The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 100 – The Technique Is A Little Rusty

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at Qi Wei and laughed, “Little fellow, just now at the tavern, I let you go, and you even dared to bring you here to make a scene.”

“However, the number of people you brought now is not even enough to stuff my teeth.”

Qi Wei brought a lot of people this time, but there were only a hundred or so.

When the Qi family members heard this, they all looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull angrily.

A young man at the head looked at Dragon Horned Golden Bull coldly and asked Qi Wei, “Is that him?”

Qi Wei nodded, “Yes, that’s him, big brother Qi Hui, be careful, this person has golden hair that is so powerful, I believe it’s a super divine weapon.”

Above the extreme divine weapon was the super divine weapon.

The power of a super divine weapon far surpasses that of a very high-grade divine weapon.

At this time, Fan Yulan said to Lu Yiping, “My lord, this Qi Hui, is the young master of the Qi family. He is the follower of Lord Dragon Sword Zhang Feilong.”

Dragon Sword Zhang Feilong was one of the five swords and was the young master of the Zhang family, the second-largest family in the Heavenly God Domain, so he had many followers. This Qi Hui was one of the followers under Zhang Feilong’s command.

Although Qi Hui’s strength and prestige could not be compared with Zhang Fei Long and the other five swords, he still had some fame in the Qing Yun Province. He was a late peak god ream expert and only one step away from the true God realm.

Qi Hui looked at Fan Yulan indifferently and said, “You are the Fan siblings? The Black Wind Sect has issued a bounty on each of your heads, worth 100 million divine spirit stones.”

Qi Hui’s voice, infused with divine power, traveled far and was heard by disciples from all sides around the Star River.

“What, she is the Fan family siblings!”

At once, many people looked at Fan Yulan, and Fan Sheng’s eyes blazed up.

The Fan Family was one of the few major powers of the Wind and Thunder Province. The words about Fan Family destroyed by the Black Wind Sect and the Tao Family had spread, and it was still quite a sensation in the Heavenly God Domain.

Hearing Qi Hui, the young master of the Qi family, said that the Black Wind Sect offered a reward of 100 million divine spirit stones for the heads of the Fan family siblings, many people gathered around.

Both Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng could not help but angrily look at the Qi family young master Qi Hui. This Qi Hui was obviously deliberately done this.

Qi Hui coldly smiled, “Everyone, this woman is Fan Yulan, Fan Family Miss, the one next to him is his brother Fan Sheng, Black Wind Sect offers a reward of 100 million divine spirit stones for the heads of two people!”

 “On the two, there is also the key to the Fan family treasure.”

Immediately the disciples of the various sects who had gathered around looked at them more fervently.

“You are talking nonsense!” Fan Yulan was furious.

There was no treasure key on the two of them. This Qi family young master Qi Hui deliberately said so, clearly adding fuel to the fire, making the surrounding sect disciples’ killing intent towards the two of them even stronger.

After Qi Hui finished speaking, the Qi family retreated to the side looking coldly at Lu Yiping and others.

These disciples came from all the provinces and sects of the Heavenly God Domain, and he wanted to see how Lu Yiping and the others would deal with them.

Qi Wei laughed at Qi Hui, “Brother Qi Hui, your move is good! As long as they make a move, they will definitely offend the major powers of the Heavenly God Domain! At that time, the entire Heavenly God Domain won’t be able to accommodate them!”

“In this way, there is no need for us to make a move at all.”

Qi Hui laughed, “Let’s just watch the good show.”

Qi Wei added, “Now it’s all rumored that Dragon Sword Zhang Feilong has obtained a superb sword in the Star River.”

Qi Hui said, “Well, it’s a famous sword in the Middle Ages, the Nine Curved Divine Sword, and after getting the sword, Young Master Feilong entered the Returning Origin Sword Sect and is now having a drink with Young Master Sun Hongyuan of the Returning Origin Sword Sect.”

