The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 96 – There Is an Acquaintance

“Senior Brother Wu Wei, what about this blue-shirted young man?” One of the Black Wind Sect disciples asked Wu Wei.

Wu Wei glanced at Lu Yiping and said indifferently, “Since we met, let’s settle it by the way.” He also said, “Kid, if you want to blame the Fan family sisters and brothers, they are the ones who hid in and implicated you.”

Then signaled a Black Wind Sect disciple next to him to make a move.

A disciple of the Black Wind Sect next to him understood, and once he took a step, his fist came towards Lu Yiping with a fierce blow.

This Black Wind Sect disciple’s entire body was vast with imperial energy. He was an ancient emperor realm and had reached the fourth level.

This Black Wind Sect disciple’s fist wave rolled, cold wind burst, the whole hall suddenly cold as if a blizzard.

“Young Master, be careful!” Fan Yulan spoke sharply and was about to make a move, but was stopped by Wu Wei.

But, just then, suddenly, a golden light cut out. The Black Wind Sect disciple was instantly cut off. When he landed, golden flames emerged from his whole body, and he was instantly incinerated clean without even ashes.

Everyone was stunned.

Wu Wei’s eyes shrank and his face sank, “Phoenix True Fire!”

His eyes swept, and finally, his gaze fell on the tiny bird on Lu Yiping’s shoulder, astonished, “Divine Beast Phoenix?!”

Fan Yulan and also Fan Sheng stared in disbelief.

That tiny bird, which they could not see any aura at all, could be a divine beast phoenix?

“Who are you?” Wu Wei looked at Lu Yiping with a gloomy face.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull stood up at this time, hehe smiled, and walked towards Wu Wei, “My master, is the ZIther Immortal Young Master who shakes the nine heavens above, the nine ghosts below, and is famous in all the worlds!”

A pause, “Lu Yiping.”

Everyone was frozen when they heard the bull.

Zither Immortal Young Master?

Wu Wei frowned apparently had not heard of any Zither Immortal Young Master.

Lu Yiping sweat, shakes the nine heavens above, the nine ghosts below, and is famous in all the worlds? This bull is more and more able to brag.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said, “As for your grandfather bull, is the only Dragon Horned Holden Bull in heaven and earth!”

“The Lord of All Demons!”

“The ancestor of the Thunder God!”

“The Emperor of the Dragon Race!”

Lu Yiping was speechless.

Wu Wei looked at Lu Yiping and said in a deep voice, “This is a matter between my Black Wind Clan and the Fan Family, so please don’t interfere.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull shook the not-so-long tail behind him, then a tail swiped over and instantly sent that Wu Wei flying out.

It smashed against the gate of the main hall.

Everyone was stunned.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull walked over to Wu Wei.

Wu Wei’s mouth spurted blood and looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull in shock and anger, “You!”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull stomped down and flattened his chest directly, “You say we won’t interfere? Then wouldn’t Master Bull be humiliated?”

The sound of bones breaking resounded.

The bones in Wu Wei’s chest were completely crushed, and he almost fainted from the pain.

Several disciples of the Black Wind Sect were shocked and did not dare to fight for a while.

Among the several people, Wu Wei was the strongest, being the first level of the Great Emperor.

But even Wu Wei was half-dead from the bull’s tail in front of him.

“I am a core disciple of the Black Wind Sect, and my master is the old ancestor of the Black Wind Sect, Zhou Hai Ze.” Wu Wei gasped and said.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull directly kicked and stepped on the other party’s head.

Everyone saw that Wu Wei’s head was directly stepped into the hall floor, and his voice crashed to a halt.

“Black Wind Sect’s old ancestor Zhou Hai Ze? Don’t know.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed coldly.

Several other Black Wind Sect disciples looked at Wu Wei’s corpse and froze, then with a look of horror, they tried to fly away, but they had just moved when a golden light flame chopped down.

Like the previous Black Wind Sect disciple, their heads were chopped off and flew, and when they landed, they were burned to the ground by the Phoenix Fire.

Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng two siblings did not reawaken for a moment.

