The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 65 – Cheating Family Members

Gu Xixi laughed unceremoniously when she heard her father’s words!

Grandma, hello!

How much do you hate my mother, so you want to kill her so cruelly?

You tell dad that this money was used to buy a house to compensate mom, and then tell mom that this money was used to buy a house for their husband and wife!

Then she turned around and told Gu Zhenzhen that this house was for her!

Grandma, who are you going to give this house to?

“What’s the matter with the money you’ve saved these years?” Gu Xixi asked abruptly, “Why does my mother always say that the money earned every year is only enough for the family?”

Father Gu drooped his head and did not dare to look at Gu Xixi.

“Dad, if you still want to recognize me as your daughter, you’d better tell me the truth!” At this moment, Gu Xixi’s only father-daughter feelings have been wiped out by the cruelty of Gu’s family !

“Don’t forget, the Yin family won’t give me all the money before my baby is born! If you want to take away my million bride gift and marry another woman, do you have to ask me? ” Gu Xixi can see through the Gu family.

Family members, regardless of men, women and children, were selfish to their bones.

Be ungrateful to your family.

I thought my father was different despite being cowardly.

Now it seems that his father, who thought he was kind, was nothing more than that!

Hearing Gu Xixi’s threat, Father Gur really panicked!

If he didn’t have Gu Xixi’s bride gift money, how can he divorce his wife and marry again? How did he rebuild his family with the beautiful girl he just met?

“Xixi, you can’t say that! I brought you up after all! You can’t be ungrateful!” Father Gu was flustered, and said nonchalantly, “Leave me alone with your mother! That’s us! You promised you left, after you give birth to a child, you will give the money to Gu’s family…”

Gu Xixi heard her father keep talking about money, only money was the only thing in the words, disappointment in her eyes can’t hide anymore!

Dad threatened her with the kindness of raising?

Seeing the disappointment in Gu Xixi’s eyes, Father Gu suddenly knew that he had said something wrong and panicked to remedy, “No, Xixi, listen to me! Whether I divorce your mother or not, you are my daughter. You are all with the surname Gu!”

Father Gu’s words were undoubtedly getting darker and darker.

Gu Xixi closed her eyes lightly. At this moment, she suddenly didn’t want to say anything.

Originally, she was counting on her father to be ashamed, regret and admit his mistake after seeing her!

But she was wrong!

Dad never intended to be ashamed, regret or admit mistakes!

Dad is still thinking about the woman whom he just dated!

Dad is only thinking about taking a large sum of money from himself, then divorcing her mother, marrying again!

Mom, I’m sorry, I hurt you!

If I didn’t have such a large bride price, maybe my father wouldn’t go so far …

Mom, I’m sorry. If it wasn’t for me, maybe you would live a happier life!

Originally, Gu Xixi planned to persuade her father to change his mind and live with her mother.

Now, it seemed that there was no need at all!

Gu Xixi stood up and planned to leave.

At this time, Father Gu’s cell phone suddenly rang.

Just now, Father Gu was so frightened by Gu Xixi’s words that his phone fell on the table.

Didn’t know what’s going on, but Father Gu turned on the phone in a panic.

The next second, a woman’s voice came from the phone, “Honey, when will you go home?” I’m waiting for you for dinner! “

As soon as this woman’s voice came out, all the faces of everyone present changed instantly!

This voice was definitely not the voice of Mother Gu!

It was an unfamiliar woman!

Gu Xixi looked up at her father angrily. How many women did he provoke outside?

Father Gu’s didn’t know how to explain this call anymore.

Gu Xixi raised her chin to her father and said, “Answer! She called you!”

The woman on the phone heard a woman’s voice, and immediately became alert: “Who? Who is there! Gu Jiaqiang, you will come back to me immediately and explain clearly, why is there a woman’s voice?”

Gu Jiaqiang was the name of Father Gu.

Jia Qiang? This name is really ironic!

Father Gu’s face was blue and red, and he has lost too much face today.

Especially when he was caught by her daughter-in-law.

“Don’t think about it.” Father Gu finally called on the phone: “That’s… that’s my daughter…”

The other party was startled, and her anger disappeared instantly.

The next second, the phone suddenly hung up without symptoms.

Gu Xixi staggered, if she didn’t hold the table in time, she would fall to the ground in embarrassment!

She really opened her eyes today!

I always thought that my honest and honest father had a home outside while he was madly dating!

Suddenly, Gu Xixi didn’t want her parents to continue their lives. That would be really unfair to her mother!

“Let’s go.” Gu Xixi glanced at his father deeply, then turned and left.

Yin Sichen didn’t speak the whole time, but took Gu Xixi’s hand deeply to give her silent support and comfort.