Sun Hongyuan was the chief disciple of the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

Qi Wei said with a face of admiration, “I heard that Young Master Sun Hongyuan has already comprehended 9,999 Heavenly God Laws and can break through the Heavenly God realm at any time.”

Sun Hongyuan, as the chief disciple of the Returned Origin Sword Sect, had prestige and strength that was unquestionable.

Although he was not included in the Five Swords due to his age, he was even more above the Five Swords.

At this time, an old man came out to Lu Yiping a few people. He looked at Lu Yiping, Dragon Horned Golden Ox, and Huang Jiu, “I am the Great Sun Palace Heavenly Demon Hand Zhu Jin.”

Surrounding the crowd, all astonished, “What, he is the Heavenly Demon Hand Zhu Jin!”

Some of the disciples who were close to the old man were backing away to the side.

Heavenly Demon Hand Zhu Jin! In the Qing Yun Province had a fierce reputation!

“You are not disciples of the Fan Family, right? This matter has nothing to do with you, and I hope you will not interfere in the affairs of the Fan Family’s sisters and brothers.” Heavenly Demon Hand Zhu Jin said indifferently: “Lest you lose your life or involve your family clan.”

“Lose your life?” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “Just you?”

Heavenly Demon Hand Zhu Jin’s face suddenly sank as he slapped his palm towards the chest of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, “Heavenly Demon Great Hand Seal!”

The palm force roared wildly, and the devilish qi rolled. An enormous handprint like a mountain came out with a bang.

Heavenly Demon Great Hand Seal was not the Great Sun Palace’s masterpiece. However, Zhu Jin obtained it in a desperate place, and after learning it, he almost swept the same realm experts.

Seeing Zhu Jin’s hand formed the Heavenly Demon Great Hand Seal, the crowd once again shocked and then retreat, afraid of being affected by the power of the Heavenly Demon Great Hand Seal.

In the distance, Qi Hui laughed, “I didn’t expect the Heavenly Demon Hand Zhu Jin to be here! However, it seems that we really don’t need to do it ourselves.”

Qi Wei laughed, “Heavenly Demon Hand Zhu Jin is an early True God expert, and the Heavenly Demon Great Hand Seal is so powerful that even the peak of the early True God can’t resist his Heavenly Demon Great Hand Seal.”

The Heavenly Demon Great Hand Seal carried the power of destruction and instantly blasted in front of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

However, when it came in front of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, it suddenly stopped, unexpectedly unable to advance another half inch.

Qi Hui and the others were stunned.

Heavenly Demon Hand Zhu Jin was also stunned on the spot.

Is this space ability?

At this time, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull had a super large golden hair in his hand, this golden hair, thicker than one at the tavern, as thick as a thigh!

Without saying a word, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull directly swept a hair over.

The Golden hair’s sweeping force instantly swept away the Heavenly Demon Great Hand Seal and then swept the Heavenly Demon Zhu Jin on his waist.

He saw that the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, Lu Yiping, and others were getting farther and farther away, and the Star River was getting farther and farther away. Eventually, Lu Yiping, Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and others were not visible to him.

Everyone in the Qi family watched Zhu Jin, who was swept away and disappeared in the sky above Star River City, froze for a long time. Then, the faces of all the disciples around who were about to take action were changed, and they all retreated in terror.

Lu Yiping’s surroundings turned to become an empty space. At a glance, there was no one in sight for miles.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked over to the Qi family experts in the distance, then waved his golden hair with an unkind face.

The Qi family young master Qi Hui looked at the golden hair waved in the hands of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull were scared to death, and his face turned pale.

At that moment, the golden hair in the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s hand swept across to him.

At once, a group of Qi family experts were swept away in unison.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull took back the golden hair, looked at Fan Yulan and Fan Sheng, who had strange expressions, and said, “Many years have not practiced, my technique is getting a little rusty.”

Back then, when he swept the golden hair, the Yin borer race’s millions of heavenly gods expert sent flying at one time.

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