It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 202 – Young Master Wants to catch a Whole net of Dragons!

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The next day. 

After eating breakfast, Huang Rumeng said goodbye to Sun Hao. She got on the Penetrating Thunder Immortal Boat and flew up.

“Young Master’s fishing net does not look like an immortal object! But it can’t be a spiritual object, much less a mortal object! Last time, the Young Master used this net to fish out the dragon race!”

Huang Rumeng kept observing the fishing net. After looking at it for a long time, she still couldn’t see the rank. She then put the fishing net away into her soul space.

Huang Rumeng took out a map and began to look at it. That serious look made her appear like a completely different person.

“Ghost Dragon Lake certainly has no dragons! Young Master wants to fish a dragon then he’ll catch a dragon. It’s entirely because of Young Master’s heavenly method! I don’t know how much different I will be compared to the Young Master! Since Young Master wants to catch a net, the only way is to go to the Dragon Clan’s lair!”

Huang Rumeng murmured while looking at the map, she began to think. Suddenly, she raised her eyebrows, “I’ve heard Mother Emperor say that the dragon race lives in the Sea Cliff!”

“Sea Cliff seems to be right here! Let’s go there!”

Huang Rumeng moved her mind.

“Buzz ……”

Layers of ripples shook up around the Penetrating Thunder Immortal Boat.  The Immortal Boat burrowed into the ripples and disappeared.



In the south of the Tian Luo continent, there was an endless ocean. In the center of the ocean, there was a sea area with a radius of 5,000. This was a forbidden area for the human race called Sea Cliff.

Below the Sea Cliff, there was a city. In the city, the palace stretched out in a majestic and imposing manner. The palace hall was filled with happiness and prosperity.

A man in a golden robe sat on the main seat, drinking and talking. He was none other than Ziyang’s Dragon Lord – Qing Chi. He looked at the group of dancers in front of him and shook his head repeatedly.

“Withdraw, withdraw!” Qing Chi waved his hand.

“Yes ……”

The dancers looked terrified, they bowed slightly and retreated.

“I am tired of seeing these common rouged faces!” Qing Chi secretly sighed.

“My Lord! The Divine Tortoise tribe has an extraordinary beauty to give to you!”

At this time, a pointy mouth and thin cheeks(1) minister came forward with a flattering face.

“Where did those bunch of tortoises get exceptional beauty?” Qing Chi shook his head for a while.

“Master, I heard that they captured it, and it seems to be the princess of the Heavenly Fox Clan-Hu Luoti!” The pointy mouth man lowered his voice and said.

“What?” Qing Chi’s eyes were translucent with a joyful look.

“What exactly is their purpose?” Qing Chi asked.

“It’s like this ……” The pointy mouth man went near Qing Chi’s ear and whispered.

Qing Chi frowned slightly and did not respond. Then, he opened his mouth and said, “Bring it up for me to see!”

“Yes, My Lord!”

With a look from the pointy mouth man, a guard quickly stepped back.

A few moments later, he brought a woman clad in red. She had a very sexy and extremely seductive figure. Two alert fox ears stood tall. Her furious eyes seemed to burn the surrounding area.

She was none other than the Heavenly Fox Clan’s Princess of the Demon Ancestor Mountain-Hu Luoti.

“Wuu ……”

She whimpered, unable to make a sound at all.


Qing Chi stared at Hu Luoti with a stagnant expression. He didn’t conceal his fiery gaze and size her up and down. Then he showed a calm expression with his hands behind his back.

“My Lord, it is said that this girl has cultivated eight tails and is only one step away from becoming a Demon Immortal!” The pointy mouth man said.

Hearing this, Qing Chi secretly nodded his head.

He calmly looked at Hu Luoti, “What’s the matter with you? Why don’t you let the Heavenly Fox Princess speak?”

“My Lord, this girl is fierce and vicious, I’m only afraid ……” said the pointy mouth man.

“Fierce? That’s too much to my liking ……” Qing Chi murmured with a happy face.

He walked over to Hu Luoti and released the voice restriction.

At once.

“Damned reptile, I advise you to let me go quickly!” Hu Luoti pointed at Qing Chi and severely cursed him.

Qing Chi was startled. As a dragon master, he had never been cursed like this before. However, the next words made him stand dumbfounded.

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen this great aunt? If you don’t want to die then let this great aunt go quickly, otherwise, when my mother comes, she will turn this lousy seafloor of yours upside down!”


Qing Chi’ face was livid from being cursed, his fists clenched and the joints cracked.

“Pa ……” He slapped her.

Hu Luoti immediately flew backwards like a broken kite and fell to the ground. The palm print made her face swollen quickly. Hu Luoti touched her face with a surprised look.

“Damn, damn reptile, you dare to hit me!”

After saying that, Hu Luoti lunged towards Qing Chi. However, not to mention that her power was now sealed, even if it wasn’t, she wasn’t a match for Qing Chi.


Qing Chi pinched Hu Luoti’s neck with one palm, and let her struggle, but it was useless.

“You are the first who dared to scold me like this! Do you think you are still in Mount Tu, huh? In my territory, your life and death are in my hands! Do you want to die, or do you want to live?”

Qing Chi looked at Hu Luoti coldly without concealing his killing intent.

“Wu ……”

Hu Luoti was grabbed by the throat, she simply could not say a word.

“If you want to live, then nod your head!” Qing Chi said.

Seeing Hu Luoti nod, Qing Chi let her go.

Hu Luoti stood in place with a look of panic, tears gathered at the corner of her eyes, and flew down unconsciously. She hid in a corner, shivering.

Qing Chi looked at the scene and nodded in satisfaction.

“Hu Luoti, listen carefully, it’s very simple if you want to live! You can always live as long as you make me happy by serving me, otherwise, die!” Qing Chi said.

Hearing these words, Hu Luoti’s face changed unpredictably.

Finally, she gritted her teeth and revealed a determined expression.

“Hahaha ……” Hu Luoti stood and laughed.

She looked at Qing Chi, pointed at his nose, and cursed.

“Kill me if you want, want me to serve an outcast like you, dream on!”

“What? Not convinced?!”

“How dare you say you’re not an outcast? You are left on this remote planet by the Galactic Dragon King, and you dare to say you are not? You’re not just an outcast, you’re also a waste! You only dare to become a tyrant on this Ziyang Planet!”

“If I were you, I would have killed myself with a stone! Living like this is a waste of resources!”

“It’s a waste of resources to live like this! Better to die early and get reincarnated!”


The words that came out were like a sharp knife piercing Qing Chi’s heart. Qing Chi pointed at Hu Luoti while gnashing his teeth, “Bitch, since you want to die, I will make you whole!”

After speaking, Qing Chi raised his palm and slapped Hu Luoti.

“Buzz ……”

The surrounding air was twisted and deformed.

“Damn bitch, I’ll let you know the consequences of offending me is not something that you can afford! Die!”

Qing Chi frantically drew his inner immortal power and gathered it in the palm of his hand. The terrifying might was instantly several times stronger.

“Ka-cha ……”

The surrounding air exploded like glass.

Hu Luoti who saw this scene raised the corners of her mouth into a smile.

“Mother, see you in the next life!”

Hu Luoti did not retreat but stepped forward and slammed into Qing Chi’s palm.

  1. Ugly and vulgar.

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