Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 14: Soul Broken into Core

Silver Moon City.

Drunken Immortal Inn.

A large table of dishes and wine was placed in front of Chu Yuan. Next to him, that fat innkeeper was like a peasant standing respectfully in front of a noble, with a very stiff smile on his face.

“Big brother, I can tell that you are a Nascent Soul realm existence. How would I dare to offend your immortal might!”

“That on the door was a joke. Big brother, do not get angry ah. Hey, someone, go outside and remove that sign, leave that portrait, write that this person could enter, eat, drink, and play freely!”

After the fat innkeeper learned that Chu Yuan was a supreme existence of the Nascent Soul realm, he addressed him casually and cleared the place in a minute. He ordered all the dishes in the inn for Chu Yuan. He was afraid to make this Nascent Soul realm big shot unhappy and struck their inn into nothingness.

Chu Yuan happily patted the fat innkeeper’s shoulder and laughed, “Right, I told you, we have such a deep friendship, it is impossible for you to change face so quickly.”

The fat innkeeper also smiled as a foil.

“Yes, yes, the friendship is deep, the friendship is deep.”

The fat innkeeper spat in his heart.

If you were to replace me as a Nascent Soul expert, and you were the innkeeper, see if the friendship was still deep. I will make you understand what it means to turn over your face faster than a book.

Chu Yuan smiled, drank a mouthful of wine, said, “Well, boss, I will not hide from you, I am a sect’s sect master. I came down the mountain for the matter of accepting disciples, you have a wide connection, so I come here to ask.”

The sect master of a sect? Was there any sect near SilverMoon City that has a Nascent Soul realm in town?

The fat innkeeper counted carefully and found that there was not any.

The ones near Silver Moon City were all small sects of the ninth grade, and the Foundation Establishment realm was hard to see. Where could there be a Nascent Soul realm?

It must be known that a sect required nine disciples with a Qi Refining Realm to be considered a ninth-grade sect after being assessed.

And the eighth-grade sects required more than thirty disciples, ten Qi Refining Realm disciples, and the sect master needs to have the cultivation base of the Foundation Establishment Realm ……

Further up required an even larger size.

A sect that can have a Nascent Soul realm presence was that a sixth-grade sect? Or maybe a fifth-grade sect?


The fat innkeeper sucked in a breath of cold air.

He had actually cursed the sect master of a sixth or fifth-grade sect earlier!

A premature death!

It was enough for him to brag for a lifetime.

“So that’s how it is. Big brother is right to come to me, and no one has a broader network than me. Since you want to accept disciples, then I will introduce one or two to big brother. SilverMoon City had many geniuses, such as Lin Fan, who is known as the first genius of SilverMoon City, has a fire spirit root ……”

The fat innkeeper slowly said.

Chu Yuan rolled his eyes as he listened to these words. He did not want a genius, and if a genius came, then he would drop a realm cultivation base.

Nascent Soul downgraded to … Golden Core Realm?

If he really took in a genius, then what would happen to him? Others broke through Golden Core to Nascent Soul, and he became Nascent Soul that broke into Golden Core?

Chu Yuan thought of that scene and couldn’t help but shiver, and he hurriedly said, “I do not want geniuses! I want the information of the waste, waste, you understand, right? It’s the same as the news about that Ye Luo last time.”

The fat innkeeper froze.

Didn’t want a genius? Wanted waste? What kind of logic was that?

He looked at Chu Yuan’s expression that didn’t look like he was joking, and thought carefully about it.

A few moments later, the fat innkeeper clapped his hands and said, “Waste …… big brother, I have heard some information before. In Wuchang City, next to SilverMoon City, a formation genius had a deep understanding of formations. It was said that they could set some low-level formation at the age of eight.

“It is said that they were not only a formation genius but also had a heavenly spiritual root. However, at the age of ten, hehe inexplicably suffered a lightning strike, the heavenly spiritual root was destroyed. Since then, he could not cultivate and reduced into a waste.”

He said with a sigh.

If there wasn’t any mishap, a formation genius with heavenly spiritual roots might become a Nascent Soul or even God Transformation realm. Unfortunately, heaven was envious, and a genius was destroyed by the lightning strike.

Chu Yuan’s eyes lit up, and he almost slapped the table in cheer.

Here it comes, another small stage realm coming towards him. This was simply his heaven-sent disciple ah! Spiritual roots destroyed by a lightning strike meant they had no spiritual roots! They couldn’t even cultivate, just like Ye Luo, tricked a bit, and it’d be done.

“Good! What is the name of this genius? Where is the exact location?” Chu Yuan asked enthusiastically.

He was about to take in another waste disciple, and his cultivation base could rise again.

The fat innkeeper answered respectfully, “Big brother, this person’s name is Zhang Han, now in the Zhang family of Wuchang City. I reckon that his status is not good, after all, he is a waste.”

How come this template looked so familiar? Chu Yuan muttered in his heart. He unhesitatingly left the inn, ready to go to Wuchang City.

He left a message to the fat innkeeper before leaving.

“You and I hit it off right away. Talking about money hurts our feelings. Since you said I could enter freely, I couldn’t betray this kindness. It’s just that I usually do not come often, and this privilege can not be wasted.”

“How about this, if my sect disciples come down to SilverMoon City in the future and they all come to you, just give them my privileges. Well, goodbye, old friend!” Chu Yuan left these words and drifted away, dashing with the wind.

This made the fat innkeeper in the inn so angry that his face turned green. He had never seen such a shameless Nascent Soul power.

It was not enough to get a free meal himself, but he also intends to pull his whole sect to freeloading.

This, this, this.

Was this still a human being?


At the same time, in Qiandi Sect’s main hall.

The Grand Elder was holding the painting scroll. Next to him, the Sect Master Qian Yuan and many elders were viewing the scroll.

“This is a scroll transformed into a painting with our sect’s secret technique? Hiss, who is in this painting? He was very imposing. Holding the sun, moon, and stars in his palm. So terrifying.”

“No, shouldn’t you guys look at the background behind this person? It was pitch black as if a monarch was breaking the space. What kind of existence is this person to be able to break the space, holding the sun and moon.”

“Am I the only one who feels that this person looks a little handsome?”

“Holding the sun and the moon and picking the stars, there is no one like me in the world! This man! What a big mouth!”

Many elders were all surprised for a while.

They did not perceive anything, and they just felt that this man was very handsome and had a big mouth.

Only the Sect Master Qian Yuan stared at the scroll with a deep expression and asked, “Could this be the man from the …… Secluded Sect, the Daoless Sect?”

The Grand Elder, expressionless and with a stern face, nodded solemnly.

He told elders and the sect master about the big and small things that happened near the Heavenly Mist Mountain.

Of course, the part about the Grand Elder’s ‘kind’ tone was naturally deleted. Could this be known to others? This Grand Elder still wanted to save face!

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