse than death.

Looking at the Black Evil Incantation that came with a bang, Lu Yiping looked calm and suddenly plucked a golden cow hair from the Dragon Horn Golden Bull and waved it out.

At once, the golden bull hair exploded golden lights. These golden lights then turned into countless golden spears!

The sky was filled with golden spears, flooding the high altitude. All over the place, the Black Evil Incantation disintegrated.

Zhou Haize and the other two ancestors of the Black Wind Sect looked at the incoming golden spears and were shocked and felt the terrifying power contained in the golden spears, and the three of them frantically pushed the True God power in their bodies.

The three true gods’ power gathered, rolled and swirled, like a monstrous river, and blasted at the millions of golden spears.

But it was useless!

Thousands of golden spears instantly pierced through the three convergence of the true god power and then into the three people’s whole body through.

Zhou Haize’s three people froze high in the air.

After passing through the three people’s bodies, the millions of golden spears continued to blast into the void, and from afar, it looked like a vast golden river cutting through the void.

Frozen in the high altitude of the three Zhou Haize, suddenly, the whole body appeared a golden gun hole, gun hole golden light blooming, the three people’s whole body dissipated into a little golden light and disappeared in the high altitude.

Three people vanished as if they had never appeared.

Lu Yiping inserted the golden hair back into the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng, two siblings, could not say anything.

Can hair be used like this? Hair, there is still such great power? Is this a high-grade divine weapon? The best divine weapons were not used with such power, right?

Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull went back to the main hall.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said, “Master, it hurts just now.”

Lu Yiping said blandly, “Then I’ll pull two next time.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull choked. When Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng, two siblings woke up back and returned to the main hall, they saw Lu Yiping continue to drink a little wine.

“Young Master, are you a heavenly god?!” Fan Sheng looked at Lu Yiping in awe.

To be able to kill three great True Gods in one fell swoop, and one of them at the peak of the late True God stage was definitely a Heavenly God, maybe not even an early Heavenly God, but a mid Heavenly God!

Fan Yulan also looked at Lu Yiping in awe. Even her grandfather had only just broken through the Heavenly God earlier, definitely not as strong as this blue-shirted young man in front of him.

A single hair killed three true gods! Simply beyond her imagination.

Hearing that Fan Sheng asked if he was a Heavenly God, Lu Yiping smiled and nodded.

Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng looked at each other and then suddenly knelt down to Lu Yiping.

“Please also save us, we siblings would like to be cattle and horses to repay you.” The two finished and bowed heavily.

Lu Yiping shook his head, “I said, I am going to the Returning Origin Sword Sect, I will not accompany you to the Divine Martial Continent.”

Fan Sheng spoke up, “We don’t dare to ask you to accompany us to the Divine Martial Continent, we want to go to the Returned Origin Sword Sect with you.”

“As you wish.” Lu Yiping said indifferently.

Since the two wanted to follow, he was indifferent. When the two people saw Lu Yiping agree, they were incredibly delighted and kowtowed to him.

A night passed.

Lu Yiping left the ancient city and continued their journey.

On the way, Lu Yiping rarely stopped, and a few days later, they arrived at the Qing Yun province where the Returning Origin Sword Sect was located.

After entering the Qing Yun Province, there were many disciples from various provinces and sects.

“I heard that the first place in this Sword Sect Assembly rewards the extremely high quality divine weapon, the Green Dragon Sword! There’s also the Traceless Sword Skill, the Traceless Sword Skill is one of the ten sword skills of the Returning Origin Sword Sect.”

“The first place in the Sword Sect Conference will even be received and instructed by Lord Chu Tong!

“What, Lord Chu Tong received and instructed!”

As they passed by a particular city, the passing disciples talked about it.

Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng were excited when they heard that the first-place winner of the Sword Sect Assembly was expected to be received and instructed by Lord Chu Tong.

The Returned Origin Sword Sect was the number one sect in the Heavenly God Domain, and Chu Tong, as the founding ancestor of the Returned Origin Sword Sect, was a supreme expert in the hearts of countless experts in the Cang Shen Domain.

“To be received by Lord Chu Tong, what an honor it is.” Fan Sheng sighed with emotion.

Fan Yulan laughed, “We don’t have to think about it, with this strength, not to mention the first place in the Sword Sect Assembly, we can’t even squeeze into the top 1000.”

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