Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 13: Love Will Disappear, Hearts Will Change

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After giving the painting scroll away, Ye Luo left, dragging the demon tiger away with him. However, before leaving, the Grand Elder gave Ye Luo an invitation. He kindly invited Ye Luo to go to the Qiandi Sect three months later, as a special guest, to watch the Qiandi Sect’s competition.

In order to get rid of this dog skin plaster old man, Ye Luo could only accept the invitation and said he agreed.

The Grand Elder could only see Ye Luo leave, and then withdrew from the cloudy mist range.

The Grand Elder’s bent waist straightened up when they exited the cloudy mist range, and his face was expressionless, the picture of someone with good moral standing and reputation.

It was like the dog licker was a different person!

Those two elite disciples finally couldn’t help themselves. One of the elite disciples spoke up and said, “Grand Elder! Your tone just …… just now, why are you so …… so humble?”

That humble tone made them all unable to believe that it actually came out of their Grand Elder’s mouth.

When the grand elder heard this, he looked at the two elite disciples with an expressionless face. He slowly said: “What humble? I just have a kind tone. I represented the Qiandi Sect when facing the Secluded Sect, what’s wrong with a kind tone?”

You call that tone of voice kind??

Grand Elder, did you have any misunderstanding of the word “kind”??

Another disciple couldn’t help but say, “But Grand Elder, you just seemed to want to betray the sect and said you wanted to become a Dao protector.”

That Secluded Sect has existed for at least ten thousand years, with a supreme heritage. Who did not want to join them if possible? But they didn’t accept.

The Grand Elder muttered inwardly. He thought this way, but he could never say this, otherwise he wouldn’t be the Grand Elder anymore.

He could only lie through his teeth, and said expressionlessly: “Your minds have just been slashed by that little friend Ye’s sword, and you are hallucinating, how could I be that kind of person? I am loyal to the Qiandi Sect.”

“Also, you two dare to slander me for betraying the sect. This crime is unforgivable. I will talk to the law enforcement elders when we return to the sect. You two go to the Eternal Night Peak to sweep the latrine!

He waved his sleeve, looking righteous and awe-inspiring.

After saying that, he held the scroll and walked out. His head raised high, looking at people with his nostrils.

Those two elite disciples: “……”

Look at that, look at that. Was this still a human being? The old bullied the young, obviously he was a licking dog, yet he insisted that they had hallucinations.

Simply inappropriate people ……


Meanwhile, in the Eastern State.

Within the border of the mortal imperial dynasty ‘Great Zhou’.

SilverMoon City.

At the city gate, Chu Yuan walked with his hands on his back, his robe dancing wildly with the wind, looking at the lofty city walls, as well as the green mountains and beautiful water outside, and felt a pang of emotion.

“We’re finally here.” Chu Yuan muttered to himself.

He had come to this city a long time ago.

The moment he had just crossed over and came down from the mountain in search of a waste to be his disciple, the first stop he came to was this SilverMoon City.

He learned about this world’s information in SilverMoon City, and also inquired about Ye Luo, a ‘waste’, in an inn in SilverMoon City.

Now he wanted to come to find the second waste disciple. Of course, he had to come to this SilverMoon City first.

Chu Yuan walked towards the gates of SilverMoon City. There was a long queue at the entrance of the city. It was necessary to pay the entry fee to enter the city.

But ……

Let Chu Yuan line up to pay the money?

You must be dreaming.

This was not a matter of being stingy or not, this was a matter of dignity of his Nascent Soul Realm power!

Clouds appeared on Chu Yuan’s feet, which turned into a breeze and entered the city.

It was impossible to pay money. He wouldn’t pay in this life.

When Chu Yuan entered the city, he found the familiar inn.

Drunken Immortal inn!

This inn’s doorway was very large, the innkeeper had a wide network of contacts, and he knew a lot of information about both the immortals and mortals. It was the innkeeper that told Chu Yuan about Ye Luo’s matter.

Thinking of the past, Chu Yuan couldn’t help but reveal a faint smile, preparing to go into the inn and say hello to the innkeeper first.

He walked to the inn door and was about to walk in. A sign placed at the door made the smile on his face stiffen. He saw a paragraph written on the sign.

This man and dog are not allowed inside ……

A scribbled portrait was drawn on the bottom.

Although the drawing was very abstract, Chu Yuan could still see it. This was a drawing of himself.

This innkeeper … really not generous ah.

Chu Yuan secretly frowned. He didn’t do anything when he came last time ah.

He had just arrived here and had no money, then he asked the innkeeper for a penny.

With the money of the innkeeper, he forced the innkeeper to buy a table of food and wine with the bargaining method.

And then, that the innkeeper was also kind. Under his imposing manner, he let him stay a night, gave him a table of breakfast the next day, and gave him information about Ye Luo before he left.

Obviously, he was a very generous person before, how did it become like this now?

Sigh ……

In the end, love will disappear, the heart will change ah.

Fortunately, he intended to find the innkeeper to catch up with the old days.

Chu Yuan let out a long sigh and stepped into the inn.

The Drunken Immortal Inn was as lively as ever, talking and laughing, clinking glasses rang out endlessly. Chu Yuan pretended not to hear these voices and walked straight to the counter.

On the counter, a middle-aged fat man was crackling the abacus, he did not see the approaching Chu Yuan.

“Boss, you’re not very generous.” Chu Yuan walked in and whispered.

Fortunately, he still considered this innkeeper as a good friend and intended to come back to freeload, ahem, intended to come back to make a small conversation and have a meal together or something.

This innkeeper was really not generous.

That middle-aged fat man was shocked when he heard this familiar tone, slowly raised his head, and saw Chu Yuan at a glance.

After he saw Chu Yuan, his fat body was trembling. Naturally, it was from anger.

This guy still dared to appear in front of him!!!

Thinking about his life, when has he ever suffered a loss in front of the business? This guy extorted a table of wine and food, a table of breakfast, and a night’s accommodation with the money he gave.

This was a great shame in his life!

“You, you, you, how dare you show up! Didn’t you see the sign outside my inn?!” The middle-aged fatty said hoarsely.

The innkeeper’s voice also instantly attracted the guests in the inn, they all cast their eyes on the innkeeper and Chu Yuan.

Chu Yuan did not feel a trace of embarrassment, and had a smile on his face.

He said with a smile, “Boss, I treat you as a friend, but you treat me like this, ai, I’m sad. Since this is the case, there wouldn’t be a table for this injustice!”

The innkeeper gave a shout and said with wide eyes, “You still think my inn is the same as before? Since you threatened me last time, I have hired a Foundation Establishment expert to keep watch. Do you dare to be arrogant?”

Chu Yuan’s expression did not change and he laughed.

“Sorry, but I am a Nascent Soul expert ……”

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