The two were chased by Wu Wei several all the way in panic escaping. These days, day and night spent in fear, they did not expect that now Wu Wei suddenly killed.

After slowing down, Fan Yulan came back to her senses, with a grateful face, she said to Lu Yiping, “Thank you for saving me and my brother, we will remember for a lifetime.”

Lu Yiping also did not care and spoke, “You are going to the divine Martial Continent Wan family?”

Fan Yulan nodded, “My grandfather was a good friend of the Wan family, the Fan family was destroyed, the Black Wind Sect and the Tao family are very powerful, there is no place for us in the Nine Heavens, so we want to escape to the Divine Martial Continent to seek refuge with Lord Wan Wudi.”

Lu Yiping nodded his head, then took out two pills. At once, the fragrance of the pills filled the hall.

Fan Yulan and the two looked at the pills in Lu Yiping’s hand and were surprised, “This is, an extremely high grade divine pill?”

Lu Yiping gave a hmph, “This is the extreme Bodhi Divine Pill, it can recover you from injuries.” With a flick, it fell into the hands of the two.

Fan Yulan swallowed and said, “Young Master, we.”

“Take it, I am acquainted with Wan Wudi.” Lu Yiping spoke.

“Your Excellency knows Lord Wan Wudi?” The two Fan Yulan were surprised.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “My master and Wan Wudi are quite familiar, we just came in from the Divine Martial Continent.”

The two people smiled and didn’t be polite anymore, each swallowed the Bodhi Divine Pill.

After refining the Bodhi Divine Pill, the two were quickly healed from their injuries and thanked Lu Yiping again.

“Master Lu, the Black Wind Sect is very powerful, if they know that Wu Wei did not go back to return to the order, only afraid that they will soon send experts over again, we’d better leave this place quickly.” Fan Sheng spoke up.

“How strong is the Black Wind Sect?” Lu Yiping asked.

Fan Yulan said, “The Black Wind Sect has two Heavenly God realm experts and twenty-seven True God realm experts, and is one of the largest forces in our Heavenly God Domain’s Wind and Thunder Province.”

In the Heavenly God Domain, there were more than thirty provinces in total.

Wind and Thunder Province was the most northern province in the Heavenly God Domain closest to the entrance and exit of the Nine Heavens.

In the Divine Martial Continent, a sect or family with a True God realm expert sitting in town, then, it would be called a super power of the continent, but in the Nine Heavens, only an existence like the Plane Lord realm sitting in a faction could be called a super power.

A power like the Black Wind Sect with Heavenly God realm experts could only be considered a first-class power in the Nine Heavens.

“Two Heavenly Gods.” Lu Yiping’s face was calm.

Fan Sheng nodded, “Yes, the Black Wind Sect’s old ancestor Qi Yifan is even a peak of the early Heavenly God and is already close to the middle Heavenly God, it’s not too late, we’d better leave the Nine Heavens now and rush to the Divine Martial Continent.”

Lu Yiping shook his head, “You guys leave, I still have to go to the Returning Origin Sword Sect.”

Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng, and the two of them were stunned.

“Returning Origin Sword Sect?” Fan Yulan asked curiously, “Is your son going to attend the sword sect assembly of the Returning Origin Sword Sect?”

“Sword Sect Assembly?” Lu Yiping was surprised.

Fan Yulan nodded: “Returning Origin Sword Sect held the sword sect aasembly, all experts in the Heavenly God domain could participate. The first 100 rewards were extremely generous, the first ten had the opportunity to be accepted by the old ancestor of the Returning Origin Sword Sect as a personal disciple.”

The Returning Origin Sword Sect was the first sect in the Heavenly God Domain! One of the giants of the Nine Heavens.

If one could be accepted as a personal disciple by the old ancestor of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, what an honor it would be.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “My master is there to find someone.”

“Looking for someone?” Fan Yulan and the two of them were stunned and asked, “Does the Young Master have an acquaintance in the Returning Yuan Sword Sect?”

Lu Yiping gave a hmph, “Yes, there is an acquaintance.”

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