Gu Xixi raised her eyes and looked at Yin Sichen gratefully. The man who signed a contract with him seemed to be countless times stronger than her father.

At least, Yin Sichen made it clear to her that this marriage was just a contract marriage.

And dad?

He imprisoned her mother for half his life in the name of love, let her work as a cow and a horse in the family, and turned to have a small family outside!

No wonder the annual income was only enough for normal expenses. It turned out that all his money is used to raise a small family outside!

When Father Gu saw that Gu Xixi was leaving, he immediately panicked and said, “Don’t get me wrong, I just met her! I didn’t know her before … “

Adding insult to injury.

Gu Xixi didn’t want to listen to his father’s explanation anymore, pulling Yin Sichen and leaving quickly.

Father Gu stood there, dumbfounded.

What to do? What should I do now?

 Father Gu was stunned for a long time before he came back to his senses and quickly dialed the home phone.

He wanted to tell his old mother what happened just now!

Maybe the old mother would figure out a way to deal with it!

Sure enough, after the call was connected, Father Gu told Grandma Gu what happened here, and she was scolded by her “You don’t worry! How can you let Gu Xixi find out! I told you, be careful, be careful again! After the woman outside is pregnant with your child? Now that Gu Xixi knows this matter, how can I ask her for money in the future? “

It was indeed a family who was ungrateful and fickle!

At this time, Grandma Gu still thought of making money from Gu Xi Xi!

“Mom, what do you think you should do?” Father Gu asked nerdly, at this time he had no idea at all!

“Go home first! Go home and find a way! ” Grandma Gu was cruel and said, “When the time comes, she will not admit it! Your wife is dead set on you. As long as we bite dead and don’t admit it, your wife may not listen to Gu Xixi’s words! “

Grandma Gu’s idea was a bloody one.

But in Father Gu’s ears, it was simply a clever trick.

With his mother’s backing, Father Gu could only agree.

After Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen got into the car, they drove back.

“How are you going to deal with this matter?” Yin Sichen didn’t say a word just now. He respected Gu Xixi. After all, this matter is Gu Xixi’s family affair.

“I don’t know either.” Gu Xixi rubbed her face hard and said, “Si Chen, I really regret it. If it wasn’t for me, would my mother’s ending be different?”

“Don’t think about it.” Yin Sichen pondered for a moment, “You’d better explore your mother’s tone before making plans tonight. In addition, if you make up your mind to ask them to divorce, I will collect the evidence.”

“OK, thank you!” Gu Xixi said to Yin Sichen very seriously.

Hearing Gu Xixi thanking him, Yin Sichen felt a faint unhappy heart.

He didn’t do all this to hear her say thank you.

He only hoped that Gu Xixi would not always treat him as an outsider.

Wait, why did he suddenly have such an idea?

Yin Sichen’s eyes narrowed and his eyelashes trembled, making it hard to conceal his horror.

When did I start to have this idea? Why was it so smooth and unobstructed when this idea flashed in my mind just now?

Gu Xixi’s heart is messed up now, and he didn’t notice Yin Sichen’s strangeness at all.

She had only one thought in her heart now: let her parents get divorced!

But, how can I speak to my mother like this?

How could mother bear such a blow?

What should I do?

What should I say and do?

Gu Xixi called her mother, “Hey, Mom, where are you now?”

“In the hotel room, didn’t you say to let me rest?” Mother Gu said with a smile, “What’s wrong?What’s the matter? Your voice is weak?”

Gu Xixi’s eyes darkened, “Ah, nothing! Mom, are you hungry? Shall I take you to eat?”

Mother Gu hesitated and said, “Just now I received a phone call from Gu Zhenzhen, she is now in the town! She told me to pick her up… “

Gu Zhenzhen?

How did she come to the town?

What’s she doing here?

Gu Xixi has no good impression of this uncle’s daughter now!

Gu Xixi turned her head and glanced at Yin Sichen, his pleading eyes made Yin Sichen unable to refuse.

Yin Sichen nodded gently.

“Mom, don’t go! Just let Si Chen pick her up, just as he is driving. I have something to tell you that it is inconvenient for someone else.” Gu Xixi said straightforwardly, “Mom, you wait for me in the room, and I will be there soon!”

After saying this, Gu Xixi took a deep breath and said to Yin Sichen, “Please pick up Gu Zhenzhen. I want to take care of everything today. Telling mom! I definitely can’t just sit back and watch! Grandma and Dad are really too much! Mom’s kindness, being trampled on by them again and again, I can’t bear it anymore!”

Yin Sichen nodded blankly: “Okay.”

The car was steady, and Gu Xixi got out of the car and walked in the direction of the hotel.

Yin Sichen’s gaze stuck to Gu Xixi’s back, and there was an incomprehensible sentiment hidden in his narrow eyes.

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